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From Precis Intermedia


"WARCOSM is an easy-to-learn and quick-paced tabletop game that simulates fleet-based space battles using either miniatures or flat counters.

Maneuver the enemy so that you can bring more weapons to bear on them. Find an enemy craft’s weaknesses to maximize the effectiveness of your attacks. Warcosm’s game mechanics encourage such tactics without overwhelming you with endless rules. This permits each player to control six, ten, or even a few dozen ships for scalable battles. Once you get the hang of the rules with the included battle scenarios, use the ship construction rules to build your own fleets. Decide how to arm your ships, the degree and types of hull protection, the types and power of drive systems, and whether or not to equip them with a number of other subsystems. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands. Command your fleets and lead them to Victory in the Stars."



5/29/2010 - Warcosm Assault (Supplemental Edition) is now available:

"Expand your Warcosm games with boarding actions.

This add-on provides quick-playing rules for using assault squads. Board enemy vessels and either sabotage or commandeer them, but be ready to fight off defending contingent squads. Maintaining the same game mechanics as ship to ship battles, this addendum to the Warcosm game introduces new rules for assault craft, troops, hyper-shunting, and ramming, as well as new systems like assault bays, chaff launchers, plasma bursters, and tractor emitters.

This PDF file contains, Rulebook, 270 Ship and Troop Counters, Custom Components File for the Warcosm Shipyard application with 6 new components.

Note: This is a supplement for the main Warcosm rules. A more detailed stand-alone Warcosm Assault game that utilizes troop miniatures is also in the works; it can either replace this edition of the game or be played on its own.


3/30/2009 - In the works now is Warcosm Assault:

"Warcosm Assault is an add-on for the main rules. It features new rules for boarding actions, ramming, and tractor beams, as well as new subsystems and options for fighter squadrons. Applicable material will be incorporated into a Warcosm Shipyard update."

"Full trooper miniatures rules will be part of Warcosm Assault using a d10 - this is to keep it in sync with the regular Warcosm rules. You will be able to handle boarding actions as either a quick resolution method (similar to ship combat) or the more advanced trooper combat rules with which you can create individual troopers. In that sense (separate from the ship combat add-ons), Warcosm Assault will be a stand-alone miniatures game that can either simulate boarding actions or ground skirmishes."


8/11/2008 - The Warcosm Shipyard design utility is now available for purchase and download for both Macs and PCs.  

This application takes all the number-crunching and paperwork out of the design process. Create prototype starships quickly and easily, and save your designs for archival or to trade with other players.

The Warcosm Shipyard not only saves your ships, it can export them as JPG images and HTML data for use on web pages or as special code that works on the Precis Intermedia Collaborative or message board pages. And if that weren't enough, ship data can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into your favorite word processor document for easy fleet management. (The Warcosm Icons font is required for text exporting and word processor usage; the font is available with the Warcosm PDF and this download.)


7/7/2008 - Warcosm has been released as a downloadable pdf which consists of a 20 page rulebook, scenario sheets, Hex-Grid Sheet (print multiple copies to define the size of your playing area), 270 Ship Counters, and TrueType font to reproduce weapon bearings (compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X).  A Starter Set is also available which consists of printed versions of the pdf contents a 10-sided die plus a copy of the pdf file. 


5/15/2008 - Posted on 4/16 on their forums: "Warcosm is nearing completion. Fighter squadron rules have been added."


1/15/2008 - Precis Intermedia has announced in their forums that they are working on a tactical space combat game, Warcosm, and their is no set release date yet.  It's a fleet-based tactical game designed to be quick-playing and easy to learn, and similar in scope to the original Starfire game.  It will be initially be released as a pdf download with a printed version to come.

Here is a sample ship with all the data needed to play: