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Rules systems that include their own lines of miniatures:


Out of Production Miniatures are now on their own page.


Orbital Shipyards, smaller scale producers of minis, limited runs and limited availability.  
Check the Orbital Shipyards forum on the SCN Message board for the latest releases.  Most don't have a website so you can only find out about them at the Orbital Shipyards.


Print On Demand Miniatures mainly from Shapeways at this time.  When you order, they physically print out a miniature for you in the material you choose.  Check the Print On Demand Miniatures forum on the SCN Message board for the latest releases.


Miniature Sizes

Do minis from line A work with those from Game B?  To help figure this out, I am compiling actual miniature sizes on a reference page so gamers can tell if miniatures are in scale with each other.  This Scale page will help you determine if your preferred fleets are Fleet scale or Squadron scale an then if this new cool line of minis will work with your other fleets.



7/24/2012 - Desktop Wargames is now selling PDFs so you can print and then make your own starship miniatures.  The first release is human faction starter set that uses a modular building system, scalable printing and multiple color variations for most of the models that allows you to create a near infinite amount of ship variations. Included in this set are the basic parts for a Battlecruiser, 2 different Frigates, a Freighter, and assortment of fighters, plus a stand and assembly instructions.

They are available from RPGnow and Wargames Vault.

The modular format allows you can truly have a unique fleet, no matter how many friends or gamers own the set.  Its real simple to use, all the components are created from mostly basic shapes that can be assembled in any way you see fit. You can even mix and max different ships components, for example just out of the Battleship we were able to create one large frigate and a battleship and used some of the left over pieces to add weapons to the freighter set.  

A weapon and utility pack will follow shortly with the weapon stat cards.

There is no Black Sun Wars game yet.  Desktop Wargames will shortly launch a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the funds we need to develop the Black Sun Wars system as well as 3 extra factions.

Battlecruiser (length 20cm / 7.8 inches)

Frigate 1 (length 7cm / 2.7 inches)

SFrigate 2 & Fighters (Frigate Length 8cm / 3.1 inches, Fighters Length 1.3cm / 0.5 inches)

Alternative Builds for Battlecruiser & Frigates


Brigade sells a few lines of spaceship miniatures along with some futuristic micro armour. They also produce the miniatures for Squadron Commander 3600. Pictures of their miniatures are available on their website.

5/13/2012 - 3 new miniatures are now available, the AmRep Phoenix strikeship (a fast attack craft with an FTL drive, designed for rapid strike missions), the German Spatz missile boat (a similar sized craft but with a missile armament), plus the German Galland class attack fighter (to give some anti-shipping capability to German carriers).


SFS-252 Phoenix Strikeship


SFS-351 Spatz Missile Boat


SFS-362 Galland attack fighter

2/11/2012 - The South African Confederation fleet has been filled out with more ships and a SAC Frontier Patrol Group pack is available that consists just of these new ships as an easy way to add them to your existing fleet.

SFS-600 Assegai class Battlecruiser

SFS-611 Drakenburg class Light Carrier

SFS-622 Oshana class Escort Cruiser

SFS-631 Kashana class Fleet Destroyer

4/25/2010 - The South African Confederation fleet is now available from Brigade.

SFS-660 Petrel class Fighters

SFS-640 Oryx class Frigate

SFS-621 Umgeni class Light Cruiser

SFS-610 Mafadi class Strike Carrier 

At SALUTE this weekend, Brigade will also have available ship miniatures from the (PacFed) Pacific Federation fleet.

SFS-750 Moray class Corvette

SFS-740 Stingray class Frigate

SFS-730 Barramundi class Destroyer

SFS-721 Grouper class Light Cruiser

SFS-710 Sei class Fighter Carrier

SFS-701 Tigershark class Battleship

7/12/2009 - Brigade has previews in their Design Studio page of minis for a new South African Confederation fleet of ships.  No released date has been given yet but they said it will be soon.

SFS-650 Devilray class Lancer

SFS-630 Bantu class Destroyer

SFS-620 Tshwane class Heavy Cruiser

SFS-601 Isandlwana class Battleship

3/30/2009 - Brigade Models released 3 new German ships at Salute:

SFS-303 Thüringen class Battlecruiser
SFS-341 Hermelin class Frigate
SFS-342 Grömitz class Missile Frigate

Thüringen class Battlecruiser

Hermelin class Frigate

Grömitz class Missile Frigate

10/14/2008 - A couple new miniatures are now available from Brigade, both of which are up on their website and ready for purchase.

