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These games were once in development but now are 'lost in the aether' with broken links that used to lead to more information but now they lead nowhere or have just dropped from the face of the internet.




From Stewart Davies


9/12/2001 - I saw Stewart at GenCon again.  Still doing demos and still working on improving the Beta version


9/7/2000 - I was able to catch a bit of a demo on this game.  It is yet another game that started as modifications to Star Fleet Battles that eventually grew into its own game. Currently Star Trek based, it is designed so it could be used in any universe.  Email Stewart for more info on the Beta version that is out.  If you get a Beta version and send him all the problems you find, he will send you a copy of a computer program to design your own ships.  



From Mythic Fox Wargames


2/25/2012 - I see no mention of Aether Lock on the current Mythic Fox website.


6/8/2009 - Aether Lock's website is updated, more info and they are looking for playtesters.

The following are listed as key features of Aether Lock:

Imperfect Information

Ships begin games of Aether Lock as traces, ghosts on the enemy's sensor screens. Your ships hidden from the enemy they won't know what they're fighting until the battle is joined.

It's best to keep a few small ships handy for scouting duties, so you don't run into a nasty ambush and don't forget to use your decoys to trick the enemy into diverting resources away from the body of your fleet.

Combative Initiative

Aether Lock is played in short turns, players move and fight with a fraction of their fleet before using our combative initiative system to decide who goes next.

This way players can take several short turns in a row, but watch out! Taking multiple turns passes important resources to the enemy. So you CAN move your entire fleet in one go but your opponents reply is likely to be much more devastating!

Balanced Fleet Composition

While players are free to compose their fleets as they wish the game is constructed so that a balanced fleet is desirable. As already noted above you won't use your entire fleet each turn just a portion of it.

The bigger the ship the more of your turn it takes up to use. So do you want to use your entire turn up pummelling the enemy with your massive Dreadnought, or would you rather use a handful of Destroyers and Cruisers for a more surgical strike?

Sensors and Targeting

It's not all about having big guns, although those certainly help, it's about finding the enemies fleet and getting locked onto their juicy targets.

You can fire at a ship easily enough, however once you've got a targeting lock on them they're in real trouble. Now all the ships in your fleet can hit them from much further away and much more easily!

And much more...

There's also a complete ship construction system, rules for fighters and other small craft as well as scenarios and much more.


12/17/2008 - An update on Aether Lock from James Doxey at Mythic Fox:

As you covered in July we were scheduled for release late this year or early next. Things have slipped back a little but we feel it is better to take the time to make sure our game is as good as it can be. We've been tweaking the background as well as some of the rules and I'm really excited about what we have to offer;

Engaging game play: Based on our new Combative Initiative System players are kept constantly in the grip of the action. No player is ever move than a minute from an important decision.

Full in-game FTL movement: Aether Lock has been built from the ground up with in game FTL and conventional movement at the heart of it.

Sensors and Targeting: Identify the target, get firing solution and hold onto it. Aether Lock's not just about having the torpedoes, it's about having the targeting locks necessary to hit something with them.

I want to go ahead and blurt out more but I'm saving specifics for Q1 2009 when our website will go live. Plus we do now have a release date in mind for the product, that's contingent on a number of external factors so I'm hesitant to give it out at this stage but I can tell you it ends with a nine!


7/7/2008 - Aether Lock from Mythic Fox is in the works.  They are currently in the fleet design and balancing phase of the development and are hoping for a late 2008 or early 2009 release.

"Man has left his dying cradle.

Centuries ago our last ship, the Astraea leapt into the void. Living in vast floating space Arcs our ancestors scoured the heavens for a new home. Finding nothing they turned upon one another.

The first stellar war consumed billions of souls as mighty Arcs were consumed by flame. After a century of war only a handful of Arcs remained, six forming an alliance against the seventh and banishing it to the edge of known space.

Now a thousand years later with resources dwindling like the life and light of Sol the galaxy is again an uneasy place. The Communion of New Eden and their fanatical devotees seek to break the Six Arc Alliance and claim a patch of sky for themselves.

Have they found a habitable planet?

