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These games are not available yet but hopefully will be soon, keep checking back for progress and possible opportunities for playtesting.



Cyprian Rift: Warships, Fleets at War! and X-Wing now have their own pages.


Games that once were in the works but were never published are now Lost in the Aether



From 2 Hour Wargames


5150 is a sci-fi skirmish gaming system that allows for solo and cooperative play in addtion to the usual player vs. player type of games from 2 Hour Wargames that is being converted to 3 different scales of starship combat games.


8/26/2012 - In the works are:

5150: Wing Leader, a fighter dogfight scale game - "is a game about starfighters and capital ships which carry them. Think of something similar to the Battle of Midway on a small scale and in space. There is a whole section of rules for capships which includes transports, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, starbases and carriers as well with many fighters in them, and you can certainly play a game of only big ships firing their big batteries against each other although the game is designed with space dogfighting in mind.

5150: Star Navy, an admiral-level game in which you put dozens of spaceships on the table for your battle and still finish in a couple of hours with no vector movement

5150: Fringe Space, a smaller scale capital ship game for a few ships per side which does include vector and cinematic types of movement.

There are a bunch of After Action Reports for the playtest games for all 3 verions all over the net if you look for them.



From Gorilla Games


2/25/2012 - By 2009 the name was back to Fleet Admiral and there was some playtesting done but no word since then.


6/23/2008 - More info on Battlestations: Fleet Actions (notice the change in name) have been posted on the Gorilla Games website.

Highlights include:

Instead of controlling one crew member in adventure style missions you’ll be able to play Battlestations: Fleet Actions taking charge of multiple ships and crews.

In Battlestations: Fleet Action ship modules no longer have squares of movement. A single crew member occupies one module.

Battlestations: Fleet Action will be a stand alone book with web based support programs that’ll have you designing your own fleets in no time. A typical battle takes under 90 minutes.


5/1/2008 - Listed in the list of games for pre-registration at GenCon Indianapolis this August are 3 sessions of Battlestations: Fleet Admiral with the following description of the game:

"Come play the new Fleet Level game of Battlestations. Command multiple starships against other players. Use fighters, fusion cannons, and missiles to battle. Launch boarding actions to take over enemy ships."



From Mongoose Publishing


7/22/2012 - Mongoose has posted a couple articles on their blog about Blue Shift, a new space fighter miniatures game in the Reality Tech Storm universe a 6mm sci-fi game scheduled to appear in winter 2012-2013.

"With no great warships left in Nethersky, force is best delivered by nimble fighters. In Blue Shift, you take the role of a mercenary leader commanding a squadron of fighters and their pilots. With an integrated campaign system, you will be able to hire and fire the best pilots you can find, train them up, and equip them with the finest fighters you can lay your hands on."

"When you buy a fighter for your squadron in Blue Shift, all you get is the fighter itself and whatever internal equipment it comes with as standard from the manufacturer. From there, you can add whatever weapons and other enhancements that best suit your squadron and their combat doctrine."

"Throughout the development of Blue Shift, we have concentrated on what makes fighter combat different from anything else. Principally, speed. Turns for each fighter are very, very quick to play through, allowing you to see a dogfight unfold as fighters zip across the table, perform breathtaking manoeuvres, and settle on the tail of an enemy before blowing it out of the sky. The rulebook has been specifically designed to aid this, with one page holding all the information you need for every fighter, from its speed and turning ability, to its individual critical hit table. There are no ‘damage points’ to track as, being fighter combat, all we are really interested in is a fighter’s ability to carry on, well, fighting."



From Dark Realm Miniatures


Hostile Stars is a new space combat game in development for Dark Real Miniatures.  For the latest information and rules in progress, check out the Dark Realm Miniatures Forums.

3/27/2012 - No notification that I can find other than a concept drawing from a while back, but the Andrayada Cor Battleship is now available in the Dark Realm's store.  This looks to be a massive miniature at 125mm long an 75mm wide.


2/25/2012 - Not much new on Hostile Stars.  The miniatures are still available and the rules are still on version 2.02.  There is an updated picture of the larger Pax Arcadian ships. Here is the Templar Battleship with a couple Centurian Cruisers.