SFS-212 AmRep Underwood class Light Carrier

SFS-512 CDSU Haixiung class Light Carrier

AmRep Underwood class Light Carrier

CDSU Haixiung class Light Carrier

10/18/2006 - Brigade is releasing 6 new starship miniatures at SELWG on October 22nd.  There is at least one ship for each of the 4 main human fleets in their range plus it is possible that a whole new starship fleet will be released by Christmas. 

SFS-203 Lerchey class Battleship £4.00

SFS-270 Kestrel class Assault Shuttle £0.50

SFS-320 Wuppertal II class Heavy Cruiser £2.50

SFS-414 Umberto class Battlecarrier £4.50

SFS-423 Abruzzi class Heavy Cruiser £2.20

SFS-503 ChengZu class Battlecruiser £3.00

AmRep Lerchey class Battleship

AmRep Kestrel class Shuttlecraft

ONESS Wuppertal II class Heavy Cruiser

EuroFed Umberto class BattleCarrier

EuroFed Abruzzi class Cruiser

CDSU ChengZu class Battlecruiser

Brigade's AmRep Proudlock class Light Cruiser6/26/2006 - Brigade has now released the new AmRep small cruiser referenced below, the Proudlock class Light Cruiser.  Also they have pictures posted of works in progress of a new EuroFed BattleCarrier and Cruiser.

2/26/2006 - Brigade has posted the following information about their 2006 plans on miniatures in their forum plus on SCN:

The EuroFeds should see more of the newer style ships - at the minimum there will be a carrier and cruiser plus a fighter, and there will be a fleet pack of the new types.

The Germans need more cruisers - a replacement for the Wuppertal (which will be imaginatively titled the Wuppertal II !) and a smaller light cruiser are planned. I also have sketches for another frigate which I'll probably make just because it won't take long.

The CDSU will get a battlecruiser, I've been scribbling out designs for some time and I think I've come up with something I like.

I don't think the AmRep really need anything new, their fleet is the most comprehensive now that I've filled the gap between battlecruiser and dreadnought with the new Kearsage model. However I might make some anyway, just because I can ! I find the AmRep the easiest fleet to design for. They will be getting a new small cruiser design - this would have been out already but the master broke during mould-making so I need to repair it. They will also probably get a strikeboat sized vessel (somewhere between a large fighter and a small corvette).

As for the other fleets ... we'll have to wait and see. The primary four fleets above are the main sellers, most others are peripheral at best (merchant ships being the exception). I do have plans for a completely new human fleet but I'll say nothing now because I have far too many other projects on the go at the moment before I get to that one.

10/14/2005 - Brigade is releasing 5 new starship miniatures at SELWG on Sunday the 16th.  They are the AmRep Kearsage class Battleship, EuroFed Milano class Dreadnought, EuroFed Insidioso class Destroyer, Yenpalo Eneb class Cruiser, and the Yebpalo Kolwer class Battleship (picture added on 10/15/05).  A carrier version of the Milano is also in the works.

Yebpalo Kolwer class Battleship

AmRep Kearsage class Battleship

EuroFed Milano class Dreadnought

EuroFed Insidioso class Destroyer

Yenpalo Eneb class Cruiser

5/19/2005 - Brigade has released a new pewter fighter base with a spot for a single die and a post.  You can also get a complete fighter base kit which includes the base, a single die, a plastic post, and a 3 pronged top to mount 3 fighters. 

5/7/2005 - Brigade has released a new Merchant Convoy Pack due to requests from customers.  It represent a 15%+ reduction over the price of the individual models, so it like all their other packs is good value.

SFSP-5001 Merchant Convoy - £17.00 GBP
2 x Container Ships (SFS-5000)
1 x Merchant Fighter Carrier (SFS-5001)
1 x Armed Merchant Cruiser (SFS-5002)
1 x Container Ship (SFS-5005)
2 x Heavy Freighters (SFS-5006)
1 x Heavy Merchant Cruiser(SFS-5007)
2 x Small Container Ships (SFS-5009)
Flying stands

Also, of note from Tony of Bridage:

"The German Wuppertal class cruiser has been on its last legs for sometime and the Admiralty has finally decided to retire the class. Basically the moulds are shot and for the moment we can't produce castings of sufficient quality to sell. The model may be restored at a later date if we're able to do so (the original master is hollow and so would be squashed flat if we put it in our shiny new vulcaniser). In the meantime, naval architects are working overtime to develop a new German cruiser class to fill the void left by the sudden retirement of the Wuppertal.

