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GenCon 2000 - Thursday

Its GenCon 2001!

But as I create this page it is April 2004 so if I can't remember everything, sorry.


As always, GenCon (for me) starts at 10AM when the dealers room opens



Z-G, an interesting looking game with robots you build and play a battle game with.  I has booster packs and everything.  Didn't last long.

MageKnight, is getting big, including the figures for the game.  To the left is a big dragon figure just released.

A new game released, WarGods of Aejyptus.  Cool minis and some interesting terrain in the game.

A couple shots from the Full Thrust demo I ran.  It was the debut of the ORC and Altaran minis so I had to get a shot with them on the table.

Another Full Thrust game, but not one of mine.  It was using the vector movement rules so you can see the movement markers on bases of the minis.

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