Sci-Fi Crossover 2008

"Cubes Over Babylon"



Once again, all  your favorite starships from movies and TV are thrown together in the Sci-Fi Crossover Universe do do battle.  
In the 2008 battle, the Borg are again going to Earth to assimilate the humans and the Battle of Wolf 359 is about to happen again as a single massive cube closes in on Earth but is intercepted by defending forces.  The twist is that it is the Earth of the Babylon 5 this time around and it is the Earthforce and allies who show up to stop the cube
The Set Up:

The single cube starts on one end of the table and on the other side are all the other fleets trying to stop it.

Full Thrust rules are used with the revisions from Fleet Books 1 and 2 along with some of the playtest rules for Grasers and fighters.


The Fleets:

The control sheets I created are available for your use, just click on the links to see the gifs.  All I ask is that you keep the blurb on the bottom showing they are a 'Star Ranger' production.

Zip File of all the documents below




Borg Collective

(Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Borg Cube

Borg Orders Sheet

Borg Special Rules

The Borg rules are based on the Sa'Vasku from Fleet Book 2.  There are a number of special rules and rules variations thus the need for the document with all of these special rules.

Due to this complexity, I had 2 and then 4 players run the cube making the power allocation decisions and talking in unison each turn to taunt the allies that "resistance is futile".





Babylon 5 Allies

Each player has a starting fleet and then a 2nd fleet that jumps in when the starting fleet is destroyed or out of action.



Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser Trafalgar / Omega class Destroyer Acheron

Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser Midway / Omega class Destroyer Charon

Olympus class Frigate group / Nova class Dreadnought Churchill


Army of Light

White Star 42 / White Stars 14 & 28


Centauri Republic

Vorchan Group / Primus class Battlecruiser



League of Non-Aligned Worlds

Vree Saucers / Brakiri & Drazi Ships 




The GenCon 2008 Results:

This scenario was run twice and both times the Borg Cube took a beating.  In the first run through, the Babylon 5 allies were a bit more timid and it took a while to finally blow off a section of the cube.  In the second try, the allies were more aggressive and were able to blow off half of the cube before time ran out.  In both games, the cube players made sure the game was fun and tried to assimilate ships as they could.




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