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USE ME (Ultra Simple Engine for Miniature Engagements - Starship Battles) - Starship Battles.

"With the sixth title in the USE ME game system we decided to leave not only the ground but also the atmosphere to bring you a set of rules for Starship Battles."

"...our aim was to produce a stand alone system for space vehicles from the smallest fighters to the mightiest dreadnoughts in any setting. It would also have a bolt on interface to allow you to make use of UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction for boarding actions, planet fall and invasions too. Whither you Trek or you seek Babylon or anything else in space you can make it happened with this rules set."

"You will need some space ship miniatures, some space terrain and a few six sided dice (D6's) to play the game. This is not much and indeed most of the time everything in play needs only 1D6 roll to make a decision. In the game all vessels are de-marked into TYPES (from Fighters, Cruisers and Battleships plus everything else) which allow you to create anything you want for your setting with a few tables with points costs attached."


2/14/2012 - USE ME Starship Battles is now available as a printed product or as a pdf download.