A place man could again call home?

Welcome to Aether Lock, a new gripping fast paced tactical space combat game. Using our new combative initiative system you're never more than a minute from an important decision. Manage your resources, out think your enemy, don't let the dice do the talking because you make the decisions and your ships and their crew will live and die by them.

In Aether Lock good tactics and bold play will win the day more often than lucky dice rolls."



From Wessex Games


2/25/2012 - I can find no mention of Astronef on the current Wessex Games site and any searches only find mentions in 2009 and before, nothing since then.


2/3/2007 - Astronef is in development by Wessex Games as a Victorian Science Fiction space game as part of their Redcoats on Mars series of games which includes Aeronef (VSF flyer combat), Aquanef (VSF submarine combat), and Land Ironclads (VSF 2mm land combat).  Also Astronef is supposed to be based off an entirely different premise of space combat that Iron Stars, another game of VSF space battles.




9/12/2001 - At GenCon 2001 I did not see these guys.


2/27/2001 - The name of the company has changed from Black Box Games to Dark Corner Games and the website has moved to Lightening is still listed as a GenCon 2001 release.


9/29/2000 - Recently on eBay, a pre-release version of Dark Lightening as a Word 97 file has been up for auction, along with pre-painted plastic minis for the game.  Black Box Games website states Dark Lightening will be released at GenCon 2001.  The game is described as follows in the auctions:


          Dark Lightening is next year's hottest tabletop wargame! It is a fast and furious simulation of starship fighter combat in the 23rd century. It can be played by 2-6 players.

          As one of the co-authors I can tell you that this is the best starship combat game that has ever been created. And you can have a copy of it before it is released to the public.


Dark Lightening includes:

          * a rapid initiative and turn sequence

          * a multitude of options that put you in control of your ship's fate

          * unlimited starship speed

          * unlimited "sliding" tabletop size

          * and of course "Dark Lightening," the frightening new weapon of the 23rd century.



From Rampant Chicken


10/3/2009 - Updated info on Deep Black, still hopefully due in 2009.

Sculpts of the initial ships from the first fleet are done with the rest in the works.  

-The initial fleets are Russian Federation, The Commonwealth, The Nation of Islam, and one other, still to be decided.
- Each fleet has 3 standard ship designs, Battlecruiser, Destroyer, Frigate. Each of those comes in one or more varients.
- A free PDF download will be available of the basic rules with the Advanced rules having full fleetlists for the initial 4 fleets.


2/17/2009 - Coming in 2009 is Deep Black:

Mankind has rekindled its links to the past and old rivalries and wars begin anew billions of miles from where they once fought. Welcome to Deep Black, a table top miniatures space combat game set in a distant future.

Key Features

* D10 and points based 
* Customizable ship stats with fully scaled models cast in resin 
* Simple inertia based movement and turns 
* Full ECM and ECCM 
* Capitol ships, fighters, bombers and Wild Weasels 
* Full fleets and backgrounds for several major forces 
* Rules for Skirmishes, and optional rules for large fleet scale battles.



From Zac Soden


8/9/2003 - Deep Space Warfleet is the latest version of BattleSpace Fleet Command, a name change was decided upon due to a another game had a similar name and this version is radically different to Fleet Command.

Starship fleets are constructed from plastic building bricks such at LEGO but at a much smaller scale than usual, allowing massive space vessels to be represented by models less than 25cm in length.

If you would like to help playtest this new version, contact Zac Sodoen at for more information.  Please enquire only if you are serious about playtesting and giving feedback.



From Vandering Publications


11/2/2007 - The URL above for Vandering Publications is no longer active


7/7/2002 - I had heard of a new game in the works called DTS so I went to the DTS Webpage and emailed the company for more information and here are a few things I found out from Martin Bourne of Vandering:

DTS (dramatic tactical system) is a simple, fast play wargames rules concept that was originally used for spacegaming, but WWII naval, pre-dreadnought naval, American Civil war land (??) versions
have all appeared.

The DTS project has rather stalled recently owing to other projects, but the basic system is still around and reasonably far developed.

