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GenCon 2000 - Saturday/Sunday

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Part of the display at GeoHex's booth were the new UNSC minis. Here are a few shots of them in case you haven't seen them before.

Back in the Miniatures/Board Game room, there was this large version of a battle in the Aliens universe.


Sean Schoonmaker brought along some of the new minis he had sculpted for Brigade. Here are a couple examples of the Swiss Confederation Strikeboats. (Since then GZG took over these minis and they are the Requin Strikeboat for the FSE


The main thing I did all Saturday was run the 3rd Annual Full Thrust Tourament. Starting at 12 noon, it lasted well past 8:00 PM when it was supposed to end but we did crown a new Grand Admiral.

An early round battle, with (left to right) Hobie, Ocean, Mike and Kevin.

Players chose their minis from what they brought with or from a large assortment that the organizers supplied, which resulted in some interesting battles.


Rick Rutherford brought some fun minis from the old Traveller line. I had not seen this dreadnought before.

Above is a shot of Schoon's FSE minis vs a fleet of Star Frontiers Federation minis. He got a bit excited when he saw the camera and had to wave to everyone.

And then there were 2. The final battle was between Kevin Walker (in white) and Mike Miserendino (in black). Instead of letting them choose their own fleet, the judges chose the same NAC fleet for both of them, and then battle was on.


After a hard fought battle, both finalists shook hands, but only one could win.


Kevin Walker defeated Mike and became the Grand Admiral 2000, here posing with the trophy and gift certificate from GeoHex (thanks KR!).

After much research, the reason for Kevin's tactical brilliance was finally determined, Allan Goodall (everyones favorite Argonaut fan and fellow FT Tourney judge) lives on Kevin's shoulder and gives him tactical advice.


GenCon 2000 - Sunday

A few last shots from GenCon, strolling through the Dealer's Room I saw the following Celebs


Mara Jade (from the Star Wars novels) will swing her lightsaber at you so be nice.


That new Bounty Hunter from the Pod Racing scene in Episode One

Admiral Piet from the original Star Wars Trilogy

Peter Woodward, Galen from the B5 spin-off Crusade

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