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Unidentified Miniature Objects

I try and know my old out of production miniatures, but there are some out there I can't identify.  So I'm calling on those of you with knowledge of hard to find miniatures to help us out and give names and information to the minis of lost origins.


ALL of the original list Unidentified minis have been identified, mainly thanks to Joe Passarelli who was part of the crew that made them.  Jump to the Identified minis


Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the pictures.


Send your thoughts and ideas on what they may be to


If you have any starship miniatures whose background and origin is lost to you, let me know and send me a picture.  If I can't tell you what it is, I'll post it here and maybe someone else can.






QT Solar Force ship?

Oerjan sends in top and bottom scans of this mini.  He says, "The model is 2.5" long. The engines are almost identical to the one on the one GW re-issued for Space Fleet as the "Constellation" (though the rest of the hull is quite different), and the profile of the *forward hull looks very similar to the QT NSF7"

"When viewed from above, the ship has a long narrow core hull which widens into the engine section and a set of "stabilizer wings" towards the rear; the forward hull sprouts two thick "wings" (between 0.6" and 1.5" from the front, max span 1.2") carrying weapon turrets."

12/20/2003 - See the section for Unidentified #17 & #18 for more information.  Anyone know more about its QT origins?


2/12/2012 - Dan Ibekwe IDs this as the QT alien battlecruiser from c1980.

Gary Hiesley says this is the Ramorian Battlecruiser from Citadel but I am unable to figure out which specific miniature this is from those listed in the ads and catalog pages.


Gary also sends pictures of his QT Models fleets along with some coments.

STAR FORCE 300 (Human Federation Solar Forces were the Bad guys & the Ramorian's were a Lizard like Rebellion Force)

"Top; Left to Right Human Federation solar Force Super Dreadnoght, Fuel/ore Tanker

          Bottom; Assault Ship, Explorer, Cruiser, Strike Cruiser & Starliner. 
These were supposed to be 1/10,000th scale I believe."

"Ramorian Fuel/Ore ship, Battlecruiser, Dragon class Dreadnought, explorer/cruiser & small cruiser (not sure on that one)."


QT Models Advertisements

Thanks to Steve Casey, he scanned these ads in from the sources indicated.

White Dwarf 30-32

White Dwarf 26-29

White Dwarf 26

White Dwarf 22-25

White Dwarf 17

White Dwarf 16




#17 & #18



Citadel Spaceships C43

These are a recent eBay purchase for me.  Both minis from Citadel Miniatures have "C43 Spaceship $2.00" indicated on the blister card, but they are definitely different miniatures, plus they look different than the one that is up on Tom's Spaceship Miniature/Games Lists website (Here)

So does anyone know more about these like if they had a unique name and background for each mini or were they all generic under the same number?


12/20/2003 - I received the following information from Paul Robinson:

Citadel used to bring out a Compendium every so often, which then became The Citadel Journal. From the few that I have seen, the Citadel figures were not individually named prior to the Spring 1985 Journal. Therefore the packs only had the figure 'range' number on them e.g. C01 = Fighters (in plate , chainmail men-at-arms) C02 = Wizards etc.

The Spaceships were labeled C43 and Dreadnought Spaceships C44. As far as I can tell, they were only illustrated in the Spring 1985 Journal and the only other mention of the range was in the Autumn 1985 Journal. Of course sometimes figures would crop up again for short periods of time. Also bear in mind that sometimes when a mould was getting worn, the new 'Master' could differ slightly.

Here in the UK, they were priced at C43 = 75p, C44 1.95


Paul sent the following images, click on them for a larger version with some comments on what became of some of those minis.


2/12/2012 - Ken Nat indicates that #17 looks like a QT StarHound ship

Steve Casey sent in the following pictures from a Citadel mail order flyer from around 1987.  Pictures of the ships shown above with some naming structure.


I plan to go through these images and lists along with some other sources to better define the origins and names of the minis that were originally QT when I get a chance.







2/12/2012 - Two miniatures from Vulcan Models that I have yet to identify. I am fairly positive that they are from the Vulcan Models line as they are both marked "VM" and copyright "76" on the bottom. At first, I thought the unpainted one on the right was just an incomplete version of the painted one. However, it lacks the small bulge just behind the nut-looking section and the engine platform is different. I'm assuming that it is a lighter war vessel from the same race.






