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Fleet Action is a rules system originally based in the Babylon 5 Wars universe that allows one player to command many squadrons of capital ships quickly and easily.
Fleet Action 2 is the updated set of rules set in AOG's own 'Turning Point' universe, basically 200 years into our future.  This version of the game is more generic and includes a construction system.  A FA2 supplement for the Babylon 5 universe was to be released soon after the main rules are out.


5/25/2003 - The Forum has moved to a new home,  All messages and everything else have been moved so it is the same forum, but with a different look and a different home.


3/25/2003 - I finally moved this page to the Out of Print section


3/21/2003 - On 3/13, Robert posted about the future of Turning Point/Fleet Action 2 on the Eclipse Message Board in a couple messages:

"Let me try to address this question.

First, there is no timeline yet. I do not have the financial considerations that put me under a major time/money crunch at AoG. This means I will take all the time I need to get this done properly.

The reprint will also include more material than the original. Much of the material that was originally going to be placed in the Advanced Missions book is going to be incorporated in the core rules. This includes such things as cloaking devices, mine warfare, starbases and so on.

Finally, I am still working out the plans for the reprint and how to handle old customers. There are a number of options I am weighing at this time includin free download, discount on a reprinted book and so on. As I make those decisions I'll let you all know."

In another message Robert adds:

"I also intend on going through another public playtest period so that once the Think Tank is happy, we can see what people think of our decisions."

10/15/2002 - AOG to close its doors after 10/31/2002

The full announcement is available at the B5Wars forums but it is easier to access at The Miniatures Page.)

Basically, AOG will continue to fill orders on current products until October 31st. Turning Point will not support the company in its current form so AOG as we know it today will close.  Eclipse Games will be created to support the Turning Point and Maxim (GROPOS) game systems. Some of these games will be sold mail-order/electronically only. Miniatures will continue to be sold as they are now. FA2 will probably be converted to this new format first with the Advanced Missions material replacing the construction rules and will be available free on the internet for a limited time. Other projects would be Maxim 2 (changing scale to microarmor 6mm and handle combat from WW2 onward), and a new starship skirmish scale (B5Wars style) game. This game will not be B5 Wars 3rd edition but will draw from what was learned from that product. Other games being looked at include a starfighter combat game, a sci-fi miniatures infantry skirmish game, and an ‘epic’ Warmaster-style fantasy miniature game.


8/22/2002 - Rob of AOG as said that the printer screwed up and used a lower quality printer than they should have for the FA2 Master Rules, as a result, AOG is working out a way to get those who bought the lower quality version a new quality printed version of the rules.  The exact details have not been finalized yet but SCN will post full directions when known.


8/18/2002 - Here are a few pictures of the Turning Point minis that AOG had on display at GenCon, click on them for larger versions:



8/17/2002 - The 3 missing pages from the FA2 Master Rules are now up on AOG's website at the Update Files page.  The missing pages were the Squadron Form and the Accel/Decel ratings and Movement block stats when designing your own ships.  These pages are missing only from the first shipment of books.


8/15/2002 - Turning Point: Fleet Action 2 Master Rules are now out along with the first 6 packs of minis.  I have heard mixed reviews so far with complaints being bad editing, print quality that looks like it was done on the office photocopier, and missing pages (should be on AOG's website soon, and easy to integrate since the pages are not bound)


7/16/2002 - The July issue of Game Trade magazine has some retailer pre-order info on FA2 and its minis including the following images of some of the minis:

European Union Dragoon/Jager Heavy Cruiser

Union of North Atlantic Nations Bennion/Callaghan Battleship

Union of North Atlantic Nations Powell/Fuqua Heavy Cruiser

Union of North Atlantic Nations Mullin/Wilmot Light Cruiser

Union of North Atlantic Nations Babcock/Dartnell Destroyer

Union of North Atlantic Nations Cooke/Judson Destroyer


6/16/2002 - Turning Point/FA2 has been delayed until later July in order to give more time for editing.  The B5 sourcebook should come out shortly after, no later than September.


5/31/2002 - The AOG report for the week ending May 31st has been posted.  Turning Point/FA2 should be out by Origins (early July).  Dilgar FA minis are now out, Pak'ma'ra FA minis should ship in June,  July will be civilians and Raiders. For a list, see AOG's latest news page.


