Sci-Fi Crossover 2007

"Imperial Deathmatch"



Once again, all  your favorite starships from movies and TV are thrown together in the Sci-Fi Crossover Universe do do battle.  
In the 2007 battle, your Emperor/Imperious Leader has decreed that the galaxy will be conquered and all planets will be under their power, but what happens when your ships run into 3 other fleets with the exact same orders? Appearing in battle this year are Cylons, Centauri, Klingons, and Palpatine's Empire. Who will last the longest in the Imperial Deathmatch? (A late addition were the Star Trek Mirror Universe Terran Empire)
The Set Up:

Each Empire has 2 fleets an each power is spaced around the table.  I had the Star Wars Empire on the far end of the table, then on the long sides the Babylon 5 Centauri and Star Trek Mirror Universe Terran Empire on one side, and the Klingon Empire and Cylon Empire on the other.

The Star Wars Empire and the Cylon Empire fleets are the strongest ones on the table and I warned all players so they all knew this (so they could focus on the biggest threats if they wanted too)

Full Thrust rules are used with the revisions from Fleet Books 1 and 2 along with some of the playtest rules for Grasers and fighters.


The Fleets:

The control sheets I created are available for your use, just click on the links to see the gifs.  All I ask is that you keep the blurb on the bottom showing they are a 'Star Ranger' production.



Palpatine's Empire

(Star Wars movies)

Imperial Star Destroyer

Victory Star Destroyer Fleet


Pictures are courtesy of Gene Cramer of Bladerunner Press who played in the second game

Centauri Republic

(Babylon 5)

Hey, they have an Emperor so they fit




Terran Empire

(Star Trek - Original Series - Mirror Universe)

Cylon Empire

(Battlestar Galactica - Original Series)

They have an Imperious Leader so close enough for me

The Medusa and Hydra minis I used are from Ravenstar Studios.


Klingon Empire

(Star Trek - Original Series)


The GenCon 2007 Results:

This scenario was run two times.  The first time a few powers were nice to each other so several close range shots were not taken, but then they finally started blowing each other up.  The second game they just fired and anyone and everyone.



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