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Friday was a long day for me. I stayed in the miniatures area the whole day, starting off by running a Full Thrust demo game of Helm, Vectored Thrust!


Mike Miserendino ran a Battlestar Galactica based Full Thrust game. There is a big dogfight on the left and a line of Battlestars on the right


Some powered armor advances in a Stargrunt game


Here are a couple of shots from Mark Siefert's Severed Dreams game. The items on the bottom of the picture on the right are the jump gates.


Sci-Fi Crossover
This was my big event of the con. All of your favorite universes all on one big battle. 


The Star Destroyers of the evil Empire (both Imperial and Victory class ships)


Opposing the Star Destroyers we have Earthforce ships from Babylon 5 including some White Stars

A large fleet from the United Federation of Planets


And finally a SCVN from Space: Above and Beyond and a Battlestar


The allied fleets move to take on the Star Destroyers

Swarms of fighters attack a large Imperial class Star Destroyer even though they have to fly though a thick screen of Tie fighters

The Federation ships fly through the Star Destroyer's formation as the other ships now attack from close range

Several Star Destroyers have now been lost and the Empire tries to escape with the remaining Star Destroyers


In the end, no Star Destroyers escaped. In 1998, the Star Destroyers won an easy victory. In 2000, they may bring along a Super sized friend...

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