On a better note, we've remoulded the old light container merchant ship (SFS-5009) so that's now available again :-) . In fact, many of our spaceships have recently been remoulded (most of the destroyers, frigates and corvettes of the four main fleets so far, plus one or two others such as the Magdeburg, Valmy, Wuxi and Feldkirch) and look even better than they did before. We're very pleased with the results of the investment we've put into our new mould-making and casting equipment and almost every model in our ranges is going to be remoulded in the next 12 months."

1/31/2005 - Brigade announces new Starmada Starter Packs.  Get the Starmada X: Brigade rules, all the ship records on CD, plus two fleets of ships, stands plus dice - everything you need to battle it out.  Both the AmRep vs. CDSU and the EuroFed vs. German starter sets list for £25.00 each.

10/4/2004 - An announcement from Dan Kast of at Majestic 12 Games who make the game, Starmada:

Starmada X: Brigade is a sourcebook for The Universal Game of Starship Combat, providing background and starship designs for seven different factions, each taken from Brigade Models' excellent line of starship miniatures.
The seventy-two different ship classes included in this book have each been designed by players of
Starmada. They present a wide variety of philosophies and strategies, illustrating the flexibility of the most comprehensive starship construction system available in any space combat wargame.
Brigade includes the complete rules for Starmada X, allowing you to start blasting your opponents into just so much space dust right away!

12/31/2002 - CinC now has their own website up and ready for orders.  Of interest to the SCN reader is their line of Space Fighters originally produced for FASA's out-of-print Renegade Legion: Interceptor game.  12 different fighter miniatures are available.   Also available are the minis for the vehicles from Renegade Legion: Centurian.

Verutum TOG Light Fighter

Gladiums TOG Heavy Fighter

Penetrator Renegade Medium Fighter

Website - Magister Militum

1/12/2006 - Chariot Miniatures being sold through Magister Militum have a line of spaceship miniatures available.  Included are ships for 4 fleets, the Imperials, Pretty Strange Aliens (asteroid/rock based ships), Trios (Triangular craft) and the UFOs.  They have individual pictures of the minis on their website, but the picture of all of the ships with the coin for scale are courtesy of Beaker on the SCN Forum. 

Chariot Miniatures Top View

Top View

Chariot Miniatures Bottom View with Item Numbers

Bottom view with item numbers

Cold Navy is a line of starship miniatures originally sculpted via 3D modeling CAD software.  Originally created by Xtreme Hobby, the line was sold to Damage Control Games for possible use in their Phoenix Horizons game, but they decided to go in another direction.  Due to gamer demand, Ravenstar Studios now has the license to produce the Cold Navy line.

4/16/2011 - Ravenstar has released all of the formerly available Cold Navy minis plus he has added ships to existing fleets and released the Diesho fleet.

Terran Navy
Northhampton Class . 3 for $12
BeryMoore Class 3 for $12
Swift Class 3 for $12
Knoxs Scout/ ECM ship 3 for $12
Destroyers :
Hardy Class 2 for $10 ( note: this model used to be the Orion smaller model)
Masada Class 2 for $10
Antares destroyer 2 for $10
Cruisers :
Orion Class $10 each (New large model)
Avatar Class $10 each
Seraphim cruiser $10
Maxwell light cruiser $10
Conquest Class $12 each
Triumph Battlecarrier $12
God's Wrath Battleship $12

Diesho Confederation
Do"Ming"Tao Class 3 for $12
Yen'Ming'Tao Class 3 for $12
Shi'Dong'Tao Class 2 for $12
Jin'Dong'Tao Class 2 for $12
Ro'Dong'Tao Class 2 for $12
Shi'Gong'Tao Class $10 each
No'Gong'Tao Class $10 each
Ro'Gong'Tao Class $10 each
Jimg'Gung'Tao class $12 each
Bao'Gung'Tao Class $12 each
Dom'Oung'Tao Class $15 each
Garm"oung"tao class carrier $15 each .
GO'JING'TAO CLASS Battleship $ 12 each

Kharadorn Royal Navy
Gerrakk Class 3 for $12
Karria Class $2 for $12
Nargaro Class $10 each
Lorraga Class $10 each
Darloarkha Class $10 each
Rerroarak class $12 each
Kreralthra Class $12 each

Mauridians Star Empire:
Ba"Negva Class 3 for $12
Ba"Rada Class 3 for $12
Ba'Laveth warfigate 3 for $12
Na”Tarror 2 for $10 (NOTE; this model used to be the smaller ventara model)
Na'Vathaga Destoryer 2 for $10
Cruisers :
Vel"Naveg Class $8
Vel'Vedect Cruiser $10
Ven"Tara Class $10 ( new larger model)
Gal’Ethon Class $12
Gan'Talak Battleship $14

Ravenstar has also released other lines of miniatures including a TinMen line, Star 1 fleet, and the Retro Fleet.  If you have any questions about these or any fleet or want more pictures or to order.  Just email Ravenstar.

7/9/2007 - Ravenstar Studios have obtained the license to produce the Cold Navy product line.  Derek Petit of Damage Control Games has granted Ravenstar Studios the license to produce all the existing designs and to create additional designs. This includes both gaming miniatures and larger collector models. More to come.

4/22/2007 - Damage Control Games have made the following announcement that they do not plan to produce the Cold Navy line of miniatures for their new game, Phoenix Horizons:

As many of you know Damage Control Games (DCG) purchased the Cold Navy Line from Xtreme Hobby last fall. You have waited patiently for news on the future of the line. At this time, DCG will not be continuing the Cold Navy Line. After much anguish inside the company, we came to the realization that although these ships were very cool, they did not fit the universe that we were trying to build. I apologize to those that were hoping to fill out their fleets with the line.

DCG has been approached by other companies to see if the could buy the rights to the Cold Navy minis so stay tuned to see what happens.

8/7/2006 - Cold Navy has been sold to Derek Petit and John Palumbo who have formed Damage Control Games to bring Cold Navy to the future.  They ask for patience as they create this new company, build a website, acquire the line of minis plus they plan on creating a set of rules for these miniatures.  

5/23/2006 - Mike of Xtreme Hobby has made the following announcement about the future of the Cold Navy miniatures, he is offering the product line and intellectual property that is Cold Navy for sale:

Well Folks...

Over the last two years we've had quite the run. We hope that you've enjoyed our Cold Navy Starships and everything within this website that we've put together for you.

As you may know we've not been able to pay enough attention to this product like we wanted to. And, we feel that a very good product has suffered because of it. In addition, we feel that a really great group of people (you, our customers) have also suffered because of it.

And, it's time to face the facts. My present life situation does not peacefully coexist with Xtreme Hobby in the same space-time continuum. I simply can't run this business effectively and maintain all of the other life necessities that I have.

So, it's been a tough decision, but, I feel it's the right one. I would like to offer the Cold Navy Product line and intellectual property for sale. This sale will include all of the 3d model data, images, names, fiction and all right belonging to Cold Navy. Materials (3d prints of the vessels) and information will also be provided to allow the new owner of Cold Navy immediate startup of the line so that there is no disruption in service.

If you are interested in purchase of the Cold Navy miniature line, please feel free to email me at your convenience for further details.

We will continue to gladly sell all of our Cold Navy product until the transition to new ownership.

Thank you for your support and I hope that Cold Navy prospers in the reliable hands of a new owner.

SCN will keep you updated on the status of these minis.

Older Cold Navy news has been moved to a Cold Navy archive page.


2/21/2001 - eM-4-Miniatures announces that they are releasing a pack of 12 grey plastic spaceships at £2.50 per sprue, bases available separately.  Once again, these minis are familiar to those who own Silent Death: The Next Millenium since they are the same minis included in the boxed set and the Wings of Death supplement plus offered by Nexus Games / Atlantic Figures below.  I'm not sure on the licensing of these minis but I'll let you all know if I find out more.

Website - 

4/23/2007 - This line of miniatures was owned by Amazon Miniatures until August of 2006 but now they are owned and produced by Garrison Miniatures.  More pictures of this range are available on their website here.  


