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GenCon 2000 - Thursday
Welcome to GenCon 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  If you want pictures of what the convention center looks like from the outside, you can find those on other sites.  Here I have pictures form the miniatures and board gaming areas along with the dealers room.  Enjoy!


Before I could get into the Dealer's Room at 10AM, I spent some time in the gaming halls.   Here is a Lego Pirates battle being fought on the floor.



The Red Shirts are known to run lots of fun games which are very visual.  Here is one that takes place in the dealers room of a convention.  The booths are great with lots of work on making them look like the real thing.  The GM was even in the center of the table, in a castle.




IronWind Metals had some of their new spaceship miniatures available for the Battletech universe.  The Avalon (left) was first released at the con and is an interesting design.

And the rest of the new releases from IronWind Metals of interest to SCN, the Light Fighters based in 3's and the Leopard class Dropships.

Here is something interesting to the SCN readers, a new game called Armada: Assault Fleet from Happy Nebula Games.  It is a 3D game using 8 facings.  I'm working on getting more info on the game and SCN will have more info when I do.


WOW, look at that, a booth babe.  She was spinning this wheel for some reason for some game I can't remember.

Before the dealers room opened, I had noticed this attractive young lady in normal cloths waiting and looking a bit lost.  She had this garment bag with her so something was up.   Just before the dealers room opened, I saw her with an exhibitor getting into the dealers room and then later ran across her here, with flaming hair.

DLD Productions products were being sold by another company and they had a few samples at their booth, including this Orbital Dock.  I really need to get mine put together.



Back in the Miniatures Hall, here is a nice American Civil War battle being raged.


Formula De released a new smaller version of the game, but these people were playing a very large verson.



Over at the Attack Vector table, they had a couple very large versions of the ships modeled with LEGOs.


I had offered make SCN readers 'immortal' if they asked so here they are.  On the left in Andrew Durya from Lansing, Michigan while playing in an AV demo.  On the right is Anthony Ruso, also from Lansing while he was playing in a Dirtside game.


This is a shot of one of the Full Thrust Demo games that I ran on Thursday.



The convention center in Indy is connected to the Hoosier Dome where the Colts play.  I couldn't get in but I could get a picture.


Mike Miserendino ran a BOLO based Dirtside II game.  Here are a few shots of that game and the good BOLOs went after the bad aliens in control of the city.

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