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From LPK Design


Its not quite a card game and not quite a board game, but Fleet Attack lets you command small fleets of ships against each other in battle.  Each ship is represented by a card which includes all its relevant information and movement is limited to knowing how close it is to the enemy fleet by its rank number.


LPK Design currently has another game in the works, Project Utukku  


9/22/2004 - Fleet Attack 2 is in the works and according to Max at LPK Design:

"Fleet attack 2 rules are mostly finished but the graphics and background material is still being worked on. Currently I'm looking for people to write history and background from supplied outlines."

If you are interested in helping out in the development of Fleet Attack 2, contact Max at



6/17/2002 - LPK Design announces a Fleet Attack completion!

Fleet Attack Competition
The Fleet attack game is expanding.  Currently we are looking for good alien races concepts.

Winning submissions will receive:
1) Full credits.
2) A copy of Fleet Attack. ( pdf version)
3) A copy of the first product where their material is published. ( pdf version)
4) A chance to work closely with the game designer to further develop their concept.
5) Other bonuses and discounts.

That's the prize, now here's what you have to do. A submission should cover :
1) Background and description of the race
2) Description of technology
3) Description of military doctrine ( i.e. tactics used in battle)
4) List of ships by Type ( NB new types are allowed ! )

You don't have to worry about games specifics those will be dealt with after the initial submissions.
Submissions may cover more than this if you feel its necessary or beneficial to your submission.

Initial submissions should be by email to

Terms and Conditions
Submissions not used will remain the intellectual property of their originators.

By entering contestants are asserting that they are the owners and have the rights to the intellectual property rights of the work submitted, and that they agree to the terms and conditions.

Winning submissions will become the intellectual property of Max Blagg, LPK Design



4/25/2002 - A PDF version of Fleet Attack is now available.  For the same price as the printed version ($10.00), you can now get a PDF version of the game (4.9Mb) emailed to you and you don't have to worry about shipping costs.  For more information, go to the Fleet Attack page.  Payment is accepted via PayPal.


10/7/2001 - Fleet Attack is now available with a price of 7.50 (UK sterling)
The game includes:

Rules book (full color cover)

Basic rules include: Carriers, Fighters, Fixed defenses; space stations and unmanned gun platforms, Self Repair Systems, Scouts, Jamming technology, Stealth, and much more...

Full conversion guidelines to convert ships from your favorite game/universe to play in Fleet Attack.

2 ship sheets

18 ships/ fighter groups per A4 page

2 Player Fleet displays


On Yahoo Groups, Fleetattack has been created to allow those interested in the game to communicate with each other and with the game designer.