We find that two players can comfortably finish a game in 2-3 hours with about 7-10 ships a side.  Games can be quite even in that even winning positions tend to collapse very quickly.  The scale is one to one (tactical ship combat) and is in 2D.


From Decipher


2/19/2003 - Matt Colville posted the following info on the message board:

"I designed an initial draft of Engage for Decipher, we did some preliminary research on how to get minis done, but the game is now on the back burner."


5/24/2002 - Some more info on Engage! was posted on the forums by Matt Colville on 4/22, he was the designer of Red Alert! the Star Trek disk game from LUG:

I'm Mr. Starship Combat right now. I did the rules in the Players Guide with help from the Mighty Modron-Mounted Mad Monk Mappin and am working on Engage! which hereafter I shall be referred to by me as Engage since I'm sick of working on games with exclamation points at the end.

Little story; with Engage I was pretty stoked at being given the chance to make the definitive Star Trek minis game for the next 20 years. A chance to update one of the most popular sci-fi battles franchsises, get people to stop associating Star Trek Space Combat with Starfleet Battles, and really make something new and cool.

But, in the end, my proposed design had little innovation. Hard to invent totally new ideas in this industry. I thought my initiative system was pretty cool, but then someone reminded me of where I'd seen it before and I thought 'oh yeah.' If you've played. . .let's see. . .Silent Death, Red Alert (the disk game) and the starship combat rules from the RPG then you'll recognize most of this stuff. It is skill based so you will be able to use your actual ship from your RPG session, though basically all the main characters only contribute one skill, so it's not an RPG solution.

Our current model is; if you want an RPG solution, we've provided one. Lots of support coming its way from the Starships book and, I think, the Operations Manual. If you want a tactical game, we're doing Engage.

Engage is a long term project. It'll take almost a year to complete and right now I'm working on the Two Towers Adventure Game for Lord of the Ring (it has mass combat rules in it!) So while Engage is important to me, at this early stage it's not my highest priority. I say that as a preemptive strike against the slew of questions that may arise. I have the basic design of the game, and we may start playtesting soon.


5/17/2001- Engage! lives on!  According to the editorial article Boldly Going: The New Star Trek RPG posted on about Decipher's plans for the Star Trek RPG and related product, the following information was included that us space gamers would be interested in:

          "Another new design decision will be a starship book for each faction, again covering all four properties. So, instead of searching through multiple books for a Federation starship, you'll be able to find it in one comprehensive resource.

          Miniatures are also part of the equation, and the often mentioned, but never-seen starship tactical miniatures game, "Engage!" will see the light of day -- and quickly. At this time many aspects of miniature development are still unknown, but both character and starship miniatures are planned, handled by a third party with experience, likely."


The RPG itself could be out by GenCon (August 2001) and some talk on the's message boards indicated that the first of the starship books might be out by late 2001 plus it looks like these books will be landscape oriented with at least 3 view pictures and histories for all of the ships.


8/18/2000 - The Star Trek license has changed hands, how this will effect Engage! is unknown but
's press release specifically mentions miniatures and miniature games.  The whole press release is in the Other News page.


11/18/99 - Download the Spacedock playtest application/NDA from LUG's web page (under the Game Support link).  Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader (4.0) since I did not and had trouble reading the pdf with 3.0.  The application has to be sent in by November 24th so hurry!


When I talked to people at the LUG booth at GenCon, they say this new set of tactical rules in the Star Trek universe would be out in 1999, but I don't think a firm date has been set yet.   Still little word on this one.  Their web page has no listing for Engage! but under their Star Trek Crossovers line they do mention
Spacedock: The Starfleet Starship Construction Manual, Vol. 1,ST: Crossovers - Sourcebook, Page Count: 128 pages Format: 8.5" by 11", two color, soft cover. 


Please note that Spacedock is a supplement for the RPG on starship construction and combat and is not directly connected to Engage! though they will probably be highly compatable.  For those of you who want all the little details on the ships, this is a must buy.  I mention Spaceock here because it is close to
and there is little information about Engage! available at this time.


At least 2 packs of starship miniatures were on their schedule, one Federation and one Romulan.


