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Thursday for me starts off at the dealers room when it opens at 10:00 so I can see all the neat new stuff

Captain Panaka from Star Wars Episode 1 was there

So was Lou Ferrigno, the Incredible Hulk himself

And Lara Croft, video games come to life



Booth Babes are in their natural habitat at GenCon

Fasa's new game Vor was on display along with its miniatures



Now off to the miniatures games located at Bruce Hall Arena


In Mark Siefert's Galactic Demo Derby game, Schoon connects with a wave gun


A line of tanks in the Slammers vs Falkenberg Dirtside game



A couple of shots from Allan's Plasma Ambush Stargrunt game



Tom Pope's Stargrunt game. I love the escape pod he made for this one


A Full Thrust demo game called "Helm, Vectored Thrust!" that Schoon stepped in and ran at the last minute. Allan brought the swizzle sticks to indicate vectors and they worked great. Schoon brought the planet and moons along with the gravity well.


A nicely painted Sharlin from the B5 Wars Tournament

A large game of Silent Death put on by the Red Shirts


A very nice game board with a Jupiter 2 crashed in the middle.

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