Arachnid Cruiser

SCE3 - Empire Destroyer

SCP1 - Pirate Battlecruiser


Arachnid Destroyer


Empire Battle Cruiser


Empire Cruiser


Empire Destroyer


Pirate Battle Cruiser


Pirate Cruiser


Pirate Destroyer


Star Raider Battle Cruiser


Star Raider Cruiser


Star Raider Destroyer

SSG1 Galactic Cruiser

Website - 

7/12/2009 - Iron Wind Metals is releasing this new line with the large ships first and smaller ones to come later.

Iron Wind Metals is proud to announce our new line of website exclusive Sci-Fi Warships, based on concept designs from the Wolf’s Shipyard website.  We are opening the line with 10 great designs  Note all ships are sold without bases, but we are offering those as well...

92-100 Charybdis Class Dreadstar Selling Price 29.95
92-101 Scylla Class Dreadstar Selling Price 29.95
92-102 Zeus Class Warstar Selling Price 20.95
92-200 Heracles Class Novastar Selling Price 29.95
92-201 Triton Class Novastar Selling Price 29.95
92-202 Orion Class Novastar Selling Price 23.95
92-300 Tiger Class Strikestar Selling Price 18.95
92-301 Hades Class Misslestar Selling Price 18.95
92-302 Phalanx Class Skirmishstar Selling Price 18.95
92-303 Invincible Class Gunstar Selling Price 18.95
92-800 1 ½ inch hex base and stem Selling Price 3.00
92-801 2 inch hex base and stem Selling Price 4.00

Scylla Dreadstar, Zeus Warstar ,Charibdis Dreadstar,Triton Novastar, Orion Novastar, Heracles Novastar


Irregular's Spaceship mini display table at Salute 2003Website -

US Distributor: Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies

5/23/2003 - Recently at the Salute game show in the UK, Jeremey Claridge took a picture of Irregular's display of spaceship minis.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

Irregular Miniatures produces a few lines of miniature spaceships, listed under their 6mm catalog pages.  Pictures are not available on their catalog but pictures of a number of their minis are available on Tom's Spaceship Miniatures and Games page listed under Irregular's Spaceships


An Italian company, Nexus Games is releasing several line of plastic figures previously produced by Atlantic (check out their webpage for the whole story).  Of interest to us is their XXX Century line of sci-fi figures which includes NSF 001 - Starships a pack of 12  plastic spaceships (starfighters) which should be very familiar to anyone who owns Silent Death: The Next Millenium since they are the same ones included in the boxed set and the Wings of Death supplement.  This set of minis list for $8-$8.50 which is bit more than the cost per fighter with Wings of Death ($30 for 4 spruces of 12).  Check their webpage for retailers in your country.


7/12/2009 - A couple new miniatures from Ninja Magic are now available through Rattlehead Games, the Warstar and the Searcher.



1/3/2009 - The next set of minis are available through Rattlehead Games, the Devastator, Warden, and Maiyalo Heavy Auxillary Ship.

Earlier releases that SCN missed updates on are the Dalasin Interception Carrier, Skirmisher, Watcher, Deceiver, Intruder and Invader.



Maiyalo Heavy Auxillary Ship

Dalasin Interception Carrier






7/23/2008 - Ninja Magic has announced that the following minis are available through Rattlehead Games. the Jun-ila Oahhano class Battleship, Guardian, Defender, and the Ranger.  More minis are in process and should be available soon.

Jun-ila Oahhano class Battleship




8/12/2007 - Ninja Magic has several new minis which should be available at GenCon.  They are the Jun-ila Miliam Class Cruiser, Jun-ila Naniamo Class Destroyer, Jun-ila Huala Class Frigate, Jun-ila Hamuiya Class Corvette, Kikoku Kikako Class Auxillary Ship, Colony Ship, Hyperdyne Astronautics H-1 Battleracer, plus missile, torpedo, mine, plasma weapon, escape pod, and satellite counters.

Jun-ila Miliam Class Cruiser

Jun-ila Naniamo Class Destroyer

Colony Ship

Hyperdyne Astronautics H-1 Battleracer

2/26/2007 - Additional Magnetic Adaptors have been released, 45 degree and 90 degree angle connectors which are great to use for 3D games to show the actual orientation of ships.  These are available from Rattlehead Games.

1/24/2007 - The Magnetic Adaptors are once again available through Rattlehead Games.

