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My Saturday started real early. I was the first one in the arena that morning


The Full Thrust Tournament started at 8:00am. I took a bunch of the pictures of the Tourney so it gets its own page. Full Thrust Tournament


Right next to the GeoHex sponsored tables, they had a very nice set up for a Warhammer D-Day game



Here are some shots of the Ogre Macrotures game. That is Mark Siefert with the hat in the bottom left picture

I was able to get away from the arena for a while and got some pics of Julie Catlin Brown (Na'Toth on B5) and Walter Koenig sign autographs in the dealers room.

Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax on DS9) answers questions at a celebrity forum


Then it was back again to the arena for more minatures games



A couple of shots from Bryan Miller's Dirtside game, Battletech vs Warhammer


Allan's Stargrunt game Enemy Mine using GeoHex's Cavernscape terrain

My final game of the night was the Full Thrust racing game using vector movement, The Galactic 500. It did not turn out quite like I had planned but in the end everyone had fun and laughed a lot.

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