5/29/2010 - 5 new miniatures for Hostile Stars have been released:

Pax Arcadian Centurian Cruiser, Pax Arcadian Templar Battleship, Kraytonian Souldagger Battleship, Andrayada Traltor Frigate, Andrayada Velum Cruiser.

Rules are now up to version 2.02 on their downloads page.

Pax Arcadian Centurian Cruiser

Pax Arcadian Templar Battleship


Kraytonian Souldagger Battleship

Andrayada Traltor Frigate

Andrayada Velum Cruiser


11/7/2009 - Version 2.01 of the Hostile Stars rules have now been posted here.  The new documents included in this version are:
- core rules
- tables
- fleet sheet
- Pax critical table (used for all races currently)
- Pax Ashigaru Destroyer
- Kraytonian TwinBlade Cruiser
- Kraytonian Dark Knife Monitor (formally frigate)


3/30/2009 - Initially, Hostile Stars rules documents will be made available Dark Realm Miniatures Forums. Once a period of discussion and checking has been completed, they will then be transferred to the main download area of that site. This means that this forum will be the place to get the absolute latest version of the rules, but if you are interested in just playing a with the latest stable version and not work in progress changes, the download section is the place to go.

They have a new range of miniatures being released for the game, initial releases concentrating on the human faction (Pax Arcadians) and the Kraytonians (Lizardmen).

Kraytonian Dark Knife Frigates

Kraytonian Twin Blade Cruisers

Pax Arcadia Ashigaru Destroyer

Hostile Stars demo at Salute 09



5/13/2012 - Martial Stars lets you fight simultaneous battles in space and within planetary atmospheres.   

Its easy to play out large battles with 50-100 or more units in an afternoon.  All space and planetary units are designed using a simple but not simplistic design system and each design is represented by a single line of text allowing large battles to be kept track of on a single piece of paper.    In fact the design system is so intuitive and flexible that you may find yourself designing units in your head without need of complicated spreadsheets, calculators,  or constantly looking things up and doing math.

Martial Stars is coming this Summer in PDF and Print editions from Digital Alchemy.


2/25/2012 -
No word on Ship to Ship on the Visor Publishing site.  It seems like this game is now called Firepower Pass - The Board Game and it is still in the development stages.


7/12/2009 - SHIP TO SHIP is an introductory board game of 3D space combat and command in the Firepower Pass Universe in the development stage. 

PRELIMINARY COMPONENT LIST - in the 8.75x11.75 glossy black box with clear plastic lid you will find:
o 23x35 full-color poster-quality map
o 40+ double-sided ship and terrain playing pieces, representing 12 classes of ships, planets, moons, asteroid fields, ion clouds and orbital installations, star forts, etc.
o 100+ double-sided markers
o Rules book
o Scenario cards and pre-printed ship logs for each scenario, which may be reproduced as needed to play
o Pad of blank ship logs for design-your-own scenarios
o Master Ship log sheet detailing how to fill out the logs each of the for 12 ship classes
o 2 10-sided dice
o An Attack Chart detailing attack prerequisites and modifiers for range, electronic warfare and relative weapon-to-target scale
o Two Squadron Engagement Level and Command Point Tracks, each can handle up to 3 squadron leaders and an overall commander's command point resources and engagement level. BTW Command Points are used for non-Attack related functions like Repair, Rally and Lock-On/Breaklocks (technically Target Solutions, but play testers preferred "Lock-Ons" for the drama...)
o An Attack Track to keep track of Incoming Attack Dice; Interdiction Dice (which intercept Attack dice); and Critical Hull Damage percentages for any given attack

A free PDF 12-page copy of the current testing components including the current charts and sequence of play is available at their website.


The Silent Fury system features detailed damage modeling, critical hits, boarding actions, and inertial movement, all while having simple and elegant rules for doing so.  It was demo'ed at Cold Wars 2012


5/13/2012 - Some interesting updated on Silent Fury development:

We've been slaving away at getting a release done for over a month since Cold Wars, and we've just finished - Silent Fury is ready to be played by the general public (or at least that portion of the general public who likes tactical space combat games).

