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GenCon 2001 - Friday

Off to the dealers room again.  AOG was selling a pack of the First Ones and also some Fleet Action minis including the Brikari Avioki.



To the left, Richard Biggs from Babylon 5 and....darn I can't remember her name, I think she played the Narn assistant.




Below, we have a couple babes from Hercules and Xena.  First a couple shots of Aphrodite and then a couple shots of Calista.

(I'll get their names and update the page later)

Booth Babes in leather

Ooooo Chainmail Girl looking at a booth babe.


OK, lets get away from there since it is a silly place.  Off to the miniatures/board gaming room.


To the left, a game of GROPOS with the Minbari tanks attaking.


Below, Ken explaining Delta V (Attack Vector)

The new updated and futuristic game of Risk.



To the right, one of the Evil Polish Brothers demoing JUMP Into the Unknown

A very large game of Settlers of Catan




Left - the Clan Wars Tournament.



 My Sci-Fi Crossover game for 2001 was Asteroid Chase.

The Centennial Osprey is hiding in an asteroid field after taking damage to her communications equipment.  2 fleets converge to be the first ones to find and recover this tramp freighter.

For more pictures and information including control sheets, go to my Sci-Fi Crossover 2001 page





To the right, the Centennial Osprey appears.

Some nice maneuvering on the part of the White Star, right behind the Star Destroyer with their Heavy Beam fully bad the fighters destroyed the White Star out before it could fire.

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