6/30/2007 - Mariner Games is no more and the rights to Squadron Commander have been sold to Brigade Models who will be producing their own version of the game with their own background.  No word on the future of Fleet Commander.


9/16/2002 - More playtesting for Fleet Commander:

I just wanted to update everyone on our Fleet Commander project. Work is progressing very well. Fleet Commander is now a game. We are playtesting right now. Writing the rules will begin in a couple weeks.

    Here are the basics about the game: 

* The detail level falls between Star Fleet Battles and Full Thrust. 

* Power is allocated to individual ships. 

* Combat is sublight. (Though there may later be FTL combat rules) 

* Ships sensors play a significant role. 

* There will be a starship construction and weapon construction system. 

* There will be fleet level rules allowing large numbers of ships to be used in battle. 

* The game is fast paced. Duals between two cruisers can be finished in about 30 minutes if it s a good game.

Now that we have a game in playtesting I will be making more frequent posts about its progress. 

Thank You, 

Patrick Doyle


4/24/2001 - Updated news from Mariner Games:

          Yes, we are still alive here at Mariner Games!   The Fleet Commander 3600 rules have been completed and are undergoing our in-house playtesting.  Check back next month for some updates and information on the game system.

          Balkans Air War is slowly progressing, but most of the Mariner Games effort is going towards FC3600.


7/12/2000 - News just in from Mariner Games, publishers of the Starfighter game Squadron Commander 3600:

          Mariner Games is pleased to announce that Fleet Commander 3600 (FC3600) is well on its way to being ready for play testing.  FC3600 is a fleet-level simulation in the Squadron Commander 3600 (SC3600) universe.  But more than just another gaming universe with a quick-playing rules-set FC3600 is as customizable as SC3600, allowing players to adapt the rules to the sci-fi universe of their choice. Patrick Doyle, chief designer of SC3600 is heading up the design of FC3600.


I.S.O.S LogoFrom Azure Dragon Games


12/10/2004 - Some updates on ISOS were posted on their website on 8/12/04:

After some minor playtesting and a great deal of re-thinking, the Sigmaverse! concept has been totally dropped. Darkness & Aether is still in the mix and the new future space combat setting is called: Legacy of Earth. Legacy of Earth focuses on our local part of the galaxy as Man fights Man. Eventually, someday Mankind might find an alien life form, but that is far in the future. For now the forces of Mankind do battle among themselves, seeking to become the dominant state.

Along with the changes in setting, the decision has been made to jettison the D20 mechanics as it were. Although I think it is possible to create a nice and sophisticated D20/OGL space combat system, I would prefer to try and do things with the game that I just do not believe are congruant with a D20/OGL mechanic. Other then Battlefyre and the use of 2d10, nothing much is ready to be revealed about the system.


12/12/2003 - A list of the factions for ISOS is now posted. A larger update and playtest pack are on the way.


8/5/2003 - Sean Hillman writes to let me know about an upcoming game, In the Shadow of Stars.  It is due later in 2003 and here are some development notes on the game:

- Basic System: A derivation of the D20 RPG system, applied to Fleet Combat.

- Scale: 1 Hex = 200km; 1 Counter = 1 Ship or Flight of smaller craft; Fleet sizes can range from 1 to 50 ships per side!

- The playing surface will be square grid using 1” size. Square playing pieces are included. Right now there are no plans for Miniature support though this will hopefully change. Players can use Miniatures from other games.

- Ships will lose base abilities as they take damage. Depending on their size and generator, a ship may be able to use some or all of its weapons and special abilities in a given turn.

- Will be compatible with D20 RPGs so that characters can take part in battles. Will include 2 Prestige classes!

- Comes with two intrinsic and evolving Settings: One far future and one Space / Steampunk

- Pseudo Historical Tech Tree for both Settings

- Full Tactical Game and Ship construction rules for non-historical campaigns.

- Will be supported by Rules for Operation and Strategic campaigns. (Later Product / Online Support).