5/27/2002 - The Complete Fleet Action 1 FAQ is now up on AOG's website here.  Also several Dilgar FA scale miniatures have been released


5/13/2002 - AOG has released the first 4 FA Dilgar miniatures along with the FA Abbai Kotha mini.  In addition, they have posted a new Turning Point Page which includes background information on FA2 and their new Turning Point universe, a cool 24.2mb film, plus the following release schedule:

Turning Point

This is the core release for the Fleet Action 2 game system. All the rules necessary to run a game are provided. In addition, the background of the Turning Point setting is revealed including a timeline of the past 200 years, technology data and basic information on the five major powers of the solar system. Finally, a selection of ships is provided to allow players to learn the basics of the game. To cap this product off an extensive construction system allows players to build the fleet of their dreams. The core rules will be sold in an unbound, drilled format designed to allow easy updating of the rules as new supplements are released. It will be drilled for both U.S. and European binders. 

Stock # 501101 MSRP: $29.95 Release: June


Turning Point - Advanced Mission

This release expands the rules of the Fleet Action 2 game system. New rules covering topics such as cloaking devices, starbases and mine warfare will be covered as well as additions to the construction system to handle these new options. 

Stock # 501102 MSRP: $19.95 Release: August


Fleet Reports

The following releases provide detailed information for the various powers of the solar system including fleet organizations, political structures, controlled territory and of course the warships and fighters they deploy.

Union of North Atlantic Nations Stock # 50201 MSRP: $19.95 Release: July

European Union Stock # 50202 MSRP: $19.95 Release: August

Korean-Japan Conglomerate Stock # 50203 MSRP: $19.95 Release: October

China-Indian Pact Stock # 50204 MSRP: $19.95 Release: January 2003

Concordat of South American Nations Stock #50205 MSRP: $19.95 Release: March 2003


Action Reports

This series of books brings the Turning Point setting to life. Each book furthers the events and story of the Turning Point universe providing players scenarios and mini-campaigns to play out the events.

Clouds on the Horizon Stock # 50210 MSRP: $14.95 Release: September

Fire in the Sky Stock # 50211 MSRP: $14.95 Release: November

Voids in the Ocean Stock # 50212 MSRP: $14.95 Release: February 2003

Dreams Do Come True Stock # 50213 MSRP: $14.95 Release: April 2003



(First Release) UNAN Fleet Miniatures and EU Fleet Miniatures

June through September


4/15/2002 - Robert Glass has posted a proposed schedule for the the release of new Fleet Action products in the Turning Point Universe on  He also mentions the B5 Conversion book would then be released at Origins (Early July):

The release is set up in the following basic manner. First the core rules get shipped. This will include aroun 15 or so classes for each of the EU and UNAN fleets. Next you will see fleet books. These will each contain one complete fleet. I should note that we do not plan, at this time, of doing 'variant' products though that could change depending on demand.

After Fleet books you will see Action Reports. These are similar to Showdown products and will advance the storyline and provide scenarios.

Finally there are the miniatures. In order to cut down the total number of skus yet maintain a large variety of ships, each fleet will have a number of core designs from which all other designs are derived. Refit packs will allow you to add the appropriate pieces to a core design to turn it into a differnt class. The designs are being done around this plan. I'll post to the gallery an example of this sort of modularity so you can see what we are doing shortly.

All races are also going to get a starbase. Detail on those will come later.

3/1/2002 - A draft of the design rules for the Turning Point universe have been posted on AOG's main page.


1/25/2002 - A new version of the playtest rules is up on AOG's main page.  Just the rules this time, no new ship sheets.


1/15/2002 - AOG has posted an updated playtest pack for Fleet Action 2.  It has been split up into 8 separate zip files, most are 8 megs or more so I hope you have a decent internet connection.  The rules are file #8 which is only 576k.  The links are available on AOG's main page.


12/14/2001 - AOG posts a playtest pack for Fleet Action 2 for downloading (9.95MB zip file) plus announced that FA2 will include a comprehensive set of starship construction rules.

Robert Glass posted the following information on the forum:

A general announcement to you all, the Fleet Action 2 Playtest pack is available for download. This is the first pack and contains the core rules and the majority of the Earth Alliance fleet. Currently the fighter stats are not provided as I am still working on those. You will find, however, the current version of the new fighter rules within the pack. The link to this pack will be on the site today or you can simply type

Players of FA1 will recognize a number of things in FA2. However, there are a number of definite changes to the system. Ships are not much more flexible in the way they fire their weapons thanks to changes in Fire Control rules. Smaller escorts will serve a much more important role in a fleet than they use to and specialized warships will become highly valuable. EW has been overhauled to deal with balance issues and the fighter rules have been completely revisited (and still are being revisited).

The EA ships provided have been created specifically to allow initial playtesting and do not represent the final versions of these ships. They will likely undergo a number of changes.

Shortly a second pack will also be made available. This pack will have the fighter rules and fighter stats in it.

