Star Ranger's Want List
If you have some of these games and want to sell them, email me at and maybe we can work something out.  They don't have to be mint or even fully complete.  I'm mainly interested in the rules being in good shape and that most of the components are there (though I wouldn't mind if the game was still in the shrink-wrap ;).  If you have something hard to find and it is not listed, I might want it but don't know about it or I might already have it.  Email me anyway.


Old hard to find stuff mainly.  Especially items in the following companies: Archive, Valiant, QT Models, Superior Models, S.D.D, Eisenwork, and Grenadier.

Battlefleet Mars (SPI)
No Longer Needed, Got a copy in March 2002
A classic game with 3D combat, and I'm holding out for a Designers Edition for a good price.

Star Fleet Battles (Task Force Games)
No Longer Needed, Got a copy on 12/2/2000
I am looking for the original version, TFG's mini game #4, not any of the later editions

Starbattles Mainline (Future Combat Simulations 1983)
I have the main rules and a couple supplements (ROTEX and SOLEX) but am looking for the rest of the supplements, CODEX and Alpha and anything else I don't already have.
I got copies of most of these items but am still looking for more

Starship Command (Inferno Games 1994, 1995)
A non-collectable card game, there was also an expansion Starship Command II
Got a copy of the Starship Command, still looking for Starship Command II

Warriors of the Dark Star (Taurus Games 1976)
I saw this on on eBay and it I got outbid.  Here is how they described it:
"Warriors of the Dark Star is a tactical level game of ship to ship combat in the Andromeda galaxy. The game has 6 ship types with one laminated display for each to record damage and repair during play. Separate small ship silhouettes must be cut out and glued to cardboard to move on the map. This game is virtually unplayable, requiring an incredible amount of record keeping. The 24-page rule book is about 8-pt type, in 2 columns front and back, stapled in one corner. This should be purchased by collectors who have one of everything. I dare you to play it!"