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Here are some places you should already have been, if not, go there now.

Tom's Spaceship Miniature/Game Lists

The most complete list of spaceship games and miniatures anywhere

6/22/2000 - Updated URL to


The Miniatures Page

Lots of info on miniatures and miniature games, including a poll on space games

11/25/99 - The URL for TMP has changed to


Starship Schematics Database

1/2/2002 - This website is back and better than ever.  In addition to the Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica schematics that were up before, schematics for about everything from Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato) are up along with the start of the Babylon 5 schematics.  Go take a look.

Schematics of every Star Trek ship you have ever heard of and more, but unfortunately the site was too popular and always exceeded the bandwidth limit so the site had to be taken down but may show up again someday when the webmaster can afford his own server.


Starship Modeler

A great site mainly for the classic size models of starships and other sci-fi types of things.  A good forum and every once and a while they have something about miniatures.


Starship Dimensions

A beautiful page that compares all your favorite starships across genres and then compare them against real life objects.


Mike's Star Fleet Battles Page

A great page of Trek inspired minis from Star Fleet Battles.  Mike does a wonderful job with his minis especially his conversions and custom decals.


Steve Jackson Games Daily Illuminator

Daily news on the game industry along with other interesting stuff.


A good resource site for all types of miniature wargaming including free rules, tips and much more.


Where you can get Universe, a cool program to make starscapes and what I used to create the backgrounds on the old version of Starship Combat News.


A mailing list of some real vector heads, but lots of info on space games and their basis in reality.


The SFSFW is an international body dedicated to promoting the fantasy and science fiction genre within wargaming and the hobby in general. Members get SFSFW's gaming journal Ragnarok, as well as access to exclusive Society miniatures and a list of which companies give SFSFW members discounts on their products.


A very nice collection of quick and fun board and card games, including a few dealing with spaceships and starfighters.

7/1/2002 - Updated link to


Nyrath's wonderful source for real information the stars in our little corner of space.


A great archive of old Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures.  Lists and pictures if they can find them.


Some interesting sites, click on the link and make SCN move up in ranking.


This is Aldo's website, my old college roommate used to host Starship Combat News on his own server.  Go buy some music. Maybe I should bug him about making some funky background music for space battles...


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