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GenCon 2000 - Thursday

Here it is Friday and this is a massive fantasy battle, notice the dragon at the bottom.

The guys at Bladerunner Press were running a Star Wars game using their own rules.  That is a Super Star Destroyer in the upper left in a space dock.



Warmachine seemed pretty popular after being released last year.  I saw some well painted minis for this game on some tables so I had to get one good shot to show everyone.



There were a few of the giant monsters games being played like Destroy All Monsters.  Here is one battle in the middle of a city.



Most of my Friday was spent running a couple games of my Sci-Fi Crossover scenario, Rebels & Empires.  More pictures and descriptios can be found on my Sci-Fi Crossover 2003 page but here are a few of the pics to fill out this page
Here are some shots of the Klingons, with them getting jumped by fighters on the left

Lots of battle shots.  Go to my my Sci-Fi Crossover 2003 page to see how these ships got into those positions.

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