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From Wizkids


"Return to an a fun, old fashioned future."


"Rocketmen is the newest Constructible Strategy Game from WizKids! Earth has been overrun by the evil Legion of Terra, and it’s up to the Alliance between Earth’s rebels, the Mercurians, and the Venusians to stop Terra’s and Mars’ Axis of Evil.

Players can completely customize their ships, adding crew, shields, and lasers; and gather resources to build more ships! There are thousands of ways to play and win in the struggle against the Axis of Evil!

Everything one person needs to play comes in one Game Pack, so stepping into the future is easy for everyone.

* 2 complete, customizable ships
* Resource card with Microids; Crew; an Asteroid card; Complete rules; 1 die"


7/21/2008 - Nothing new about Rocketmen in over 2 years and the DVD was never released so I moved this game to OOP Shelf status.


1/2/2006 - The first expansion for Rocketmen, Battle of Titans has been released.

Rocketmen: Battle of Titans moves the battle for the future to the middle of the solar system, introducing the grays of Io, a strong – and strong-armed – miner's union; the winged Saturnians, a noble warrior race; and the humans of Ganymede, the birthplace of humanity and recent allies of the Legion of Terra.

Rocketmen: Battle of Titans is a stand-alone expansion; everything one person needs to fight for the future comes in a single game pack, including rules, dice, ships, crew, and an asteroid card. Also included is a scenario for fighting among the tentacles of the Jovian Fuel Jellies – massive floating creatures mined as the source of rocket fuel!

This expansion adds a new ship type, a new pod, and a new crew type.  Harvesters are agile cargo haulers that, like fighters, come in teams of 2 on a card.  Tractor Beam pods are considered a weapon and allow you to pull a ship towards you.  The new crew type is actually a weapon, the Torpedo.


9/10/2005 - Rocketmen was released at GenCon and there were lots of demos going on.  It is in stores now.  The DVD was delayed and is not available yet.  The 4th and 5th episode of the series are now available, all ships are listed and new scenarios are available for download.

The second season of Rocketmen is Battle of Titans:

Expand your Rocketmen game into the reaches of the middle solar system as Jupiter and Saturn takes sides in the conflict against the Legion of Terra. New races, new pods, new ship designs, and Giant Shocking Jellyfish combine to make the Battle of Titans an amazing second season of fun!


7/21/2005 - More news about Rocketmen before its release in August.  They are now posting previews of some of the cards in the game including the Stronghold station (left) and other.  Plus the 4th episode is now available.


6/24/2005 - The Rocketmen web page has been redesigned and given its own URL -  The 3rd episode of the cartoon is now available plus you can download the rulebook pdf file. 


6/17/2005 - Wizkids has posted 2 more articles about Rocketmen on their site:

The Basics of Rocketmen Part 4 - Mining and Building

The Basics of Rocketmen Part 5 - Collisions and Boarding

Plus they have posted the first 2 episode shorts of the Rocketmen cartoon.

As a promotion this summer, Wizkids will be giving away exclusive Rocketmen game pieces at Origins and Comic-Con International.

At Origins you can get and Earth Rebels fighter squadron.  The Griffins are the Earth Rebels' first line of defense against the Legion of Terra. Look for them in your bag and at the WizKids booth, along with a Resource card.

At Comic-Con International 2005 in San Diego, be sure to pick up the Lord's Justice, a Legion of Terra dreadnaught. Swing by the WizKids booth to receive yours!


6/4/2005 - WizKids has posted articles on Rocketmen on their website:

The Basics of Rocketmen Part 1: Ships and Resources

The Basics of Rocketmen Part 2 - Crew

The Basics of Rocketmen Part 3 - Setup, Movement, and Attacking


3/16/2005 - Here is the press release from WizKids about Rocketmen: Axis of Evil:

WizKids Inc., makers of the popular Pirates of the Spanish Main™ and Pirates of the Crimson Coast™ constructible strategy games™ (CSGs), is proud to announce Rocketmen™: Axis of Evil, a new CSG debuting this summer. Rocketmen will be accompanied by both Web- and DVD-based cartoons that feature a cutting-edge animation style that updates the fun of a retro space serial. WizKids created the CSG genre in 2004.

"WizKids® is committed to creating innovative new games," said Mike Samora, vice president of Sales and Marketing at WizKids. "Rocketmen combines large-fleet strategy, resource management and a fun, "retro-space" universe." In the weeks leading up to the release of Rocketmen, an exclusive cartoon will debut on the WizKids website. Later, a DVD will collect all eight episodes of the cartoon, add two new episodes and come with exclusive Rocketmen game pieces.

The Rocketmen game will be sold in fine game, comic, and hobby stores everywhere. Its exciting fictional universe was created by Jordan Weisman, and the game was created by WizKids’ award-winning game designers.