We're shooting for epic pulp space combat with fast, easy rules. This is the sort of game where you charge your flaming wreck of a ship into the teeth of the enemy because that's what heroes do, but you don't want it to take all night, and you don't need to be sober.

The rules are laid out so you can read a bit, play a scenario, and then read more, play the next scenario, and so on.  Silent Fury Prototype Rules

We have 35 ships in the initial release, from a lowly Corvette to a massive Dreadnought, and lots of vessels in between.  Silent Fury Ship Sheets

What's a miniatures game without Scenarios? We have 7 scenarios ready in the Silent Fury Academy series, used in conjunction with the rules to teach you the whole game.  Silent Fury Academy Scenarios

Silent Fury has reached a point where it's a blast to play. It's been a two-man effort for over a year, but from here on out, we'd love to be working with a community of playtesters giving us feedback on the rules and scenarios, because more than anything we want this to be the best game we can make it. This release is our offering to the spaceship gaming community for any and all who are interested.

Come and see space combat like you've never seen before.


3/17/2012 - Silent Fury has a website up so you can follow its development.  In includes a design blog and a forum so you can watch what is happening.  They have included information on components, the evolution of their ship control sheets, and an After Action Report.


Sovereign Wars is a tabletop starship combat game designed with a mindset toward fast and easy play. Sovereign Wars is for players that want to play a starship combat game that allows for large fleets to do battle without the hassle of tedious record keeping. Sovereign Wars strives for space combat that plays fast with minimized die rolls and how you play is more important than what's in your list.


2/25/2012 - Sovereign Wars it taking applications for a closed beta test on their website.  The plan on some demos at GenCon this Summer and have previews of miniatures on their site.




2/25/2012 - The rules are still available for download and were last updated in January of 2010.  A Charity Release of the rules was done on RPGNow as one of the authors, has sadly passed away.  For this reason, there will be no further updates to this product, and it is presented "as is".  There were plans for future development (referenced occasionally in the text) but these will not be happening.  It is, however, a perfectly decent game in its current state. 


7/12/2009 - There have been several updates since the rules were originally posted a month prior.


6/11/2009 - Russ Morrissey of EN World (a large D&D fansite) has let SCN know that he has just started public development of a new starship combat game called Space Fight!

It's a long, long way from completion (doesn't even have movement rules yet!), but he is making the document available for free as the development progresses. 

Design Goals

* Ease of use and speed of play 
* Starship counters are of different sizes on the hex grid 
* Exception-based starship design allows for any ability without system constraint 
* Starships range from tiny fighters to gargantuan space stations 
* Able to model Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 
* Contains trademarked starship names and designs as a reference tool for development; these will not be in the final version




6/18/2011 - Star Fall the sci-fi wargames system, is a versatile set of rules covering both fleet action (1/2400th) and ground based (1/300th) scales. These rules complement each other and can be played separately or as part of an on going campaign.

You will find that you are getting two games for the price of one. Although both games follow a very similar core system, they both have an advanced section. That cover particulars dedicated to either Armada (fleet action) or Invasion (ground combat).

The plan is to back the rules up with a detailed and colourful background. These will be available in scenarios, campaigns, supplements and even Internet based material. We will also have available an area for fans to request information, post battle reports or take part in online campaigns and battles that will shape the Star Fall universe.

Supported by Shapeways, we will be bringing the exciting ranges of our four factions to you in plastic. Both ground & space miniatures.  We plan to have 4 Factions fully available over the next few months.




3/33/2012 - Void and Stars is a miniature game being developed for Ganesha Games.  Based on the Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics, Void and Stars takes them into the realm of starship combat.

"The game is focused on what I call the 'Task Force' level with each player controlling one to two capital ships and supporting escorts.  In addition the rules allow for characters such as Admirals, Captains, Gunners, Navigators, and Engineers to be included.  These characters add a little difference in abilities to what are standard starship classes."

Void and Stars does not support any one miniature manufacture and you are encouraged to use your favorites.  Because of that you able to create your own fleets based on any science fiction setting you enjoy using the (eventually) on-line ship builder and these rules.