2/12/2012 - Douglas Kippax sends in these pictures.  

"I have attached JPEGs of 2 unidentified ships. They were purchased for me many years ago along with some (identified) MiniFig craft... so I suspect they are related (?).

One is clearly similar to the SZ-1 Zellphon Battleship from Vulcan Models-Battleline Miniatures. The other shares features similar - though not closely enough ? - to the Earth Federation series of ships.  Any ideas?






?Recharge Cruiser - Side View

Possibly known as a "Recharge Cruiser", who made this very Star Trekish ship?

SF-3 Federation Recharger/Attack Transport
Vulcan Models/Battleline Miniatures




?Light Cruiser - Aft View?Light Cruiser - Side View  

From the same range of miniatures as #1, this could be the Light Cruiser version.


SF-2 Federation Light Cruiser

from Vulcan Models/Battleline Miniatures



Jim says #1 and #2 are from Attack International, a company run by Dave Casciano on the late 70's somewhat intended to support Zocchi's early Star Trek game Star Fleet Battle Manual.  These minis were part of a larger line, consisting of mostly support ships.  #1 is the recharge cruiser that was supposed to recharge the matter-antimatter pods on fed starships.  Who sculpted and cast them is unknown, but Dave ran into them at a convention and convinced them to allow him to market them.


Joe Passarelli emails me that he knows where these came from...since he was part of the company that made them.  

First known as Vulcan Models then later known as Battleline Miniatures, they made a bunch of spaceship miniatures in the late 1970's and at one point these minis were listed as the Star Fleets line.  Originally they were sold by Dave Casciano of Attack Wargaming but later were sold by the manufacturer.  The minis came with clear plastic rods as posts and Star Trek insignia bases.

Joe says Battleline has never died, all masters and molds still exist with the designer Joe Buscaino.  I'm trying to get more information and pictures of the full line, just wait and see....



A Klingon mini of some type, pretty small when compared to SFB and FASA Klingon minis


SK-1 Klingon Battleship

from Vulcan Models/Battleline Miniatures


Joe Passarelli indicates this is another ship from their lines of Trek based miniatures


#4, #5, & #6

The top right mini is a Dominion  Destroyer Escort from Pewtercraft's Galaktik Taktik line.  The left top (#4) an both bottom minis (#5 & #6) are very similar but unlike any other Pewtercraft mini I have seen.  What are they?


#4) ST-2 Tholian Heavy Cruiser

#5) ST-4 Tholian Destroyer/Attack Craft

#6) ST-3 Tholian Lt Cruiser

from Vulcan Models/Battleline Miniatures


Joe says that the Pewtercraft ship is a knockoff of the Battleline miniature and it sure looks that way.





A fighter of some kind


Jim says, this mini was part of a line made to go with some Space 1999 rules he had written for Attack International.  The Space 1999 rules were created to make use of the Eagles included in MPC's old Moonbase Alpha model kit.  The rules reportedly got a good write up in an issue of Strategy & Tactics magazine.


Simon Cook says "I have two of these, and several other from the range. I bought them in the late seventies. (circa 1977?). It's long ago, but I think they were Minifigs."


SS-10 Cehan Destroyer


Tom Dye of MiniFigs USA ( has proven that #7 is the MiniFigs SS-10 - Cehan Destroyer.  Tom sent me a scan of an old product list along with an image of all the minis out of a test cast of the very old Spaceship line mold from the 1970's.  Here is an image of the the figure test cast as item SS-10:





A rocket-like mini with several engines in the back.

SZ-1 Zellphon Battleship from Vulcan Models/Battleline Miniatures


#10 & #11



Missile-Armed Fighters

Another couple of unknown from Oerjan Ohlson. These are Silent Death-ish fighters with definite missile on the bottom along with turrets on the top and bottom.


#10 (Fab1) Fabian Pirate  

#11 (RC-Falcon) Rep-Com Falcon from Reviresco 


10/27/2003 - Scott Bishop sends in the identifying info that these these two minis are from Reviresco and says, "They're actually really cool minis. John did a really good job on the detail."


I knew they looked familiar but I guess the camo paint jobs on the Reviresco site sufficiently hid how the minis actually looked without paint.


