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Lines of spaceship miniatures are no longer in production and may be very hard if not impossible to find:



DLD designs and manufactures resin miniatures for gaming.  In addition to their space based line, they produce sci-fi vehicles in 25mm and 15mm scales and are now branching in to fantasy terrain.

DLD almost always has a sale going on so check their website for their current deal or special.


6/30/2008 - The availability of DLD minis has been on an off over the last few years with some people waiting quite a long time for their orders.  Their website was starting to be updated in early 2008 but the updates have slowed down.


7/20/2003 - On DLD's website, the Eagle and Mortis listings now have lines through them along with the message "Purged from records".  Could someone have not been happy with these kits?


6/25/2003 - Besides the release of Custom Painted Planets, DLD releases a bunch of new ship miniatures.

The 'Loyalist' Eagle class ship blank and the 'Traitor' Mortis class ship blank are made to use the left over parts from Battlefleet Gothic miniatures. There is space for 2 BFG weapon pods on the weapon mounts on the main body. Also, there are 3 turret platform mounts where you can place turret lances.  DLD has even made 'Wreckage' versions of these miniatures available.

Plus a set of 4 new Transport miniatures is available along with a set of 3 Bulk Freighters.


9/12/2002 - DLD has released a Dice Base, a normal sized hex base including a post with a spot for a 12mm D6.  These Dice Bases can be used mark speed, shields, numbers of ships or fighters.  Basically whatever the game calls for.  For $5 you get a pack of 5


5/6/2002 - DLD is offering a new service. Pre-assembled/pre-primered kits:
Don't have the time or the room to assemble one of our great kits? Then let us do it for you!  We'll have our on-site Master Model Maker, (the guy that does the design work for our kits), assemble your kit when you purchase it from us directly. When that's done, we'll even hit it with your choice of primer. Black, white, or gray. There will be some final assembly on your part, (the tires, turrets, Containment Rings, etc.), but all major components will be assembled with the exceptions mentioned.  There is a Final Assembly set of instructions that will accompany the kits. All you'll have to do is hit it with your favorite color, finish the Final Assembly and that's it!   BAM! Go game!
So how much for this fancy dancy service?  50% of the retail price of the kit. That's it. So, for example, a kit retails for $25.00, you add 50% to that, $12.50, plus shipping, and there you go! Ta da!


1/25/2002 - DLD's website has moved to  To celebrate, DLD will ship US orders for FREE and half off shipping to anywhere else.


4/2/2001 - More new releases from DLD:

After many months on the planning boards, the Alien Fleet is finished!  And they're here!  The Vin'grún!

These things came straight out of my nightmares! The idea for these came from my stay in good old El Paso TX. I saw a couple critters, one called a Vinegaroon, and the other, a "Camel spider" or "Sun spider". Being very arachnaphobic, (not that that is what these are, but they are part of the family of arthropods), I felt these would be a very nasty race indeed!  Combine the two, and let your imagination fly!  Ech! This is a complete fleet release!


8/29/2000 - DLD releases their Orbital Repair Dock (KIT# OR001411...$30.00 ). This multi-part resin kit when assembled will actually allow other minis to be 'docked' for repairs within the superstructure of this mini. Take a look at the pictures of this mini at its webpage (here) for more pictures.


Website -


10/1/2009 - Force XXI Miniatures are back up and running and their Star Ship line is still available.


6/30/2008 - Force XXI's new website at indicates closed until further notice


5/6/2006 - Mel is back from his 'vacation' in the Middle East so Force XXI is back up and running.


1/9/2005 - The Force XXI website has been closed as Mel Beard will be called up for 'vacation' for at least a year.  Current plans are for Force XXI to start up again once he gets back.


11/6/2004 - The Force XXI website has moved to


7/1/2002 - More additions to the spaceship line.  Alliance of Outward Worlds Fighters and Fighter Bombers added.  Also added were some generic Fighters and Fighter Bombers, a Troopship, and Dropships.


AOW Fleet6/21/2002 - Yet another new fleet has been released from Force XXI.  The Alliance of Outward Worlds minis have been released, plus all the fleets now have a group shot available so you can compare ships against others in the fleet.  Also dimensions of the minis are now included on the individual shots on their website.


