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Space Dreadnought 3000
is a fleet battle game from Kallistra Ltd in the UK.  The game book is very well done with a full color glossy cover and some color pages in the middle.  The rest of the book is crisp black and white, similar to the Full Thrust rulebooks. 

The game
SD3000 is a bit different than most current games.  Ships are grouped into fleets which move together between strategic hexes within a system.  When opposing fleets are in the same hex they battle.  There is no movement in battle, each ships declares its actions as defensive or offensive and its target.  A d12 is rolled and referenced to the offensive table of the firing ship.  The resulting value is then compared to the target's defensive value (which is reduced if the target ship is also taking offensive action). Combat may last several rounds until one side is destroyed or withdraws.

I got my copy from
P O P Enterprises, they take credit cards and ship very quickly.


The miniatures for SD3000 used to be produced by Pendraken Figures and I got a bunch from them.  Prices are up a bit but the fleet packs are still a good deal. Kallistra's website has some pictures so you can get an idea what they look like.


6/14/2002 - Kallistra just released a second Space Station miniature, but this time its Organic... (Thanks again to David London for dropping me a note informing me of the release.)



3/18/2002 - Kallistra releases a new Space Station miniature in their Space Dreadnought 3000 line. It has 10 parts and is about 3.5 inches across.  Thanks to David London for alerting me to this new release.


7/24/2001 - Kallistra releases new Space Dreadnought 3000 ship miniatures, the Organic Pirate Fighter Base Ship along with Organic Pirate Fighter Swarms.



12/28/99 - The Miniatures Page has a review of the Organic Pirate ships up with lots of pictures (here) TMP also has an detailed revew of SD3000 you can also take a look at.


11/13/99 - A range of Organic Pirate Ship miniatures has been released.  Pictures are available at Kallistra's website.