Interstellar WarfareFrom Digital Alchemy


"Interstellar Warfare brings the simplicity and flexibility of cards to the realm of tactical space combat games allowing players to easily design ships, manage power, record damage and more without ever putting pen to paper or using complicated math. Players simply select ship hull panels and add ship system cards to design new warships. Construct warships to fill various roles within your fleet and send them into battle to devastate your enemies."


5/5/2012 - Digital Alchemy emailed SCN with an update on their products and they indicated: "Interstellar Warfare ended up being canceled back in 2007, production of its components became prohibitively restrictive. It has been removed from our new website"


2/25/2012 - No changes on the Digital Alchemy website that still says this game is due out in 2007.


6/6/2007 - The 'Latest News' on the Digital Alchemy page states:

"Due to various delays in production the release of Interstellar Warfare has been delayed.  More news to come."


5/22/2007 - When asking about DA's new game Firing Solution, they gave this update on Interstellar Warfare:

"Interstellar Warfare met with a number of production issues due to the components that have delayed the project. At this point we don't have a specific release date yet... although it will likely be released as a PDF product before the boxed edition."


11/14/2006 - News from Digital Alchemy:

The deafening quiet about Interstellar Warfare has finally lifted... due to production schedules and quite a few game play enhancements that came out of playtest we have pushed back the release of Interstellar Warfare until February. The big news is that the game now has 3D movement and firing arcs and that the MSRP has been lowered to $34.95.

The Reinforcements supplement is now set for a March 2007 release.

The following additional information has been posted on the Digital Alchemy site about Interstellar Warfare:


Space is a three dimensional environment but is rarely treated as such in space games due to the complexity involved.  Interstellar Warfare changes all that by providing simple playable rules for 3D movement and weapons fire without vectors, tables or complicated math. Optional 2D rules are included for those who prefer two dimensional thinking.


Interstellar Warfare movement is Inertia based so ships continue to travel at their current speed and heading until power is applied to the engines to perform maneuvers. Ships may increase/decrease speed, turn, roll, change altitude and more.


Ships are constructed by selecting a ship panel such as a destroyer or battlecruiser and combining it with weapon and equipment cards. Each ship panel specifies how much space it has for ship systems and all weapon and equipment cards list their required space. Simply fill a ship with weapons and equipment up to its space limit to create a new ship. Ship panels have all necessary power, speed, altitude, damage and roll indicators to track a ships status during the game.


Weapons are defined by their Firing Arc (Fore, Aft, Broadside, Turret), Mount (Dorsal, Ventral, Spinal),

Short/Medium/Long Range, Damage, Power & Space Requirements and Special Abilities. A Weapons mount may limit its ability to fire at targets of differing altitudes.


Point Defense Systems, Stealth Hulls, Reactors, Armor and other special equipment may be added to ships making them more suitable for their intended role within a fleet.


Interstellar Warfare’s 3D battlefield provides unique tactical challenges. Due to bulk and available power larger vessels tend to stay close to the galactic plane while smaller vessels frequently move above or below them keeping out of reach of their deadly spinal weapons. Fleets consist of large warships with long range weaponry and a host of smaller vessels to screen the fleet against attackers and maneuver into their opponents blind spots.


9/18/2006 - The release of Interstellar Warfare is still a month away in October but the first supplement, Reinforcements, is set for a November 2006 release.  It will feature  additional new and existing ship panels, and ship system cards allowing for larger and more varied fleets to be created, as well as new installation panels to fortify your territory.


6/26/2006 - Dan from Digital Alchemy gives me this information about their forthcoming game, Interstellar Warfare:

Interstellar Warfare is a tactical space combat game played out on a hex map. Players build ships by selecting ship panels and adding system cards to create unique ship designs. All ship abilities, power allocation and damage are tracked on the cards allowing players to build fleets and send them into battle without ever running to a photo copier or using pencil & paper. Movement is inertia based and in 3d without vectors or other pesky math. The boxed set will include everything needed for play, 20+ ship panels, 100+ ship system cards, hex map, rulebook, counter sheet, and damage/power markers. All cards and ship panels include full color artwork.

Interstellar Warfare will be shipping mid/late September and will be available via distribution and from our site. The website contains some information about IW including some art, but alot more will be coming between now and release.




