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"Solar space.  The not so final frontier! These are the voyages of the Planet Busters!

Designed by Thom Wham and Jim Ward, Planet Busters is the 2-4 person game of inter-planetary warfare.  Easy to learn and play, Planet Busters pits one against the other for conquest of the solar system.   Players must combat one another using their fleets of carriers, drones, minelayers and other intra-stellar warships.  Players can enjoy the quick action of the Basic game and tackle simple combat and meteor swarms or spread their tactical wings and tackle the advanced game with spies, salvaging rules, and carrier combat.  All this in the wide open skies of Earth’s Solar System."


“It is the far distant future.  The planets around the sun have been tamed and colonized by humans.  Unfortunately, the interplanetary government has grown corrupt and feeble.  Power groups are marshaling their forces in efforts to gain control of the worlds and the warships with which to hold them.  Players are the leaders of these factions...all seeking to bring the most planets under their control.  It will be a desperate struggle, and no one knows who will win!”

5/31/2010 - Planet Busters no longer shows up on Troll Lord Games website.

11/30/2004 - Tom Wham dropped me a note and let me know that a Planet Buster Errata page has been set up at and the that the suggested retail price is now $29.99.

11/9/2004 - I pre-ordered a copy at GenCon and it recently arrived in the mail so Planet Busters is now available.  It is a definite step up from a game in the middle of a magazine.  The Planet Busters box includes the following items:

    4 - 5"x6" Sphere of Influence cards (1 for each player)
    4 - 3"x4"cut-and-fold racks for counters (attach to Sphere of Influence Cards)
    1 - 24 page rules booklet
    2 - 10 sided dice

    120 - 2"x2" die cut chipboard playing pieces, or counters

    1 - cloth bag to hold your chipboard playing pieces


5/19/2004 - Due out in July is is Planet Busters: The Game of Intra-planetary War. This is an updated version of the classic game of planetary conquest that first appeared in Dragon Magazine #64 (1982).

Suggested retail price is $19.99 and the box will include 4 Sphere of Influence cards (1 for each player), 4 cut-and-fold racks for counters, a rules booklet, 4 10 sided dice, and 114 Large die cut chipboard playing pieces, or counters.  Stock Code TLG 7003, ISBN 1-931275-52-1.