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Cold Navy is a line of starship miniatures originally sculpted via 3D modeling CAD software.  Originally created by Xtreme Hobby, the line was sold to Damage Control Games for possible use in their Phoenix Horizons game, but they decided to go in another direction.  Due to gamer demand, Ravenstar Studios now has the license to produce the Cold Navy line.


7/9/2007 - Ravenstar Studios have obtained the license to produce the Cold Navy product line.  Derek Petit of Damage Control Games has granted Ravenstar Studios the license to produce all the existing designs and to create additional designs. This includes both gaming miniatures and larger collector models. More to come.


4/22/2007 - Damage Control Games have made the following announcement that they do not plan to produce the Cold Navy line of miniatures for their new game, Phoenix Horizons:

As many of you know Damage Control Games (DCG) purchased the Cold Navy Line from Xtreme Hobby last fall. You have waited patiently for news on the future of the line. At this time, DCG will not be continuing the Cold Navy Line. After much anguish inside the company, we came to the realization that although these ships were very cool, they did not fit the universe that we were trying to build. I apologize to those that were hoping to fill out their fleets with the line.

DCG has been approached by other companies to see if the could buy the rights to the Cold Navy minis so stay tuned to see what happens.


8/7/2006 - Cold Navy has been sold to Derek Petit and John Palumbo who have formed Damage Control Games to bring Cold Navy to the future.  They ask for patience as they create this new company, build a website, acquire the line of minis plus they plan on creating a set of rules for these miniatures.  


5/23/2006 - Mike of Xtreme Hobby has made the following announcement about the future of the Cold Navy miniatures, he is offering the product line and intellectual property that is Cold Navy for sale:

Well Folks...

Over the last two years we've had quite the run. We hope that you've enjoyed our Cold Navy Starships and everything within this website that we've put together for you.

As you may know we've not been able to pay enough attention to this product like we wanted to. And, we feel that a very good product has suffered because of it. In addition, we feel that a really great group of people (you, our customers) have also suffered because of it.

And, it's time to face the facts. My present life situation does not peacefully coexist with Xtreme Hobby in the same space-time continuum. I simply can't run this business effectively and maintain all of the other life necessities that I have.

So, it's been a tough decision, but, I feel it's the right one. I would like to offer the Cold Navy Product line and intellectual property for sale. This sale will include all of the 3d model data, images, names, fiction and all right belonging to Cold Navy. Materials (3d prints of the vessels) and information will also be provided to allow the new owner of Cold Navy immediate startup of the line so that there is no disruption in service.

If you are interested in purchase of the Cold Navy miniature line, please feel free to email me at your convenience for further details.

We will continue to gladly sell all of our Cold Navy product until the transition to new ownership.

Thank you for your support and I hope that Cold Navy prospers in the reliable hands of a new owner.

SCN will keep you updated on the status of these minis.


10/28/2005 - The Xtreme Hobby eStore is back up and running.  They have found a solution to their problem with international shipping and lost packages.  New shipping rates and policies are posted on their website.

On the Wave 2 ships, a number of they have yet to be modeled so their is no firm schedule yet but they hope to have the Diesho ships available in January of 2006.


10/10/2005 - Posted on the Xtreme Hobby web page was the following message: 

"Xtreme Hobby is on indefinite hiatus. Thank you for your support and interest in our company and our products.
Please, note that we are no longer accepting any order at this time. All orders received prior to this date are being processed and will be shipped within the week."

Mike of Xtreme Hobby later explains on their message board that  between the new job, family and Xtreme Hobby, something had to give  He later says "Cold Navy is not going away. I'm not selling it off nor am I going to box it up and shove it into my attic.  It does mean, however, that I'm taking a break."

We wish Mike the best and hope that things work out that we do get to see the Wave 2 miniatures some time in the future.


5/5/2005 - Xtreme Hobby is now taking pre-orders for Wave 1.5 miniatures.  They were having problems with their original caster so their minis will now be cast by Jeff Valent Studios.  They needed new masters and new molds and as a result, there have been many improvements in these miniatures.  Casting is cleaner, mounting holes were added, clear acrylic flight bases will be included, and the box for the fleet boxes is smaller.  Wave 1 ships are no longer being sold and the wave 1.5 ships will be the same price as the Wave 1 ships except for the improvements in the miniatures.

Xtreme Hobby has restarted their Customer Appreciation sale.  Cold Navy ships are 20% off of their regular price until July 31st.

Prototypes for some Wave 2 ships have also been received, click on the thumbnails for larger images.



11/26/2004 - The Cold Navy miniatures have been released and pre-orders have been shipped.  From Mike Hardy of Xtreme Hobby:

The Good News- 

Cold Navy is Released!  We have all of our ships in and are readily available for purchase. We had a slight problem with stock for our Ba'Negva Frigate and Conquest Battleships, but, these problems have been corrected and it's "full speed ahead" for us now!

