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GenCon 2000 - Thursday

A nice castle as the focal point of a fantasy battle.


A GROPOS game with Minbari tanks everywhere.



Probably the best table I saw at the convention this year was this one of Mos Eisley for a Star Wars miniatures game.

A Demo game of Hard Vacuum

Another Full Thrust demo game using LEGO ships



A couple wild west games using Rail Wars rules.


A game of Silent Death.

This is one you don't see everyday but this type of game is coming back - Sky Galleons of Mars.




Here are some shots from early game of "Federation & Empire"


The Star Trek Federation battles it out with the Empire.... but not the Klingon Empire this time, it is Palpatine's Empire from Star Wars.





The battle got close and the fleets merged.  Below is a nice shot at the Federation Carrier goes nose to nose with a Star Destroyer.



These are from the late game of F&E.  It was interesting how both fleets used different tactics compared to the early game.


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