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From Happy Nebula Adventures


"Armada-Assault Fleet is a new space based tactical miniatures game that fully incorporates the third dimension of movement, which has eluded most other tactical games. The rules system has been created to allow players of all experience levels in any type of game to enjoy Armada, by adding or removing certain aspects of the rules to increase or decrease the complexity of play. It also revolves around the use of large scaled miniatures and fully adjustable stands. These help to visually represent the maneuvers that the vessels are making and helps give a better feel of scale; when you place your 2" long single-manned interceptor next to the 14" long escort frigate.

Included with the book is a set of scale vessel counters, a set of folded vessel models and 2- 10x15 space grid maps. Plastic molded models, stands, and additional space grid maps can be purchased separately

While playing Armada-Assault Fleet, you are able to take control of the forces that take part in the struggles between a futuristic earth-esque world and its’ colonies in space. Do you wish to be a member of the Federated World, as they attack the insolent Colonial Expanse? Do you feel for the Colonies and help them defend against the oppressive Federated forces? Are you a simple Pirate just trying to meek out a living on the backs of the hard working space freighters? Or are you a spawn of the Alien Incursion, which has just invaded the region of space that the Federated Alliance thought was theirs alone?"


11/2/2007 - The Happy Nebula Adventures website at is down as they no longer control that domain name (though the .net version is still up in a limited form).


6/29/2004 - An update from Steve at Happy NebulaArmada: Assault Fleet was released at Origins and is now available at the Happy Nebula web store for $18.00, payment via PayPal.  Pictures of the minis should be posted soon, maybe this week but definitely by next week.


6/28/2004 - The guys from Happy Nebula were at Origins last weekend promoting their games including Armada: Assault Fleet.  A look at their website now shows this game is due out in July and they are taking pre-orders ($15.00)

Also listed were the following items:

Additional 10x15 large maps - $.50

Federated World Interceptor - $2.00

Colonial Expanse Phalanx - $2.00

Federated Colonial Alliance Skirmisher - $2.00

Federated World Shuttle - $2.00

Incursion Interceptor - $2.00

Mold Stand (Coming Soon) - $1.50.


10/18/2003 - The guys from Happy Nebula had a display of this game in the dealers room at GenCon.  I was able to talk to the designer about it quickly but I never had a chance to get back and get more details.  Here are my pics from GenCon (click for larger versions).

Armada: Assault Fleet will be a 3D game using a unique stand to show the ships in a variety of positions as it can rotate or dive.  The game board in unique in that ships can have one of 8 different facings.  It was stated that they hope for a GenCon 2004 release.

Here are the questions and answers for Armada: Assault Fleet posted on Happy Nebula's Message Board:

Question 1. What is it?
Armada – Assault Fleet is a Tactical Table Top Miniatures Space Game

Question 2. Yeah, and… What makes it different?
The game is a full three-dimensional combat experience played with completely scaled miniatures on a different grid system.

Question 3. What type of space combat?
Armada incorporates ships from as small as a one-man fighter to as large as a carrier or battleship. All vessels are to scale with one another.

Question 4. When will it be released?
The game is undergoing its last set of revisions. It will be play-tested at small conventions this coming year and fully released next year.