Sci-Fi Crossover 2009

"Enemies or Allies"



Once again, all  your favorite starships from movies and TV are thrown together in the Sci-Fi Crossover Universe do do battle.  
In the 2009, a fleet of Star Wars Rebels are pulled out of hyperspace by a gravity well created by an Imperial Interdictor and a battle ensues....but soon something else is pulled through time and space by that gravity well.  Something quite different, a large cube that starts talking about assimilation....
The Set Up:

The Rebel and Imperial fleets start on opposite long sides of the table and a few turns in, the cube shows up on a short end.

Full Thrust rules are used with the revisions from Fleet Books 1 and 2 along with some of the playtest rules for Grasers and fighters.


The Fleets:

The control sheets I created are available for your use, just click on the links to see the gifs.  All I ask is that you keep the blurb on the bottom showing they are a 'Star Ranger' production.





Rebel Alliance

Reef One Fleet

MC80 Fleet

MC80a Fleet


Imperial Fleet

Imperial Star Destroyer

Victory Star Destroyers

VSD plus Interdictor and Vindicator Cruisers 


Borg Collective

(Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Borg Cube

Borg Orders Sheet

Borg Special Rules

The Borg rules are based on the Sa'Vasku from Fleet Book 2.  There are a number of special rules and rules variations thus the need for the document with all of these special rules.

Due to this complexity, I had 2 and then 4 players run the cube making the power allocation decisions and talking in unison each turn to taunt the allies that "resistance is futile".


The GenCon 2009 Results:

This scenario was run twice .




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