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GenCon 2000 - Thursday


Off to the gaming hall on Saturday.  You never know who will show up to play in a game.



Outside the gaming hall they had Cardhalla, all those promo cards along with the commons that no one wanted went into a massive construct.  At 11PM on Saturday night they let you throw coins at it to tear it down.  The money raised went to some nice charity.

A shot of the Dark Age display for the new clicky Battletech game.


A couple pictures of the tilt blocks used in Delta V (now called Attack Vector).  With 2 blocks the ships could face a heck of a lot of directions, and the goal was to blast the Kiss (and then you could eat it) 

Mike running a game of Dirtside II



Here are a couple of the con guests.  Its Nelix and Willow



She may look like just a booth babe, but she is the one the painted the miniatures (above).  The Ice Elemental (center) was phenomenal, I should have gotten a close-up.


Now we get to the Full Thrust Tournament, in which I actually got to play, since I wasn't running it for once (thanks Schoon)


I'm running the green minis against Karl, the reigning Tourney champion.  I did pretty well but had some bad rolls and my battlecruiser had a main drive hit on its first threshold and I couldn't get it repaired, and I was going too fast, so it flew off the table.

A close encounter between two fleets of my miniatures (I supplied a good portion of what was there.  The interesting thing about this pic is that both fleets are in the Space Dreadnought 3000 line from Kallistra.  The tan ones are the Altaran fleet and the blue ones are the Quellaris fleet


This is John, he like to blow things up in space and long walks on the beach.

My name is Steve and my space minions will destroy you.


This is my second game.  These kids just learned Full Thrust and they used their combined ability to blast my fleet to space dust.  New players are the most unpredictable,


Carl and Mike, the reigning champion and a former runner up.



A couple more action shots during the Tourney


In the finals, once again Carl was there along with the guy on the above right (I know I have his name in my notes somewhere...)  After the regulation time, the match was dead heat, so they decided to go to the last ship, and after a while, they were still virtually tied.  So the game was called and they are both winners and Admirals in my eyes.

Here is Carl Scheu's play by play of the final battle:

Whoever said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, should have said no plan survives contact with a dice game! The Battle started off fairly even, with each of defying the odds with destructive attacks (and dice) against some of the escort ships. My opponent then made several, ill fated maneuvers, which gave me a tactical advantage several turns in a row. Unfortunately the dice decided to show me who was boss.

Although, I managed to constantly outmaneuver him the whole game. He was lucky in that on several occasions I should have annihilated him I rolled nothing (1 point of damage off of 13 dice at one point. Likewise, he destroyed an undamaged (and unfired yet that turn) heavy cruiser in a single volley, by rolling 23 damage off of five dice! Although there were several moments where had the game ended either of us would have been declared a winner numerically, we played on, but I was unable to truly put myself into a decidedly winning position. In all honestly, had we continued the game to the bitter end, I suspect I'd have lost as my remaining dreadnought was more damaged than his, and he still had an unlaunched flight of fighters. I must also say in my opponents defense that after the maneuvers that had put him into grave situations, he responded well and was able to keep me from maintaining a position in his rear arc. All in all it was an excellent (albeit frustrating game).


GenCon Sunday....the floppy disk I had the pictures from Sunday is unreadable.   I didn't have many but they were lost, sorry.