Sci-Fi Crossover 2003

"Empires & Rebels"



Once again, all  your favorite starships from movies and TV are thrown together in the Sci-Fi Crossover Universe do do battle.  In the 2003 battle, A large fleet of ships of Star Trek Klingons are out to enforce the empire's rule, when they go to this backwater planet of Mon Calamari......wait, how did those Rebels get such a large fleet?
The Set Up:

Both sides set up on opposite long sides of the table.  Then they battle each other.

Full Thrust rules are used with the revisions from Fleet Books 1 and 2.


The Fleets:

The control sheets I created are available for your use, just click on the links to see the gifs.  All I ask is that you keep the blurb on the bottom showing they are a 'Star Ranger' production.

Zip file of all the 2003 fleets



Star Trek Klingons (Original Series)

B-10 Battleship Fleet

C-9 Dreadnought Fleet

C-8 Dreadnought Fleet

C-7 Heavy Battlecruiser Fleet



Star Wars Rebels



The GenCon 2003 Results:

This scenario was run two times, and interesting enough, each side won once.


  Here is the start of Game 1, both sides pretty spread out but the Rebels are already starting to close and their fighters are grouped together.

Turn 2 and the Rebels have picked a target and are converging.  Their mass of fighters have moved in and are taking out what they can.  The B-10 is hanging back.

Turn 3 and now the B-10 is a major target.  Due to the way I was running initiative (random card draw), the B-10 fleet did not get to shoot until almost the end, and thus got pounded and had little left.

Turn 4 and the Rebels move again to a new target.  The C-7 fleet (top) is just getting into range now which hurt their side in the battle.

Turn 5 and things spread out, but the damage has been done to the Klingon Fleet and they don't have much fight left.

Overall the Klingons played it safe and lost while the Rebels won by playing very Klingons.

Back in Turn 4, the Klingon C-7 fleet did get a pretty good shot at a Rebel Nebulon  B Frigate


Here is the crew from Game 1


This is Game 2, Turn 2. Notice the lack of Rebel fighters.  They put them out front and with the modified rules that I was using, the fighters were hung out to dry and got hit very, very hard.


Turn 3 and the Rebels are starting to feel the heat from the Klingon weapons.

This is the rest of the fleets from Turn 3 as the ships close and trade fire.

Turn 4 and the ships are in close.

Turn 4, the rest of the ships, these Rebels are not in good shape.

Turn 5 and the Klingons have stuck together while the Rebels are all over.


Turn 6 and another Rebel ship in a bad position.

The crew from Game 2.



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