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GenCon 2000 - Friday

JMS was signing stuff at the AOG booth

Watch out for Pirates at GenCon. They have new ways of distracting you before they get your gold.




I bumped into Terry Miesle there. He's an artist with the minis he paints and painted several of the minis for the artwork on AOG's mini boxes. He had some samples of his work with him.  Take a look at some more example in the Gallery.

They were sculpting a dragon head in the hallway between the Dealers Room and the Miniatures/Board gaming hall. Plus anyone who wanted to could help.



A sample of the interesting terrain used for some of the games in the miniatures area.



A shot of the Omega class destroyers closing in on Babylon 5 in Mark Siefert's Severed Dreams scenario. to the right is one of the stargate miniatures from GZG.


Some Dark Nebula ships go after the Yamato in this Star Blazers Fleet Battle System event.

Some shots from my Sci-Fi Crossover: Enter the Executor game using Full Thrust rules.

For more info on the game including control sheets for all the ships, go here


The Executor and her two Victory class Star Destroyer escorts.

The Battlestar Atlantia and the SCVN Lexington launch all of their fighters

The Federation fleets along with a Mon Calamari cruiser get in real close with an Imperial class Star Destroyer.

The final moment of the game. After the Executor landed all its fighters to refuel and rearm, she was jumped by 20 fighter groups that pounded here core, but did not destroy her. That was left to the EDF Hawke, a Space Battlecruiser from Star Blazers whose Wave Motion Cannon (Wave Gun) took out the rest of the damage boxes and the Executor was no more.

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