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GenCon 2001 - Saturday

Saturday, off to the gaming room again

Ken Burside had a few prototypes of miniatures for his game Delta V (now called Attack Vector)


Then I was off to run the Full Thrust Tournament

The table of minis


Rick Rutherford planning his next move


The semi-final match-ups



Some Phalons in one of the semi-final games



And the winner was... Carl Scheu once again.  He's been there before.


At the Klingon Jail & Bail, you never know who they will lock up, even Bender from Futurama.


The GI Joe Aliens game was back.

If those Aliens got loose, there was a Predator to track them down

One of the media guests, Marina Sirtis looking very good.  Anyone ever see the movie, The Wicked Lady?     ;-)