You can follow the development of the game at the Void and Stars blog.  It has a nice playtest battle report you can read to get a feel of the game.

Per the SCN Forum post they made, they are looking for playtesters who do not have a strong background in Ganesha Games core mechanics are are willing to write up feedback.  More info on how to sign up in the that post.


From Ninja Magic


With Hostile Intent is a table-top starship combat game where players using fleets of starships, ranging from a few vessels to large squadrons, battle each other using strategy and tactics.

The game uses an inertia/vector based movement system and is hexless - meaning ship placement and movement is not constrained to a location on a hex map or other specific playing surface. Movement and orientation are kept track of in three dimensions using a simple and intuitive (math-less) method of dealing with line of sight, along with easily understood indicators on the ship control sheets. Range determination is performed simply by measuring distance with a tape measure and checking a chart, to take into account altitude.

While the game will provide its own exciting universe, from the ground up it is being designed with the intent that others can adapt it to their favorite universe with relative ease. Having this foundation will also give the game and its setting the ability to grow without the system falling apart or failing in some regard.

The goal is for the game to be fun to play, first and foremost.


2/25/2012 - With Hostile Intent is not dead and is still being worked on.  Updates have been posted in the SCN forums.


11/2/2007 - With Hostile Intent is still in development and hopes are for it to possibly show up later this year.  Additional miniatures have been released for a second faction within this game's background.


5/26/2006 - From Todd Boyce:

I have an introductory version of the With Hostile Intent rules, as well as some other material and information, now publicly available in a free online magazine called "The Great Machine." Issue 19 has the materials and can be found here: 

This is a Babylon 5 Wars related, unofficial fan-produced publication, so much of what is in there is related to that game system. Having a lot of ties to that community, B5W has had a bit of influence in my game design too so fans of that type of game are my general target audience.

This introductory version (in a very informal format) represents about 80% of the most common rules (current rules that is) and should provide a very good feel as to how the game works and plays.

Todd will also be at the Origins convention and may have some of the miniatures available for sale, though some of the ships will not be available due to molding problems.


5/10/2006 - An now the latest update from Todd:

Things are gradually falling into place, albeit at a much slower and frustrating pace. Working ten-to-eleven-hour days and six-day weeks for the last five months at my day job, while greatly helping to support this endeavor, has been the bane of my existence for getting things done in a timely manner. As of this week I'm going back onto a sane schedule, though, and development will be picking up speed once again.

With Hostile Intent - Battleship and Corvette rendersDespite those difficulties, I have on order the first batch of miniatures that I intend to sell, two more miniatures at the prototyper's (the computer models pictured, the Tipaka Battleship and Tak Kuta Corvette), and I'll try to get Steve Tyler started modeling the next set of designs this coming week. The four Kikoku ships being cast (the painted miniatures pictured) are the Kito Kapak Carrier, Kotaku Battlecruiser, Tiko Destroyer, and Kapuki Frigate.

WHI Ship miniatures comparisonThey will be sold in "fleet box" sets, though the quantity of each of the ships in each set is TBD as well as the price. I'm open to hearing suggestions regarding quantities. Tentatively I was thinking 1 x Carrier, 2 x Cruisers, 2 x Destroyers and 4 x Frigates.

Development on the With Hostile Intent starship combat game is ongoing, but is not expected to be completed and published until the end of this year, or possibly first quarter next year. However, a few WHI playtest events are planned for KublaCon in a few weeks.

I am also planning to attend both Origins and Gen Con Indy, where I might be selling the minis. While there, I'll try to find a place to set up and run some demos for those interested in giving it a try, as I missed the deadlines for setting up anything official.



11/30/2005 - Just received from Todd Boyce of Ninja Magic:

Miniatures and accessories coming soon

I've received some sample castings from Jeff Valent Studios and so far I am extremely pleased with how the first miniatures and accessories for my upcoming game "With Hostile Intent" have turned out. Despite a short deadline, Jeff really came through for me by getting them in my hands just before GenCon SoCal so I could use them in an event I ran on Saturday. I didn't have much time to get them painted for the convention so the paintjobs might seem a bit sloppy under photographic scrutiny.