Initially released last year, these magnetic adapters were unfortunately only briefly available. I wasn't entirely satisfied with them due to some casting and engineering problems, and did not want to continue selling them until these problems were fixed. However I was not quite prepared for months and months of setbacks, problems, delays, and frustrations, so it has taken far longer than I ever anticipated to bring them back.

With the last of these production issues finally laid to rest, and sporting a tighter grip too, the magnetic adapters have returned!

For those who are unfamiliar with this product, these adapters provide a single simple solution to many of the problems associated with miniatures mounted on flight stands. The two biggest being flight stand breakage during transport, and the collision of larger miniatures when in close proximity.

8/7/2006 - Ninja Magic has New Releases at GenCon Indy :

Ninja Magic will be selling three new miniatures at GenCon; The much-anticipated Kito Kapak Class Carrier, the mighty Tipaka Class Battleship and the tiny Tak Kuta Class Corvette. These new ships further flesh out the Kikoku Fleet, part of the "With Hostile Intent" line of miniatures and upcoming game.

Immediately following Gen Con, they will be available for online purchase at Rattlehead Games. Prices are yet to be determined.

Ninja Magic will be at booth 1934 at GenCon, sharing it with with Gorilla Games, makers of Battlestations

7/11/2006 - The full rules for the the forthcoming game With Hostile Intent are not available yet, but now you can get the first miniatures:

Ninja Magic/With Hostile Intent Miniatures now available!

I'm pleased to announce that the first miniatures in the With Hostile Intent line are available for purchase through Rattlehead Games. Currently available are as follows:

Kotaku Class Battlecruiser
Armed with eight particle beam cannons in its most recent and most common upgrade, the Kotaku has carried the Kumka Burrough's dominance over all other kikoku burroughs for the past forty years.

Optional Turrets
Older and/or variant versions of the Kotaku are possible using these optional turrets.

Tiko Class Destroyer
Destroyer was never a more apt classification when describing the Tiko. It is a deadly predator that hunts down targets, and its role as an escort understates its fierce combat prowess.

Kapuki Class Frigate
As a general purpose escort, the Kapuki can't be beat. It is tough enough to intercept and hold off enemy destroyers, and its defenses make it a welcome screen against fighters and missiles.

Missile & Torpedo Counters
Track missiles and torpedoes in style with these small miniatures. Useful in a wide variety of games that track ordnance movement.

Magnetic Adapters
Tired of flight stands breaking? Tired of awkward storage solutions? Tired of large miniatures bumping into each other? Outfit your miniatures with magnetic adapters and these problems virtually vanish. Used normally and they allow miniatures to be instantly attached and detached from their bases for set-up or storage. In an alternate configuration, they can be used as spacers to alter the height of the miniature, moving them out of the way of each other.


6/22/2000 - Reviresco has a new web page ( and the Starships page is now at (  Also of note, rules for their old Starwar 2250 game are now available online in MS Word format on their Free Downloads page.

9/28/99 - From The Miniatures Page,

John McEwan ( of Reviresco writes:

Prices shown are in U.S. Dollars. Fantastic metal miniature kits unpainted, so you may add your own details.

Fab1 Fabian Pirate - Pictured above (2 per pack)  $4.00
RC-Falcon Rep-Com Falcon (2 per pack) $4.00
RC-Para Rep-Com Parasite Ship (2 per pack) $3.00
RC-Jag Rep-Com Jaguar (2 per pack) $4.00
Imp-Bat Imperial Attack Craft BAT (2 per pack) $3.00
Imp-Zip Imperial Raider Zipper (2 per pack) $3.00

Reviresco has also added a Starships web page with pictures of most of their miniatures painted with a real space background.


This one man shop makes some interesting miniatures that are a bit small but are very affordable.  


6/19/2012 - Studio Bergstrom has expanded the Future Frontiers ORCDef fleet with a couple large ships.

Future Frontier ORCDeF Battleship

Future Frontier ORCDeF Carrier


4/16/2011 - Studio Bergstrom as released a bunch of different minis over the years.  Check out his extensive line of fleet scale and 1" fighters plus familiar looking capital ships.

The Future Frontier line has two new fleets that are currently available, the Terrans and the ORCDef.

Future Frontier Terran ships - Missile Boat, Plasma Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship, Super Dreadnought and fighters in front.