2/25/2012 - The blog site above is no longer active and another site from 2009 is still there but has little information and no updates.


7//12/2009 - A new game in the works:

"Legions In The Heavens Enduring, or LITHE, is a MASS scale spacefleet combat game currently being designed to handle more than a hundred ships on the table at once.

It's focus will be on the five main ship classes it specifies which will break down into your, Small Craft (Class 0), Frigates (Class 1), Destroyers (Class 2), Battleships and Fleet-Carriers (Class 3), and Megaships (Class 4).

Other main focuses of the game will be Communication and Battlegroup Tactics."




11/2/2007 - Phoenix Horizons has been delayed indefinitely to some issues the cropped up, plus their control of their domain name has expired.


4/22/2007 - Damage Control Games has announced their new game, Phoenix Horizons due out in 2007 along with miniatures.

...we are announcing at GAMA the release of a new miniatures line for our first offering, Phoenix Horizons – A Game of Explosive Interstellar Combat. The first wave of the game will feature four Fleet Boxes, one for each of four fleets within the game. These will be available for sale at GENCON Indy and with a little luck we will get picked up by a distributor at GAMA so they will be available at your local game stores. The Fleet Boxes will be available plus up to 13 warships in total per faction being released in the 10 months following. The full size color rule book, Phoenix Horizons: From The Ashes, will hit the streets in early November, just in time for the holidays. The book will have all the rules, stories on the characters, ships, and the Rogues that support them. The book will also contain a hobby section for painting and terrain tips suited specifically for a space combat game.

More information can be found on DCG's Forums.  A set of free Quickstart Rules is available for download.

DCG had purchased the Cold Navy line of miniature but has decided not use use them as they do not fit into the universe they were trying to build.

Commonwealth of Braagha minis, the Doon class Frigate, the Thorn class Destroyer, and the Lion class Cruiser

Doon class Frigate (50mm)

Thorn class Destroyer (65mm)

Lion class Cruiser (75mm)



From LPK Design


9/22/2004 - I contacted Max about the current status of Project Utukku and he replied:

"Project Utukku is in current development with the development version of rules now including background material on the races the technology descriptions have been fully expanded new rules for :
orders and experience system
electronic warfare and detection ( mostly finished)
Ramming ( this one is a real pain in a vector system and awaiting completion!)
New ship designs are in progress with details on UTC( humans) and femurac ( an ape like race) in current development
With all the projects I'm holding off on release until I'm fully happy with the new versions."

10/11/2002 - Max announces that Project Utukku playtest rules are now available at: on the products page.

Features include:
Vector movement ( with some features never before seen)
comprehensive yet simple damage system, able to reflect the differenced between explosive and focused damage (ie lasers) you can literally slice a ship apart.
Rate of fire mechanic for energy weapons based on available power.

Price $5 ( 22 pages plus control sheets and sample ships)

9/19/2001 - I got word  from Max that they are looking for artists to do aliens, architecture, and general concept design work.  If you have the skills and are interested in contributing to Project Utukku, go to LPK Design's website for contact information.


3/19/2001 - A new Desktop image is available for download and more are planned.


3/13/2001 - Max Blagg announces a new space battle game is in development and they need playtesters and contributors for the background, see their website for details.

The basic engine of the game system will be generic. It will include:-

          1.) Maneuver. vector based. (and simple too!) (NB the mechanics for reactionless drives will be in there)

          2.) Detection, sensors and ew

          3.) Combat, weapons etc.. (naturally)

          4.) Ship construction . One of the largest sections of the rules. This should allow you to design a ship any way you want (also tanks, planes etc..) to any level of detail that you could want all in one logical system, by changing the data tables that come with the system you should be able to tailor the system to anything you want.

          5.) Fleet scale conversion rules, a full fleet scale based game, yes the large fleet scale game rules are included in the basic package.

          6.) Campaign scale options (logistics costs will be defined in ship construction) , integral campaign system, again presented in the basic package

          7.) Ground forces scale integration.

It will be sumptuously illustrated with explanatory diagrams , illustrations of the ships, detail views of the weapon systems, and maps.