In addition, I would like the take this opportunity to announce the inclusion of a comprehensive set of starship construction rules. This rules set will be included in the Fleet Action 2 core rule book. It is not a plug and play type construction system. Instead, players will have full control over every aspect of their ship. The basic process is as follows:
1) Weapon Design
Players will be able to design every aspect of their weapons. Variables they have control of include damage die, # of dice, range, rate-of-fire, type, special characteristics and so on.
2) Hull Design
During this step players design the basic skeletal hull of their starships. This is done by first choosign a size category then adding or deleteing hard points (where weapons and some equipment gets placed). The more hard points, the larger the ship's structure rating but the poorer its maneuvering.
3) Assembly
Finally players assemble the various weapons and equipment on the various hulls they have created. In addition, they can add special features such of sleeker hull (lowers the defensive rating), stealth and so on.

Overall players should be able to design pretty much any starship they should wish. When this is posted I want as many of you to break the system as best you can (and I'm certain you will find problems - a system this comprehensive is going to have them).

Anyway, have a look if you wish.



12/7/2001 - The AOG Report for the period ending December 7th has been posted.  Get your orders in soon to get then my Christmas.  For minis, the FA Cronos, Apollo, and Delphi, four new Support Squadron boxes, the Drazi and Brakiri squadron box ship next week and should be in stores by the 19th.


11/22/2001 - Just a note to let you know about Robert's Fleet Action page.   A source for fan created conversions of the rest of the B5 League races, play aids, and modifications for other backgrounds like Star Trek, Leviathan and Robotech.


11/2/2001 - A clarification from agent1 was posted on since some people still have some questions:

"Okay, let me try to explain FA2 as simply as I can. But first, some terms.

"Turning Point" is the title of the new universe we are creating. It is not a game, it is a background. In the Turning Point Universe (TPU), Man has conquered the solar system, but the old nations are still around. The United States, European Union, Nippon Empire, Russian Federation, and other groups control resources and colonies in the system, and fight one another for dominance.

"Fleet Action 2" refers to the game itself. It will be very much like FA1, but without the Babylon 5 connection. It will use a new type of unit datacards, and a more generic set of rules that will theoretically work in any number of space-based backgrounds, such as TPU and B5, or anything else we choose to pursue a license for.

The plan at the moment is to publish FA2 in the Spring. The TPU backstory will be included in the book but will be separate from the mechanics. Simultaneously with this release, we also plan to publish a Babylon 5 supplement for FA2 that includes all the races and as many ship stats as we can stuff into a single book. There will also be further B5 supplements as needed, based on demand, the number of miniatures we have to make ships to match, and other factors. In addition, further TPU supplements will be created that advance the TPU storyline, provide new units and rules, and so forth. It is probable that the initial rulebook will not include ships and data for every race in the TPU, simply for lack of space, but that these will appear in the supplements to follow.

FA1, as it now stands, will not have any more books made for it, but we will continue to support it online, with ship sheets, rules and races. And, of course, the miniatures will continue to appear as they have been doing (i.e., we will still make Babylon 5 FA miniatures). We will continue to sell books and miniatures for FA1 as best we can.

Babylon 5 Wars is still going strong and will continue to do so. We are still making rulebooks (hey, two more just went to press this week), and this will continue. While we have stopped making new full-scale minis, existing ones will continue to be available, and of course you can use FA-scale minis in your B5W games, as the vast majority of our players aleady do.

GROPOS will continue to be supported. We intend to produce Maxim-based ground rules for the TPU as well.

I think that just about covers it all. --A1"


10/19/2001 - The AOG Report for the week ending October 19th has been posted.  It includes a few more questions and answers about the Fleet Action 2 and Full Scale miniatures announcements.  Minis shipping this week are the Hyach Squadron Box and the Shadow/Vorlon Squadron Box.


10/14/2001 - In the just released issue #6 of Babcom, a Babylon 5, Fleet Action, and Gropos magazine produced by fans for fans, AOG finally announces the future of Fleet Action.  Read the issue of Babcom for the full details, but in summary, the fan produced Compendium fell through, so to address this and to protect themselves from any licensing issues (though they still have the B5 license and no plans to cancel it) Fleet Action 2 is being worked on for a Spring release.  FA2 will use a modified version of the current FA game engine but all B5 specific rules will be removed making it a more generic product.  The base universe for he game is called 'Turning Point' and takes place 200 years from now.  Since the game will be more generic in nature, supplements for other universes will be easier to do, and the first supplement for FA2 will be Babylon 5 and should include all the ships from FA1 and plans are to release the B5 supplement at the same time the rulebook is releasesd.  More info will follow from AOG in the future.