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Dark Matters Universe

Near Future Science Fiction games by Eric Henry

    Dark Skies - A Tactical Simulation of Near Space Naval Combat (2085-2112)

    Dark Suns - A Tactical Simulation of Space Naval Combat in the next century (2185-2212)

1/24/2006 - Printed versions of these games are no longer available but an old version of Dark Suns is available from Eric's page and a beta of the current rules is available for members of the Dark Matters yahoogroup.


8/2/2002 - Eric's Dark Matters page has moved to


5/15/2001 - Dark Skies and Dark Suns are now available from Ellis & Company Publishing as either a PDF files or printed versions.


2/22/2001- Enter the Dark Suns starship design contest.  You don't even need the full rules to enter, just the free ones on the site.   Plus Dark Skies is now available.


12/9/2000 - The latest version of Dark Suns will soon be published by Ellis & Company Publishing (the creators of Fire on the Suns)

An alpha version Dark Skies, an prequel game to Dark Suns, set in the next century is now available here.


8/4/2000 - A revised 3rd edition of Dark Suns is now available online


5/26/2000 - Dark Skies has been changed to Dark Suns so the name Dark Skies is available for the prequel game.  The URL has also been updated (


3/9/2000 - There have been several updates lately, simple vector mechanics, realistic sensor and weapon effects, stellar hazards, and much more.


12/3/99 - A 92 page pdf file is available from the Dark Skies website.  Also a Onelist mailing list has been set up to support this game.