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GenCon 2000 - Thursday

Thursday for me starts off at the dealers room when it opens at 10:00. Don't rush in too fast or you may bump into one of these guys.


Anthony Daniels, the man who is C3P-O was the Guest of Honor and was signing autographs

The Mystery Machine was there promoting the new Scooby Doo collectable card game

J.U.M.P. Into the Unknown is a new strategic space game from the Evil Polish Brothers. It is supposed to be compatible as the campaign system for tactical games and it sounds like miniatures are in the works too....

Holistic Design had their new Hazat miniatures for Noble Armada on display, but not for sale. They should be available in September.


Dream Pod 9 had their new minis for Lightning Strike for sale. Also a pic of the minis painted and on the gaming table.



Now it is off to the Miniatures gaming area, right next door to the Dealers Room, much less walking for me than prior years.


A fleet of Brakiri ships in a Babylon 5 Wars Tournament game.

A shot of the Cylons attacking during Mike Miserendino's Battlestar Galactica Full Thrust game

I stopped by a demo of Ken Burnside's new game, DeltaV. That is Eric Henry to the right, author of Dark Skies

David Barclay (above) ran a Full Thrust game with the NSL battling the ESU. He ran it later that night and some of us other judges joined in. I was having fun doing a vector powerslide to stay on the table while my opponants decided to gang up on the ESU SDN (below)



I ran a demo game of 'Helm Full Thrust!' that went over well. I spent the first hour explaining the rules and talking them through the first couple of turns. The second hour I spent answering questions as they get the hang of the game and start firing at each other. Then the last two hours of the game I was able to walk around, look at other games, and maybe answer another question or two as they were playing the game with little help.

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