The first two miniatures are a part of the Kikoku fleet; a Kotaku class cruiser and Tiko class destroyer - the Kikoku being a vaguely crab-like species and one of the main playable ones in the game. These will soon be followed by a battleship, carrier, frigate, corvette and fighters to round out the fleet for the first release. The carrier and frigate are in Jeff's hands now.

The extremely talented Steve Tyler modeled these miniatures and has been great to work with. More examples of his work can be found here: 

Also being cast are small missile and torpedo counters (usable in a variety of games, not just WHI) and lastly, magnetic flight stand adapters!

These adapters will not only add convenient and instantaneous placement on and removal from flight stands for easy transport and storage (and a tight enough grip to hold a miniature upside down - even when jiggled), but in a different configuration they can be used as stackable posts to indicate altitude or simply put miniatures at different levels so they can be moved into close proximity without the miniatures crowding or bumping into each other.

These products will hopefully be for sale within the next month or two.


6/24/2005 - Todd Boyce of Ninja Magic has mad the following announcement:

WHI playtest with Cold Navy ships at Origins

Ninja Magic, in cooperation with Xtreme Hobby, will be running playtest demos of "With Hostile Intent" at Origins. These demos will showcase converted ship designs and miniatures from the Cold Navy miniature line.

The demos will be informally set up wherever there's room in the open gaming area so if you're interested in trying something new, look for Cold Navy miniatures on the table or a guy wearing a black Ninja Magic/With Hostile Intent t-shirt. I plan to be there in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday and in the morning on Saturday.


5/3/2005 - News from Todd Boyce:

Though the upcoming 3D starship combat game "With Hostile Intent" will still be in development for some time to come, the miniature line that will go with the game is in production.

The first miniature has been sculpted by Jason McDermott and is on the way to me right now. After a final inspection it will be shipped off to Jeff Valent Studios for production casting. 

This miniature is about 2 inches long.

As for when the miniature(s) will be available for purchase, I can't really give an estimate. There are a lot of things I need to get in place before that can happen.


3/29/2005 - Todd Boyce announces the following information about a game in the works, With Hostile Intent.

With Hostile Intent is the working title of the game. It is in the initial playtesting stage which I hope to open up to a more public audience sometime in the next several months - when I get the next revision of the rules done.

WHI is a 3d starship combat game. The rules are simple, gameplay is fast, and the system is very flexible - if you can believe such a thing about a 3d game. I know many others before me have made that claim with dubious results and that is one of the reasons why I said to myself "There has got to be an easier way to do this." Well, this is what I've come up with and so far I'm very pleased with the results.

Since the universe is still in development, initial playtesting of the system is being done using conversions to Babylon 5 and Star Trek. However, here is a sneak peek at some concept artwork I've made:


Here's a little bit of information about the game:

The game will be as open ended as possible to allow players to create their own ships and races, or their favorite genre - though at this point it's unlikely I'll have a formal ship construction system.

Ships are free-floating on a table top (though playing on top of a square grid map for visual reference is recommended).

The game uses phased movement (3 phases per game turn) based on an initiative die roll.

Ships have inertia with facing independent of direction of travel.

Range is measured by checking a chart using horizontal (measured by tape measure) and vertical distance (measured by written altitude difference) as reference.

The game uses d6's primarily for damage, d10's for various status checks and defense, and d20's for mostly attacks, initiative and damage hit locations.

Many of the game rules are based on commonly used mechanics and are therefore quick for new players familiar with other games to pick up.

Game tests so far indicate two players will be able to operate 6-8 ships each (plus fighters) for an afternoon's enjoyment. That's 12-16 ships on the board played in 4-8 hours (depending on the skill and speed of the players).

3d line of sight is handled using a simple and quick visual technique - no math involved! Conceptually it might be a little tough to grasp at first however - which is why I'm really focusing on making sure the rules are easily read with lots of examples.

I'm hoping the game will be published by this time next year or at the very latest by next year's Gen Con.

I will have a website set up for further news and development but right now I just have a placeholder at