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Squadron Commander 3600 is a board game of space fighter combat played on a hex map.  Players can use the fighters included in the rules or build their own with the very well done design system. In addition, players can form squadrons and link together battles with the campaign rules.

Brigade Models makes an official line of fighter miniatures for SC3600 but counters are included in the game.  Brigade is also the European distributor for SC3600.


An updated Squadron Commander: Reheat is now available.

7/21/2008 - I moved SC3600 to OOP Shelf status.  When Brigade releases an updated version it will get its own page with a link back here for historical purposes.


6/30/2007 - A big announcement from Brigade Models:

We have acquired the Squadron Commander 3600 rules from the now-defunct Mariner Games. This deal didn't include the rights to the designs and background, but we figured that we had a decent background to our existing ranges so it didn't require a great leap of imagination to port the game into the Iron Cow / Starmada universe. This of course requires new models and what we have here is your first look at the initial batch.

The models are 1/300th (6mm) scale so they have an intended dual purpose as air support for the Iron Cow range as well. This makes them quite a decent size, 40-50mm in length. So far there are four finished designs that have been cast, all will be recognizable to followers of our Starmada fleets with more on the way.

Eagle class Interceptor (AmRep)

Raptor class Assault fighter (AmRep)

Wusheng class fighter (CDSU)

Zhengsheng class Attack fighter

The designs aren't precise scale-ups of the 'fleet' scale models - in most cases simply multiplying all of the dimensions by a fixed constant produced some very clunky looking results, so I've had to apply some artistic license to tweak the proportions. Some have obviously changed quite a bit (the Eagle's swept wings for example) and we'll be feeding this back into the smaller scale models by redesigning those to match. The missile pods on the Raptor are retractable pods and are cast separately, the model will come complete with open and closed versions.

The painted examples have custom decals by John Lerchey at Decals Express ( and we plan to offer those along with the models.

The SC3600 rulebook is long since out of print, we haven't had any copies for ages, so we'll be printing an all-new edition with amended rules (but not much - they're pretty solid as they are) under the new title of Squadron Commander:Reheat. This, more than the models, is what will take us time as it will be our first self-published set of rules and we want to get it right. The current target is a late autumn release for the new rulebook along with an initial set of 16 fighter models plus accessories (decals, underwing stores etc) but I can't be any more precise than that as to date just yet.

The rulebook will be a good quality, A4 softcover with (hopefully) full colour throughout. We have a friend, Dave Shillito, beavering away doing some very nice CGI artwork for the book. No idea on pricing just yet, I'd hope for somewhere in the 12-15 range but that will probably depend on how many copies we can initially afford to print. We haven't attempted to price the models yet either.

OK, that's it for now (isn't that enough !?). More news and more pictures as and when ...


1/24/2007 - In an updated to the discussion in the Brigade Models forums detailed below, Tony of Brigade now states:

Things got a bit stalled by our rather over-busy summers so it's all still rather 'in the pipeline' with no fixed end date. The one solid bit of news is that we have bought the rights to the rules from Mariner so it's all in our court now.


2/26/2006 - Just an update on the status of SC3600.  A question was asked about this game on the Brigade Models Forums, the response was that the designers are still in active military service and deployed right now.  But Brigade thinks they have solution and they should have more information later this year.


7/24/2001 - A July update of SC3600 and FC3600 from Doug Glover:

What a busy month!

  Pat and I have been trying to cram a lot of Mariner Games' work into what little free time both of us have!  Work on Fleet Commander is coming along, and I had my first chance to play with the revised rules a few weeks ago.  I like the speed of the new system since Pat streamlined the rules (we felt the previous system, while fun, was way too slow).  Of course the result of our playtesting was yet MORE rules changes and new ideas to implement, so we are still a long way from a finished product.  The good news is, we are MUCH closer to a product ready for playtest!  We will post a message on this board when we are ready to take applicants for playtesting FC3600, but feel free to indicate your interest early by dropping us a line now!

  The 2nd Ed. of Squadron Commander 3600 has become a Pandora's Box since we began the re-write!  The good news is that the Basic and Advanced rules will actually be separate sections of the book, along with a whole slew of new optional rules to add detail to your battles.  The BAD news is that with any re-write there is temptation to make MAJOR changes!  Pat, Mike and I are wrangling with some of those issues now, and trying to determine the impact that they will have on the present version of SC3600.  Our goal is to have a game that is compatible with FC3600, without changing the basic "feel" of SC3600.  Some of the possible modifications are listed below:

          1.  Movement on a 3-4 phase system instead of pilot-skill based.

          2.  Improved detail in Sensor rules. (power vs. range, etc.)

          3.  Simplified damage system.

          4.  Tweaked Strengths and Weaknesses. (consequences for BOTH Tactical and Campaign games)

          5.  Acceleration-based movement system without maximum speeds.

Let us know what areas you think could use some improvement, we are always looking for feedback!


