Sci-Fi Crossover 2000

"Enter the Executor"





Once again, all  your favorite starships from movies and TV are thrown together in the Sci-Fi Crossover Universe do do battle.  This year, the Star Wars Empire brings the big guns with the Super Star Destroyer, Executor.  This is the 3rd Sci-Fi Crossover game I have run at GenCon.


The Set Up:

The Imperial ships set up on the short end of a long table and their one goal is to get the Executor past the gravity well of the star (off the far edge of the table) so it can go to lightspeed. 

The allied fleets set up on the edges of the other half of the table, and they must stop the Executor.

Full Thrust rules are used with the revisions from Fleet Books 1 and 2.


The Fleets:

The control sheets I created are available for your use, just click on the links to see the gifs.  All I ask is that you keep the blurb on the bottom showing they are a 'Star Ranger' production.


Star Wars Empire

Super Star Destroyer INS Executor - Sections 1-3 
Sections 4-7

Imperial Battlegroup Red Skull - Imperial II Class Star Destroyer INS Stalker

Imperial Battlegroup Fire Storm - Victory II Class Star Destroyers, INS Virulence and INS Vendetta


Babylon 5

Earth Force Strike Group Sigma - Omega Class Destroyer
EAS Acheron

Interstellar Alliance Reaction Group 539-C - Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser EAS Trafalgar and White Stars 14 and 28


Battlestar Galactica


Star Trek (Original Series)

Federation Fleet Alpha - Destroyers, USS Saladin and USS Xerxes, Heavy Cruiser USS Excalibur, and Dreadnought USS Alliance

Federation Fleet Beta - Destroyers, USS Alexander and USS El Cid, Heavy Cruiser USS Exeter, and Battle Tug USS Copernicus


Space: Above and Beyond

U.S.S. Lexington - JFK class SCVN


Star Blazers

Earth Defense Force Battlegroup - Space Battleship Yamato and Space Battlecruiser Hawke


Star Wars Rebels

Rebel Strike Group Vega3 - Mon Calamari MC80 class Cruiser Liberty, Nebulon B Escort Frigate Pulsar and Modified Stock Light Freighter Centennial Osprey

Rebel Battlegroup Deneb7 - Mon Calamari MC90 class Star Cruiser Independence, Corellian Corvettes Gambit and Dagger



The GenCon 2000 Results:

The Imperial ships were rolling and the Executor was moving well with very little damage, when the Captain of the Executor landed all his fighters to re-arm them, even though they still had half their endurance left.  All the allied fighters saw this opening and jumped the Super Star Destroyer, targeting the core section.  This almost killed the massive ship but it hung in there, until the next turn when the Space Battlecruiser Hawke from Star Blazers lined up the shot and hit the Executor with her Wave Motion Cannon (wave gun) which damages all sections of a ship and did enough damage to destroy the core.



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