Here are a couple pics from Reviresco's website:

Fabian Pirate

Rep-Com Falcon


12/14/2003 - Lots of information on the origins of these minis from Leland R. Erickson (Miniatures Dressed to Kill

John McEwan may produce these fearsome starships, but he didn't design or sculpt them.  Alan Wolf ( made the masters, working from my original drawings.  Both ships were part of a larger series I drew up for The Fighter Tactics Manual for Iron Crown's Silent Death: The Next Millennium, specifically these were both concept drawings for the infamous Black Widow heavy fighter.

Alas, ICE didn't have the budget, so the old 1st edition Drakar gunboat miniature was recast as the Black Widow. Not being one to waste a good thing, I naturally contacted Alan and John...



Another QT Solar Force ship?

This small mini has shown up in a few recent Ebay auctions but hasn't gotten a positive ID yet.  It is similar to many of the QT minis that later were re-issued under GW/Citadel's Space Fleet line of miniatures.


NSF1 Strike Cruiser (Moscow Class)

from QT Models 

later produced as a C43 Spaceship/Fighter by Citadel


12/20/2003 - See the section for Unidentifieds #17 & #18 for more information.  Anyone know more about its QT origins?


2/12/2012 - Ken Nat indicates that this the Moscow class Destroyer from QT. The new catalog pages show the Moscow class as the SF1 Strike Cruiser.  Dan Ibekwe IDs this as the Earth Strike Cruiser



#13, #14, & #15


Angular ships

These came from Terry Shannon who has a quite extensive miniatures collection.

He says, "The 3 to the left (with accessory pieces) are obviously from the same line and they look damnedably familiar. I know I have seen them before but can't find them anywhere on the net."


#13) Elkiem Empire Battlecruiser with a turret & 2 interceptors 
(SEE 1)

#14) Elkiem Empire Destroyer with turret (SEE 3)

#15) Elkiem Empire Light cruiser with turret (SEE2)

from Leicester Micro models which was previously Leviathan Models back in the 1970's


10/23/2003 - Ken Bywaters writes:

"I used to have a largish fleet of these in the 1970s as a teenager.  Can't remember all that much about them, but I think they may have been made by Leicester Micro Models.  There were four or five different fleets.

Your #13 was,  think, a battlecruiser/carrier, which came with the one fighter shown in the photo.  #14 was a destroyer from the same fleet, and #15 was a cruiser.  There was also a quite massive "Space Control Ship", about similar in size to a Ground Zero superdreadnaught.

There was another fleet that had a predominantly twin engine pod design that included a destroyer and cruiser plus a battlecruiser (that had an extra dorsal engine unit) plus a carrier in the Brigade Models style e.g. external flight deck.
A third fleet had only battlecruisers released for it as far as I know, and that resembled a cross between the GZG FSE battlecruisers and the Superior range.  It was similar in shape to the FSE battlecruiser, but flatter and with a superstructure only on the top face.


5/12/2012 - Steve Casey sends in an ad for Leviathan Models from White Dwarf 12 and Gary Heisley indicates that the same ad ran in Military Modeling magazine.

Gary Hiesley identifies these miniatures and says they also did a range of United Nations Deep Space Fleet miniatures, previously mentioned by Ken Bywaters- a Battlecruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Interceptor Carrier with 6 Interceptors & a Destroyer, also the 3 Iso-Solaris, Battlecruiser, Heavy Cruiser & Destroyer as mentioned by Ken.  Gary still has a fleet of the UNDSF ships & a few Iso-Solaris ships which he graciously sent in pictures of below.


Multi-part Freighter

Another one from Terry Shannon.  For this one he mentions, "The last one which has 3 hull modules plus the 2 accessories is a total mystery to me. It shares some design similarities, again, with some Brigade models, but I can't find it anywhere.


SF8 Python Deep Space Tug

from QT Models


12/13/2003 - Tim Hughes writes:

"16 was produced by QT at round about the same time. That is from their space fighter range, which included  a lot of ships that owe their looks to Battlestar Galactica."


2/12/2012 - Gary Heisley says "#16 is a QT Solar Force range Freighter Tug  (1/300 scale) in 3 sections which went with the Ground combat vehicles Solar Force (1/300) range they did in the 70's & 80's." 


He included the picture to the left:

"2 x (SF8) Python Tugs with laser turrets from the QT models (Starforce 300 by Table Top Games) Ground Support forces range."


From the picture and the catalog page, you can see these are parts of the SF8 Python Deep Space Tug.