6/17/2001 - More info on the Squadron Commander 3600 V2.0:

"A change in publishing programs and an upgrade in our printer's capability has caused us to have to re-vamp almost every component of the game, but the good news it.... I think you will be pleased with the increase in quality of the Second Edition!"

Other changes for the second edition include:

          1)  More fighters for the game

          2)  Expanded background for Pirate Cartels

          3)  New scenarios introducing the Pirate Cartels

          4)  Asteriods, Planets and other terrain for SC3600

          5)  More Concept art... and more art... and yet MORE art!


4/24/2001 - More news from Mariner Games:

          Yes, we are still alive here at Mariner Games!   The Fleet Commander 3600 rules have been completed and are undergoing our in-house playtesting.  Check back next month for some updates and information on the game system.

          Balkans Air War is slowly progressing, but most of the Mariner Games effort is going towards FC3600.

Also they have created Mariner Games Yahoo Group to help keep their fans updated, and mentioned in the welcome message is a real big hint that a 2nd edition of Squadron Commander 3600 is on the way and to send them your thoughts on changes and possible improvements.


7/12/2000 - News from Mariner Games:

          Mariner Games is pleased to announce that Fleet Commander 3600 (FC3600) is well on its way to being ready for play testing.  FC3600 is a fleet-level simulation in the Squadron Commander 3600 (SC3600) universe.  But more than just another gaming universe with a quick-playing rules-set FC3600 is as customizable as SC3600, allowing players to adapt the rules to the sci-fi universe of their choice. Patrick Doyle, chief designer of SC3600 is heading up the design of FC3600.

          Additionally, Mariner Games continues to add optional rules to Squadron Commander 3600.  Newly revised rules for starship turrets have been posted online in the SC3600 section of Mariner Games' website:

          Mariner Games is now also able to offer accept credit card sales directly from their website due to a partnership with CCNOW (  This partnership allows you to pay for your order from Mariner Games with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express, without having to work your way through unwieldy screens and set up user accounts at another website.

          For more information, visit the Mariner Games website at: or contact the Mariner Games Staff at:


4/15/2000 - Rules updates from Mariner Games:

Attention SC3600 fans,

          Yes, we have finally posted some more rules updates on our website.  The Morale rules have been finished and posted, along with the first installment of rules for integrating starships into SC3600. Rules for starship turrets are online, with the Armor and Structure rules soon to follow.  Drop by and check out the updates, play them, and give us feedback!


3/14/2000 - Mariner Games now accepts credit cards!

          Mariner Games is now accepting credit card orders through's zShops.  You can access the Mariner Games listing at:

          Click on our "View open zShop listings" to display what products are available and in stock.  At present, only the Squadron Commander 3600 rules-set is available, but SC3600 countersheets and maps will soon be available.

          --Doug Glover

Also new info on the starship rules from their Forum:

Okay, okay, so I promised you the Morale Rules in March!  Well, they are still a ways from being done!  As usual, I have let my fun day job get in the way of this business. I have reduced the number of weekend cross-country flights I take just so I can devote some more time to SC3600 and the other projects in the works. (I hope you're satisfied...) Work on the modern airpower game has come to a halt until the first of April due to the positive feedback asking for starship rules for SC3600. The first step in the integration of ships to SC3600 is underway with rules for ship structure, armor and weapons.  This will at least allow you to have some new targets for your Assault fighters!  Soon afterward, we should be releasing rules for launching and recovering fighters, along with Electronic Warfare for starships.  Thanks for the support over the last few months, the e-mail is appreciated!

          Douglas Glover


2/16/2000 - The latest news from the Forum on Mariner's Website:

          As usual, I had less free time on deployment than I thought I would!  In other words, some of our Mariner Games projects have slid a month or two.  The good news is that Pat was busy working while I was flying in Yuma.  Pat did a lot more work on the starship rules for Squadron Commander 3600, before dropping the semi-finished product in my e-mail the other day!  The project is a lot farther along than I had expected (that's what happens when you are out of contact for a month!) and I think you'll be pleased with the rules.

          Unfortunately the new rule system does not mesh in with Squadron Commander 3600, but rather it is spaceship combat inm the SC3600 universe.  Pat and I have gone back to the drawing board to integrate starships into SC3600 on a small scale, while still working on his new rules for large fleet-level combat.  More updates will follow, as soon as I can clear the huge pile of work off of my desk here!

          Douglas Glover


11/14/99 - I finally got the URL of Mariner Games new website ( so I can include this game.