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When my wife and I bought our house (which is almost 100 years old since she wanted something with character), my wife let me have the old office in the basement for my own uses, and it has become, what she calls, my "Spaceship Room".  I've seen larger rooms and basements set aside for game use, but this is what I call my own.


Take a look at the pictures and click on them for larger versions.


This is the room from left to right:

Left: Boxes of micro machines and other spaceship toys and models

Center: Some posters and my old Macintosh SE (still working)

Right: The worktable full of miniatures in progress

Far Right: Some shelves of stuff including a bunch more Micro Machines (the top crate is all Babylon 5 Micro Machine packs)




This is a shelf I made with frames from Menard's (a builder's supply/lumber yard), a couple of 2'x4' 1/8" pegboard sheets and a couple of 1x4s, then some 1' by 4' particle board shelves to finish it off.  It holds most of my minis still in blisters along with a place to put the carrying cases for the completed minis.




Some of the storage areas I have to hold.......stuff.  The top 5 drawers of the tall one on the far left are full of old Starfleet Wars minis (now released as the Galactic Knights line).  The multi drawer case just below the Star Wars poster is pretty much full of old Grenadier Space Squadrons minis and Valiant's Stardate:3000 minis.



Here is the craft table my wife got me for Christmas 2000.  You can see I have put it to good use and it is covered with minis in progress and lots of other stuff.


Now you may wonder what exactly is on the table and in progress....well click on over and see what is On My Workbench.