Illustrations of some the ships are available on the website.  Max's computer artwork has been used buy
Agents of Gaming
in their Babylon 5 Wars and Fleet Action products.



From Dream Pod 9


8/5/2003 - I talked with some guys at DP9 at GenCon.  Spin It is delayed indefinitely.  To get a decent price they need to print a whole bunch of these games, but their current sales projections are not high enough and they don't want to store thousands of these games.  Their hope is if a major retailer would pick it up so they sell lots more initially.  Until then, we wait and hope.


1/19/2003 - DP9's January info fax includes Spin-It Space Battle, but then it states that the release of this product has been pushed back to later in 2003.


10/22/2002 - Another delay to January 2003.  DP9's October 17th info fax includes Spin-It as a January 13th release and states it was delayed from November and the price increased to $29.95us/$39.95can


8/31/2002 - In DP9's August 20th info fax, it states "Due to unexpected delays the release of the Spin-It Spacebattle boardgame has been pushed back to October" and later it gives a date of October 11th.


7/5/2002 - In DP9's June info fax, it now lists Spin It as a September 6th release.


5/24/2002 - When checking DP9's monthly information fax available online, I found the following information on Spin It: Space Battles, due to ship on July 26th:

This is the first release in Dream Pod 9’s new boardgame line!  Spin It™ is an innovative concept of quick-to-play, family-oriented games. This installment pits daring space pilots against one another in lightning-fast space battles. Allocate energy, take a gamble with death-defying maneuvers and use special powers to triumph over your opponents! Everything you need to play (board, game pieces, notepads, randomizer, etc.) is included in the box — it’s an excellent introduction to tabletop gaming. For 2 to 8 players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-700, Spin It Space Battle Boardgame, $24.95us/$29.95can



From Columbia Games


9/4/2002 - The status of Star Kings was asked in Columbia Games Forum and the reply was:

"'Star Kings' is delayed. We are not happy with the strategic depth the current game has - fun for awhile, but... I doubt it will be ready this year."

3/29/2002- Tom Granvold (of Tom's Spaceship Miniatures/Game Lists) just sent me the following info from Columbia Games newsletter:

Columbia Games took a week off to attend the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas. The event was productive and fun and we made many new contacts. We premiered a sneak-peak off a new game in development called Star Kings where human and alien fleets battle for control of resource planets and bases. Star Kings uses a game system adapted from Wizard Kings. Expected for release this Summer. Sneak-Preview coming to the website soon.

SCN will let you know when their preview is up.




4/11/2001 - I received the following information from Eric Smith, Marketing Director for FASA Corporation:

"I have obtained from FASA Corp. the license to the Game Mechanics for the old ST: Tactical game and the entire line of products associated with ST including the RPG. While I cannot use the Star Trek name as that and the information contained in are the property of Paramount. The Game Mechanics are the property of FASA Corp. I plan to relaunch the system in a space based universe and look forward to doing so in the next year or so."


So it looks like a familiar game will be back but in a new universe.  Eric plans to have a web page up in a few months with more info including contact information and when I have that info, it will be posted here.




From DGA Games 


2/25/2012 - No updates to the site about this game or any others since 2007.


11/2/2007 - DGA Games will be releasing Trader Captains of the Cloud, a tactical universal starship combat game for The Great War of Magellan universe created by Richard Hatch (Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica).  DGA Games has already released an RPG for this universe and when I asked them at GenCon about the starship combat game that was coming soon, they said they planed to release it by the end of 2007.

A trailer was produced for The Great War of Magellan and you may have seen it at a science fiction convention.  It is available online here



From VBAM Games


2/25/2012 - No update for years on developing their own system.


10/18/2003 - VBAM (Victory By Any Means) is a campaign game in the works where you can play an entire race (not just a ship or fleet) and conduct an entire war one step at a time.

The developers VBAM have announced their new space combat system. The VBAM: Tactical System will be based on vector movement, realistic damage, and fully integrated with their Campaign Guide. In addition, they are also planning an addition to their site to highlight the details of both games in the near future.

More info when it is available.