I don't have Full Thrust stats for all the fleets of ships I paint.  Some are just cool so I have to get the fleet painted.  So here is a place for those miniatures to be displayed.

Fleets Displayed Below:
Out-Rim Coalition (ORC)

Fleets with their own page:
Imperial Gothic


Out-Rim Coalition (ORC) Fleet
These miniatures are from Ground Zero Games for Full Thrust.  They are unique in that they have 3 different designs for Heavy Cruisers.  They also have a space station based on the saucer of the Battleship.  I have it but it is not assembled yet.


Quellaris Federation Fleet
This is another fleet from Kallistra Ltd for their Space Dreadnought 3000 game.  I have pictures of my Altaran Fleet up on their own page.  It took me quite a while to decide how to do this fleet as for a long time I wanted to do them in a rust color.  The ended up this light/medium blue with metallic silver weapons.  All the spheres on the ships were done in black and then after Dullcoating, they were highlighted with a couple coats of clear gloss


Vin'Grun Fleet
This is an interesting fleet from DLD Productions.  Unlike many other lines of minis, these are resin and not metal.  I liked their basic design and level of detail.  I call this my "drybrush"fleet since I intentionally decided to paint these minis almost totally though the use of drybrushing.  I used a base of gray primer, then 3 levels of progressively lighter gray to add depth and finally a very light coat of white to highlight the edges.  I think they turned out well and I didn't have to do much if any detail painting other than the engines and the carrier hanger bays.



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