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From Inferno Games


"Starship Command is a game of ship-to-ship combat that uses cards to represent ships, damage from ships' weapons, and other possible ship actions. The objective of the game is to destroy or capture your enemies' ships while preserving your own fleet. In the basic game each player will have a random mixture of different ships form four different races, while in the campaign game a player or team commands one race."

Starship Command II is the expansion that adds over 60 new battle cards to your Starship Command game to let you blow your enemies to space dust with: 2 New Races, 80 More Ships, New Special Cards, Carriers and Fighters, & More Reinforcements


2/25/2012 - Inferno Games announced at Orccon that they're going to reprint Starship Command after 18 years. It's going to combine the base set with the expansion with updated cards and  new artwork but the rules will be the same.

On their website you can pre-order Starship Command 3rd Edition.  Until March 31st the price is $35 but after that the price will rise to $45.  "Same great game, great new look."