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"Voidstriker is a fleet-oriented game of starship combat in The Stars Our Decimation universe. Ships and fighters battle in deep space and in the gravity wells of important worlds. The rules feature unique, playable vector movement with gravity effects around planets, versatile ship design rules, quick and detailed combat resolution, and easy adaptation to use of miniatures or starship models."

 This game used to be called The Stars Our Decimation but the designer, Charles Oines, liked the name of a previously published game he had produced, Voidstriker, that he decided to re-used it.  More information about the prior game that was Voidstriker is HERE.


Thanks to game designer, Charles Oines, for the shot he whipped up for this page.


10/4/2009 - Many more ships are available as 3d pints through  Even though the minis are 'printed' in the Netherlands, their service and response time to orders has been very good.

Auxiliaries: left side, Martian Saucers: upper right, 

Jovian Fleet: bottom right

Belter fleet, L to R, Missile Boat, Attack Cruiser, Cruiser, Battlewagon


6/8/2009 - More ship miniatures from the Voidstriker universe are now being made available through, a company that prints out the 3D version of the miniature in one of several choices of materials and prices will vary by material.  4 Jovian, 5 Martian, 1 Ryuushi, and 1 Mavridean ships are currently available.

'White Strong & Flexible' is the default material and is the cheapest, but is a bit porous which may cause problems when painting.  The 'White Detail' and 'Black Detail' are more expensive but are smoother to the touch and hold the details better.

The Ryuushi Dominator printed in White Strong & Flexible (left) and Black Detail (right) materials.

The Martian Zhukov class Light Cruiser printed in Black Detail material.


9/13/2008 - The Terran Defense Force fleet box is now available and shipping.


2/6/2008 - The first set of miniatures for Voidstriker is now available for pre-order along with 3 packs of miniatures for Attack Vector: Tactical.  Once 150 packs of minis (the Voidstriker box counts as 3 packs) the all of those minis will go into production.  The Terran Defense Force fleet box will include miniature of 5 different ship classes with the exact mix of miniatures in the box will be determined by production costs. You can pre-order through an interactive PDF.


5/28/2007 - Now available from Irrational Design's CafePress shop, Voidstriker Ship Recognition Guide #1:

The Voidstriker Ship Recognition Guide #1 details 16 ships from the Terran Defense Force, the Martian Republican Guard, and the Jovian Alliance Navy. In addition, record sheets are included for all the sample ships in the Voidstriker rulebook, and a simple set of campaign rules allows you to take your place among the stars.

By force, if necessary...

The Voidstriker Ship Recognition Guide #1 features:
* Detailed writeups for 16 ships.
* Pregenerated ship record sheets for 26 ships.
* Stats for 20 fighters and battleframes.
* Historical Scenarios
* A conquer the stars campaign.

$18.95US, 56 pages, wire-O bound book.


5/18/2006 - A 20 page Demo version of Voidstriker is now available for free download as a PDF file so you can get a taste of the game before you buy.  Download Voidstriker Demo Rules


4/27/2006 - "IT'S ALIIIIIIIIVE!" is the quote from Charles Oines.  Voidstriker is now available for purchase from Irrational Design's CafePress shop.


4/16/2006 - Charles Oines has made the commitment that Voidstriker rulebook will be for sale on April 27th, "Voidstriker will be a 56-page wire-O bound rulebook, priced at $18.95. The rules cover newtonian movement, gravity, combat, ship design, hexless miniatures rules for those of you who prefer them, 15 sample ships, a bunch of fighter designs, and really cool art." 

9/10/2005 - Voidstriker will soon be available through CafePress' Print On Demand services. The rulebook is nearly done and is no longer available online, but the maps are now available.  The maps are beautiful, full color high resolution poster-quality prints. The 11x17 maps are shipped flat, the 23x35 ones are shipped in cardboard tubes strong enough to defend yourself with. Lay these premium quality mapsheets out and watch your gamer buddies turn green with unmitigated envy.  Order them now through CafePress.


5/13/2005 - The latest version of Voidstriker is just over 2.5mb and has been posted at This version includes updates and corrections from the last few months, fleet lists for the Terran Commonwealth, Martian Republic, and
Jovian Alliance, and an updated the timeline. 


3/7/2004 - The website for The Stars Our Decimation universe and its spaceship combat game, Voidstriker has moved to

Charles mentions that he no longer has plans to publish these rules so they will continue to be available on the web


3/6/2002 - Charles has changed his mind and Voidstriker is the name of the space game (re-using the name he used for an earlier game, currently out of print) and The Stars Our Decimation will be the name  of the larger all encompassing system which will include ground combat and other games including Voidstriker.

Also the location of their webpage has changed to


3/10/2001 - TSOD is going through another re-write thanks to the TSOD mailing list.  Also it looks like this game will soon be e-published so hurry over to their website and download the latest version before you have to pay for it.


4/2/2000 - From the TSOD website

New test design rules: I just can't leave well enough alone. Follow this link to find my latest mutation of the TSOD Ship Design Rules. I'm doing this for three basic reasons. First, I wanted a more interesting FTL system than the "everybody has it and it goes this fast" one that's in the game now. Second, I wanted to make more interesting and difficult design decisions a part of the ship creation process. With the need to apply hardpoints to FTL and high-powered thrusters, most ships will have less room for weapons. This is a good thing... less crunch power makes for a more interesting battle. You can build ships able to jump deep into enemy territory and raid behind enemy lines, but they won't be as well-armed as the strategically slower ships in your main battle lines. You can also build system defense boats and monitors with no FTL capability, battle-riders & tenders, FTL tugships, high-speed blockade runners... This should make for a much more interesting set of "official" fleets down the line, and give the individual ships more character. Lemme know how they work out for you...


3/1/2000 - From the TSOD website

Updated Ruleset. I've done some minor revisions to the game's rules. First, I simplified the swarmer/rocket pack to-hit resolution by removing one die roll, and second, I altered the ship construction to more accurately represent the ship's drive systems. All ship prices in the ruleset have been updated. There are a few typos fixed, and some minor changes I can't remember... as soon as I have time, I'll update the spreadsheets.

As a bonus, I also include the first new scenario, Hijacking the Tranquility.


1/30/2000 - From the TSOD website:

The Aratouk Expanses. An old, repressive empire falls. The strongest of the subject races make do with what's available, and carve up the rotting carcass of the Aratouk Empire between them. Find out what anarchy reigns beyond Kree and Bularck space by boldly going here. (Note: This isn't finished yet; I still have to flesh out the universe, and I'm waiting for inspiration for the look of the ships before I model them. Also, those of you who hit this site regularly will recognize them immediately...)


12/18/99 - From the TSOD website:

The Star Empire of Japan: Anime meets TSOD! Just in time for the End O' The World(tm), we bring you agile and heroic ships, and ludicrously overarmed giant flying robots! What could be more fun? Read all about 'em and get back to me on how they play! Oh, and happy holidays, pagan feast parties, and whatever other good reasons you can think of to have a good time over the next two weeks.


10/31/99 - From the TSOD website:

Printable Rules! In addition to the rules onsite, there's a printable set in this zipfile. It's just under 1.3 megs, and includes the core rules, ship descriptions, record sheets, counters, and Dean's XL spreadsheets. For your benefit, the font size is reduced and all the art has been converted to greyscale.


10/3/99 & 10/10/99 - New Kree ships were added.