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Basing Miniatures 

Due to popular demand, I have created a Basing Miniatures page that shows how I base miniatures using tubing and barrel clasps so the base can be removed for easy transport, yet can be solidly attached for gaming.


The Sci-Fi Crossover 2007 page is now up with control sheets and pictures.

My website of all the latest news on space combat games and miniatures, regularly updated.


Full Thrust Designs and Conversions

Fleet Book 2 Designer Workbook V1.1 - My updated version of this Excel spreadsheet for designing FT ships using Fleet Book rules.  It was formerly known as V0.5 of the FT FB Design Workbook but that had already been taken so I changed the name when I fixed some errors.  FB2 Designer includes all weapons listed in FB1 and fits everything on a 800x600 screen at the same time.  In addition, it includes workbooks for designing the new alien races from FB2, the Kra'Vak, Sa'Vasku, and the Phalons.

5/23/2001 Update - I fixed a bug for Level 2 screens on ships less than mass 60

Sci-Fi Crossover 1999 - A game I have run at GenCon and other conventions.  All of your favorite universes meet in glorious battle - Full Ship Control Sheets!

Sci-Fi Crossover 2000 - The Control Sheets and scenario are there along with some pics

Sci-Fi Crossover 2001 - 'Asteroid Chase' 

Sci-Fi Crossover 2002 - 'Federation & Empire' 

Sci-Fi Crossover 2003 - 'Empires & Rebels'

Sci-Fi Crossover 2004 - 'Hollywood Babylon' 

Sci-Fi Crossover 2005 - 'Battlestar to Babylon' 

Sci-Fi Crossover 2007 - 'Imperial Deathmatch' 

Sci-Fi Crossover 2008 - 'Cubes Over Babylon' 

Sci-Fi Crossover 2009 - 'Enemies or Allies' 

Starfleet Wars - Conversions using the Fleet Book rules:

          Terrans           Entomalians           Avarians           Aquarians           Carnivorans

Star Blazers - Earth Defense Force ships are done, Gamilons and Comet Empire in progress

Fleet Book Reinforcements - All of those ships the Fleet Book mentions but does not include.

                              ESU                    FSE                    NAC                    NSL

Altaran Fleet - Part of the Space Dreadnought 3000 line from Kallistra.  I've made them a seldom encountered clan of the Kra'Vak.  Pictures of the minis are included.

Decados Fleet - From Noble Armada, this is an interesting fleet using Pulsers as their main weapon, and they have this thing for boarding your ship and taking it over...

Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator - A bunch of Star Trek ships from FASA's old game ready for FT Fleet Book rules.  Federation and Klingon conversions are included and the Romulans might show up someday too.

Imperial Gothic Fleet - My conversions of some old Space Fleet minis.

Full Thrust Optional Rules

Emergency Thrust - Scotty, we need more power!

Light Fighters - Each group is 8 fighters but they go 'pop' real easily


Here are a few conversions I did for the 4th edition of Starmada.  They are zip files and you will need
to read them.  Hope to have text versions available sometime.

                    Federation Ships          Klingon Ships          Star Wars Fighters

PBEM (Play By EMail)

I've run a couple PBEM Full Thrust games and they had some great web support (thanks Matt)  They both took place in the Starfleet Wars universe and I plan to do another someday soon.

          Deneb Clash                    Vanguard Cruise


GenCon 1999 - Pics of the places, people, miniatures and more.  These pages have lots of pics so they may take a while to load.

                    Thursday                    Friday                    Saturday                    Sunday

GenCon 2000 

                    Thursday                    Friday                    Saturday & Sunday

GenCon 2001  

                    Thursday                    Friday                    Saturday & Sunday

GenCon 2002 - The last year at Milwaukee, sorry no Sunday pictures due to a bad disk.

                    Thursday                    Friday                    Saturday

GenCon 2003 - Hello Indianapolis!

                    Thursday                    Friday                    Saturday & Sunday

My Miniatures  - Pictures of a bunch of my minis.

Basing Miniatures - Full instructions, including lots of pictures on how I base miniatures using tubing and barrel clasps to make the base removable for transport, yet solid when attached.

Fleets - Pictures of some fleets I have done that don't have stats:
                    Out-Rim Coalition       Quellaris Federation         Vin'Grun

Star Ranger's Spaceship Room - Where my wife lets me keep all my miniatures and worktable.  Lots and lots of storage for my ton of lead.

On the Workbench - Minis I'm currently working on along with the new way I just started basing spaceship minis using brass and aluminum tubing and a barrel clasp.


Want List - I collect games with tactical space combat.  I have almost everything but there are a few  items I want but don't have, maybe you have them but don't need them?