And, now the GREAT News- 

We're charging too much for some of our ships and our shipping!
After careful consideration of our customer's feedback, we realized that we can save money on our domestic shipping charges.  So, we're rolling those savings to our customers.  We're now going to reduce our shipping charges by 30% for domestic orders (anywhere within the United States).  Meaning $6 for orders under $25 will now be $4 and so on.

Also, several changes to how we package and charge our ships will take place over this weekend:
We're going to increase the amount of ships that come in our blister packages for the Northhampton and
Gerrak Frigates.  Now, instead of 2 ships per blister, you get 3 ships per blister, for the same $10.00 MSRP. This is a 30% price reduction for these vessels.

Finally, our Fleet Boxes will also be reduced in price (due to the Frigate price reduction).
The Terran Battle Group Fleet Box was $47.50 and is now $44.50.

The Kharadorn Attack Squadron Fleet Box was $45 and is now $40.

If you've already made an order with Xtreme Hobby, during the next several days you will be given the
opportunity to select whether you want additional ships (to correct the bliste purchases), a monetary refund and/or EStore credit for future purchases with us.

Also now available from Xtreme Hobby, the rulebook for A Sky Full of Ships and the PDF of Victory By Any Means (VBAM)

10/25/2004 - Xtreme Hobby has opened their EStore and you can now pre-order Cold Navy miniatures.  Also available is a PDF version of Starmada X for download.


10/20/2004 - The metal masters are back and are being prepared for being sent to their production casters.  They have detailed pictures of all the miniatures up on their website along with everything from concept sketches, B&W production art, to images of the 3D solid printed version of the minis.  Everything is looking like they will make their release date of November 17th.

Here are some pictures of the fleets, better pictures of each of the miniatures is available at Xtreme Hobby's website.  Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of these pictures.

Terran Battlegroup

Terran Battlegroup

Mauridian Battlegroup

Mauridian Battlegroup

Kharadorn Battlegroup

Kharadorn Battlegroup


8/30/2004 - I received the following press release from Mike Hardy of Xtreme Hobby:

Cold Navy is a general purpose miniature line designed to provide super-high quality starship miniatures to space combat players all over.  Essentially, players provide the rules, we'll deliver the ships. ^_^

The initial run of fifteen starships, five each of three different factions is well on its way to being
produced. We are scheduled for a November 14th Release date and all indication point that we will make that date. Just in time for the holidays!

These vessels are being sculpted via 3d modeling CAD software.  These 3D sculpts will be used to produce cast masters and 3D art for the set. I have secured Silvercast (formerly known as Miniature World USA) to be our production caster.

The 3D sculpting portion is done.  We are now printing that 3d CAD data to make RTV master molds from.

Here is the talent behind our production effort that is Cold Navy:

John Bear Ross- This guy need absolutely no introduction. We've all seen his outstanding work on the Butcher CAV & Despot Tank (just to name a few). He is the lead design for the ships of Cold Navy.

Paul Egedi- Lead writer. You can read some of his work on under the name Awesome Slaughter. He is working on the ship fluff, time line and general fiction for the Cold Navy Universe.

Neil Nowatzki- Lead Artist. You can see some of his work on the Reaper CAV Journal of Recognition 2 and Casket Works #13 and on This guy makes it look easy.

Chris Christman-  Graphic Artist.  A jewel in the rough, this guy is excellent at what he does.  you can already see his work on our Xtreme-Hobby website with the various faction insignias.

Mike Hardy- Me. I am the chief financier and the provider of all useless knowledge and conceptual art
for the Cold Navy Universe.

Future releases will include three new factions per year for the next two years.  This will make a total
of nine factions.  New ships for each faction will also be included.

On our new website, we will include data and fluff for each faction and vessel.  Plus,
scenarios, fleet composition reports and historical data that will be useful to players wishing to explore the Galactic Community.

Here is the planned product line for the Alpha Release:

Terran Republic

XHCN001 Conquest Class Battleship
XHCN002 Avatar Class Battle cruiser
XHCN003 Orion Class Cruiser
XHCN004 Avenger Class Destroyer
XHCN005 Invicta Class Frigate
XHCN901 Terran Battle Group Fleet Box

Terran Orion class Cruiser

Mauridian Empire

XHCN101 Gal'Ethon Class Dreadnought
XHCN102 Vel'Naveg Class Missile Cruiser
XHCN103 Ven'Tara Class Light Cruiser
XHCN104 Ba'Rada Class BFG Frigate
XHCN105 Ba'Negva Class Frigate

XHCN902 Mauridian Light Task Force Fleet Box

Mauridian Gal'Ethon class Dreadnought

Kharadorn Empire

XHCN201 Rerroarak Class Battle Carrier
XHCN202 Lorraga Class Heavy Cruiser
XHCN203 Nagaro Class Light Cruiser
XHCN204 Karria Class Destroyer
XHCN205 Gerrakk Class Frigate
XHCN903 Kharadorn Attack Squadron Fleet Box


Kharadorn Nagaro class Cruiser

Flight Stands will come with the miniatures,  1.375" and 2.5" hex bases will be made by Litko Aerosystems ( along with plastic posts from eM4.