Force XXI - Terran Fleet6/14/2002 - Lots of new stuff from Force XXI.  The first fleet created are the Stellar Confederation of Planets and now they have minis for Fighters and Fighter Bombers (pix coming soon).

The alien Kin'Sar fleet has been released plus a new Terran fleet has been released (pictures of the DN, CVA and CA are to the right.)  Even though these minis don't come with flight stands, Force XXI now has bases available as a separate item, both large and small and they come with a hole the perfect size for a 1/8" rod or tube you supply as the post.


Force XXI - Kin'Sar Fleet6/5/2002 - And now a couple days later, Mel posts the following on the Force XXI Yahoo group:

I have been working on an Alien Race for the Star Ship Line.

The Kin'Sar are a cat race. Very war like and they look like actors in the Broadway hit "Cats".

Take a look. (Cruiser and Fleet carrier)

I have in the works a destroyer, Battleship, Battle Dreadnaught and a Corvette. These should be ready to release by mid month.


6/3/2002 - Mel Beard of Force XXI Miniatures announces:

I have released a line of Star Ships for use with any fleet battle system. There are currently 9 ships available, however I do not supply stands for these ships. Future releases will include alien vessels and fighter craft. Check the Star Ship line link to view these ships.


SS001 Super Dreadnaught $10.00

Force XXI - SCP Fleet

SS002 Fleet Dreadnaught $5.00
SS003 Fleet carrier $5.00
SS004 Strike carrier $4.00
SS005  Battle Dreadnaught $5.00
SS006 Battleship $4.00
SS007 Destroyer (x2)  $4.00
SS008 Cruiser (x2) $4.00
SS009 Hammer Head Frigate (x3) $3.50
Disclaimer: These models are supplied with out flight stands.


Click on the thumbnails or the ship classes for larger images.


FYI, Mel Beard's former company, Tactical Command Games, produced the game Stellar Fire now listed on the Out of Print Shelf.


Website -


10/2/2001 - PewterCraft had contacted Tom Pope who had done a webpage for them and let him know that they were still around.  They had unfortunate damage to their factory and had to relocate their retail store. However the store and "plant" are up and working and a new catalog should be out shortly. They are best reached via email at, or at 1-732-363-7575.  This was back in June and I haven't seen any updates since.  PewterCraft also has not replied to the email I have sent them.



6/25/2003 - Stronghold Miniatures now has these SDD miniatures available in their online catalog, pictures are in the works and should be up soon.


4/18/2003 - On The Miniatures Page,  a topic was started about weather SDD minis are really available due to no response to several emails.  Mike Thompson of Stronghold Miniatures responded with the following info:

SDD will be produced by Stronghold Miniatures in the future.

I expect full production to start by May, and I have kept the web site going to keep the product listing on the web.

I have asked Brian to update the pages on the site because he hasn't given me the access codes. I have even sent him an xhtml page to upload but so far nothing has happened.

Eventually it will be on my own web site at for secure ordering.

If you want the spaceships please email me directly at or ask Larry to replenish his stock of them.

I have identified the moulds for the spaceships, so now just have to identify which one is which because the samples I have are broken off the show stand and Brian had put them very carefully in a box without any labelling.

Let me know if I can help you any further.

In further conversations with Mike, he sent me the image to the right (click for a larger version) showing the Aurigan and U-Sylon fleets.  He also asked that if anyone wants any of those minis, please contact him with their requirements and he will see what he can do.  Mike will let me know when the SDD spaceships are up on his secure site for ordering and I will post that news here.


1/19/2003 - SDD has just announced they have a website up.  Their line of spaceships includes mainly the Aurigan and U-Sylon fleets, one of which uses a marble in the middle of the mini.   SDD has been absent from the UK game show scene for a while so it was a bit of a surprise when the webpage was announced, also since it looked like the company was for sale.

SDD Models products are distributed by Brookhurst Hobbies in the US but they have not gotten a new shipment of minis in quite a long time.