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Here are some pictures of my miniatures.  This page may take a while to load so please be patient.  Click on the pictures for the larger versions of each picture


Kenner's Collector's Fleet Super Star Destroyer. Hard to find unless you want to pay eBay prices. It is in scale with the Micro Machine Star Destroyers and it made an appearance in Sci-Fi Crossover 2000.

When you have a Star Destroyer you need Tie Fighters. Sorry, these Tie Fighter minis are no longer available. To base my fighters, I use a 1 inch wooden disc with a 1 inch fender washer on the bottom (I have magnetic tape on the bottom of the storage box so with the washer, the bases don't move around) and earring posts to mount the fighters on after using a pin vice to drill a small hole in the bottom of the fighters.


One of the Battlestar minis from Comet, hard to find, (check out Future Legend for their version) along with some appropriate fighter minis (those are no longer available but GZG's New Israeli Fighter is a close match).

An Ark Royal carrier made by Stellardyne (no longer available) , I use it as a SCVN from Space: Above and Beyond

And some USMC Hammer fighters from Ground Zero Games

Some Babylon 5 Wars Earthforce minis from Agents of Gaming with decals that really make these minis from Griffon Games (formerly Tangents)

Some more fighter minis from Ground Zero Games, Star Tigers and Star Sabers.


Some "White Dwarf" minis from Studio Bergstrom

Examples of my Rebel Fleet minis from Sci-Fi Crossover. The Mon Calamari cruisers are micro machines but the fighters are no longer available.  GZG's new NAC Fighters will work for X-Wings and Y-Wings though.


More out of production but familiar looking minis, but this time a bit larger craft, though they still are are in nice scale to the micro machine Mon Cal cruisers.  Odyssey Slipways makes Blockade Runners and Nebulon B Frigates in the same scale.

The Rebel Cruiser from SW Episode 1. Revell/Monogram does a small snap together version of this ship, pre-painted and everything. Just a brown wash to bring out the panel lines and then a clear coat gives you a nice mini.
My fleet of Altaran minis from Kallistra. Click on the pic to see close-ups of each mini plus Full Thrust stats for these ships as a Kra'Vak clan.