Future Frontier ORCDeF PT Boat

Future Frontier ORCDeF Frigate

Future Frontier ORCDeF Destroyer

Future Frontier ORCDeF Cruiser

The Hive10/11/2005 - The Hive range of alien bioship miniatures are now available from Studio Bergstrom.  This range of ships includes everything from massive motherships and dreadnoughts to cruisers, escorts, fighters and drones.  Andrew Bergstrom says:

"I imagined a race that uses living ships that are perfectly home in space or in atmosphere, genetically altered beings that have natural defenses and weapons and filled with vicious, unrelenting, genocidal insect-like beings hell-bent upon destruction of anything not of their kind!"


1/17/2008 - Valiant released a new Federation Long Range Battlecruiser and expansion packs last summer around GenCon but I forgot to get it updated here.   The ship and both expansion packs can be combined to make a massive 15 inch battlecruiser.  These are cast in resin unlike the rest of the line which are pewter.

9076 Federation Long Range Battle Cruiser (parts are below)

Above - 9077 Federation L. R. B. Cruiser - Expansion Pack A

Right - 9078 Federation L. R. B. Cruiser - Expansion Pack B

11/6/2000 - Valiant's website how has pictures of most of the Stardate: 3000 line of minis plus they now have a secure server for online orders.

10/5/2000 - Valiant's webpage says the Stardate: 3000 line is "Now Available" so order away.  Items now list the number of minis included in each pack and price of the larger minis is bumped up to $9.95 or $15.95.  Some pictures of the minis are also posted.

9/7/2000 - Their Stardate:3000 line now has its own page, listing all the items in the line at a price of $7.95 each but does not mention if there are more than 1 mini per pack (and it still says coming soon)

7/21/2000 - The Miniatures Page ran an article that Valiant now has a website (  Since I have been waiting for their Stardate:3000 line of minis to be re-released, I surfed over and took a look around. Their Stardate:3000 line is mentioned but nothing more so I emailed Valiant for more info and received this reply:

Thank you for the e-mail.

Stardate: 3000 Miniatures are being prepared for re-release in October (Sooner, I hope). The Fighting Sail ships are now available with Spanish Main and Ramming Speed to follow.

I have recorded you address and will contact you as soon as product is ready for shipping.


Art Neckermann
Valiant Enterprises Ltd.

Website -


6/19/2012 - After a long dry spell, ZandrisIV has released some new starship miniatures for the Terran Diaspora Authority:
CS0002 - Singapore-class Stealth Carrier
CS0003 - Penang-class Stealth Cruiser
CS0004 - Malacca-class Stealth Destroyer
CS0005 - Labuan-class Assault Destroyer
CS0006 - Serigala Heavy Fighter Wing
CS0007 - Harimau Superheavy Bomber


3/30/2009 - Wave 4 minis were released at Salute. This wave comprises five ships, two frigates of the Terran Diplomatic Corps, and three vessels of the zealous Guardians of the Nebula. The ships are as follows:

DS00007 – Mercenary-class Assault Frigate (28mm long) Pack of 3
DS00008 – Thug-class Missile Frigate (22mm long) Pack of 3 
GN00001 – Succour-class Escort Carrier (24mm long) Pack of 1 
GN00002 – Seraph-class Superheavy Beam Destroyer (22mm long) Pack of 2
GN00003 – Zealot-class Cyberlink Fighters (8mm long) Pack of 12

Clockwise from the bottom left; Zealot Fighter, Seraph Destroyer, Succour Carrier, Thug Missile Frigate and Mercenary Assault Frigate


11/11/2008 - The third wave of minis are out,
Embassy-class Assault Carrier for the Terran Diplomatic Corps fleet.
  (gray mini on the left)

Shoji-class Stealth Carrier for the Human Diaspora Authority fleet
  (gray mini on the right)

6/30/2008 - The second wave of miniatures from ZandrisIV Miniatures are now available.  They are cast in metal except for the SDN which is resin.

Wave 1 miniatures - Diplomat-Class Heavy Cruiser and 2 Negotiator-Class Heavy Destroyers

Diplomat-Class Heavy Cruiser

Negotiator-Class Heavy Destroyer

Harmony-Class Superdreadnought

Wave 1 and Wave 2 miniatures

Emissary-Class Assault Cruiser

Edict-Class Beam Cruiser

Contractor-Class Missile Destroyer