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These games are still in print and should be available though your local game store.  Mainly one shot products by small press game companies, I don't expect any supplements or additional support from their publishers like you find for the most popular games.  Remember to check out Tom's Spaceship Miniatures / Games page for a full list of everything that was, is, or will be available.


Big Damn Space Battles and Voidstriker have been moved to the Out of Print Shelf page.



BTRC describes their game pretty well:

"Slag! is the space combat game for people who aren't rocket scientists and who don't have an aerospace budget...but still want a realistic game.

Slag! boils things down to the minimum level, but still gives you multiple Tech Levels, complete ship design rules, and enough optional systems to recreate space battles from almost any fictional universe."


Suggested retail for Slag! is a low US$7.95, or you could spend even less and buy a hypertext version in Adobe Acrobat format (with a few bonuses over the printed version) for only $5.00!


There are a few Slag! pages out there, here are some that I found: