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Here are some pictures of minis that were sent to me and I'd like to share them with the rest of you, click on the thumbnails for the full-size pics. 

If you have some nice shots of spaceship minis, send them to me and I just might put them up for everyone to see.

Just Added!! - Mark Stephenson's Dioramas

A fleet of Drazi miniatures from AOG, painted by Terry Miesle (920x612)



A massive fleet of Vorlon miniatures from AOG, again painted by Terry Miesle (1090x514)



Some enhanced shots of the UNSC  and Kra'Vak ship minis from GZG, painted by Agis Neugebauer (800x600)





These minis are all built from scratch by Tonsha. He used balsa wood, light cardboard and dried vegatables to make these interesting and inexpensive miniatures. (640x480)
Check out his web page at:
or go directly to his Scratch-Building page for full instructions:
(URLs updated on 7/6/2001)





The P'sha (640x480)
A Kra'Vak offshoot race by Scott Wadyko

"This was my first attempt at creating an entire race's ship types. I scratch built the masters out of strip and sheet styrene and then made RTV molds and cast the copies in resin. I kicked out a bunch and the cost is a lot less than what I could have bought ships for. Plus its cool to have your own touch I guess."






Mark Stephenson's Dioramas

Mark Stephenson has sent me some pictures of some great dioramas he has done with spaceship miniatures.  These are some need displays of minis and it shows that they can be used for more than just gaming.  Click on the thumbnails for full size pics (1024x768)


Hunters vs. the Hunted

Some DP9-Jovian Chronicles minis in a little diorama.  It depicts a solitary ship tucked in close to a large nickel-iron body to elude discovery by two enemy cruisers.  Asteroids were made from polyurethane pipe insulation foam.  Ships and rock were painted with acrylics



Attitude Adjustment

Some Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Fleet minis that have just delivered a death blow to a rebellious planet in some corner of the empire.  Big job in the center of the formation is the Planet Killer, surrounded by some other nasties.  The Planet is still smoldering.



Some old TSR Knight Hawks Federation miniatures I found with atrociously bad paint jobs in a Milwaukee gaming shop last Summer.  They were solid blue with little yellow windows.  I took off as much paint as I could and repainted them with acrylics, making them "stylishly ugly" this time, in the manner of all battlewagons.




Miniatures Dressed to Kill

Miniatures Dressed to Kill (MDK) is a professional miniature painting service specializing in quality figure
painting and model building for the demanding wargamer and collector.  MDK is dedicated to providing top quality painted miniatures and models at a competitive price, rendered to the specifications of the customer.  MDK is an "old school" service where the customer is not merely "king," but Emperor of
the Known Universe! 

Dedicated to the highest standards of the model builder's craft and artistry, only the very best is acceptable for MDK productions.  The environment of the futuristic battlefield where the client's space
marines, warbots, or alien horde will serve will be confirmed with the client before a single brush stroke is applied.  Thorough consultation with the client will ensure complete satisfaction with the results.  After all, even a scum-sucking alien menace should look its bug-eyed best before it wades into the Empire's Finest and makes salad of them!

MDK not only provides a quality painting service, but also specializes in producing unique one-of-a-kind science fiction vehicles suitable for the wargame table or the collector's display case alike.  MDK will offer ready painted figures, including individual characters, wargame units, and complete armies for many popular game systems. Whether historical, fantasy, or science fiction, Miniatures Dressed to Kill is ready to paint your figures to the highest standard.  After all, shouldn't your troops go into battle Dressed to

Leland R. Erickson, Proprietor

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the sample pics

A scratch-built Star Cruiser, can you identify what the main hull used to be?

Q'raj Void Protectorate fighters from Silent Death

Terran ships from the Galactic Knights line

Luches Utopia Glaive fighters from Silent Death