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From Scale Creep Miniatures


"Starship! is a space combat game with an anime feel.  It is very customizable and allows you to design ships from any universe including those you create yourself.  Starship! is played in a three-dimensional environment  Ships gain and lose altitude with the use of the Battlepole©, 'flying' through six different flight bands as they maneuver."


Any range of miniatures can be used with Starship! but they do produce their own range of minis for the S'Tang and the EMC fleets.  The DARC fleet is being resculpted.


In late 2009, Scale Creep Miniatures has acquired all the rights to Flagship Games products, including the Starship! rules and miniatures.


10/24/2004 - Flagship Games has re-released Starship! along with the supporting line of miniatures.  They explain in their The Starship! Story page;

"Starship! was originally released before its time. Not in terms of the rules being done; they were in development for over five years and we are happy with the final product. The system overall was not ready because we could not viably produce the figures and support the game in a meaningful manner."

They have a better printing deal than before so the cost of the Starship! rulebook is down to $25 from $30.  Their Starship! Starter Set has been reconfigured and they dropped the price to $60.  It now includes the Starship! Rules, the S'Tang SS4 Battleship, the EMC SS4 Battleship, and two Battlepoles. 

Miniatures for the DARC fleet is being resculpted but S'Tang fleet was remastered and is now available plus the EMC (European Militaristic Cybersynthesis) fleet from the cover of the rulebook is also available.  As a general rule, each point of Ship Size (SS) relates to 1 inch of ship length, so a SS1 is about 1 inch long  and a SS5 is approximately 5 inches long.  More pictures are available on Flagship Game's website.

S'Tang Fleet Miniatures (facing left) 

L to R - SS2, SS1, SS3, SS4, SS5

EMC Fleet Miniatures

L to R  - SS3, SS4 gunship, SS4 carrier, SS5

For smaller-than-starship items in the game, they will be producing three-dimensional chits which are about 3/4" across .  Samples of some of them are below:




Energy Torpedoes


9/7/2000- Starship! was released last weekend at Conquest 2000. Flagship Games has updated their website with more info on the game along with ordering info.  The base price for the rules is $30, or you can a Starter Set consisting of the rules, 4 Battlepoles, and 4 resin miniatures, either the S'tang or the DARC, for $65.


7/8/2000 - The Starship! Update page has some new info:

* "Hey - you said you were going to release it in June of 2000 and had every intention of sticking to that date! "   Okay, okay, you got us on that one.  It has taken longer than first anticipated to get the job done right.  To be 100% honest, as of June 21st, the rules are done and are in layout, which should be done by the end of June or the first week of July, latest.  Then we will have photo shoots and gather up illustrations to finish the book, which should take through the end of July.  That will give Copyhouse (or whatever they are calling themselves now) a month to print up the rules and for us to cast the figures for the release date of Labor Day Weekend!  Thank you for your patience.  We know some of you have been waiting for years for Starship! to be released, and just know that you will find it worth the wait.


6/15/2000 - In an update dated 5/29 to the "What's New" page, Flagship mentions a release date change among other things:

As we continue to work our booties off, trying to get Starship! ready for the Labor Day Weekend release date, we continue to put off additions to our zany, wacky web page.  Once I get done laying out this monster rule book, I'll have tons of catching up to do, including lots of new photos and battle reports, and tons of cool new wargaming links!  Please to be bearing with me!


5/20/2000 - Flagship has added a page with background info on the s'Tang ( and included a stat sheet for the Vermin Hunter class corvette (excel workbook zipped)


12/19/99 - Flagship's Starship! page was updated with more info on game along with sketches of the s'Tang ships and more info on their miniatures:

The latest science fiction offering from Flagship Games!

          If you are looking for an exciting, laser-blasting, torpedo-firing, fighter-launching kind of spaceship combat game, then you've come to the right place!

          Ships are classed by size in Starship!, with Size 1 being the smallest and Size 5 being the largest.  Size 6 is reserved for Starbases, immense constructs with tremendous firepower.  Size 1 ships are small scout ships, fast and maneuverable but without much longevity in a head-to-head battle.  On the other end of the spectrum, Size 5 ships are mighty dreadnoughts, capable of wrecking havoc on smaller, less well armed and protected ships!  It is the larger class ships that dominate the battles in the world of Starship!

          Unlike other space combat games on the market, Starship! is played in a real, three-dimensional environment!  Ships gain and lose altitude with the use of the Battlepole©, "flying" through six different flight bands as they maneuver into position before erupting with a barrage of devastating weaponry!

          And what weaponry there is:   Disruptors, Graviton Guns, Ion Cannons and Photonic Mortars just to name a few!  If that isn't good enough for you, then there are missiles, six different types of torpedoes (including energy torps), three fighter classes and three types of mecha!

          Starship! is a game with a real anime feel.  The action is intense as small Class 1 ships dart about while the ponderous but powerful Class 5 Dreadnoughts turn space into a death zone with their batteries of guns.

          But that's not all Starship! offers. . .  There are rules for campaigns, customizing your own space faring race, and designing your own ships!  It's everything you need in one package!


Ship Designs

          In conjunction with the rule set, we are working on several different fleet styles.  As with all our games, you don't have to use our figures, but for those of you who are looking for an alternative to what is already out there, or perhaps if you just want some ships with a new look, then we'll have the models for you!  (go to the Starship! page for sketches of the S'Tang ships)

          All our Starship! models will be resin, metal, or a mix of the two materials, depending on the size and casting needs of the model.  This will enable us to keep the cost down on the larger size ships, as they will be made predominantly of resin.  We will also be producing a range of fighters, mecha, and torpedoes for use with the game!  Finally, we will be offering the Battlepole, the easiest way to represent three-dimensional space combat!


11/21/99 - New info on their website today, the following info on their
Starship! Update Page

What the heck is taking so long?

          Good question.  We were originally planning on having Starship! all wrapped up and released in time for Christmas, 1999.  The rules were written, ships were being sculpted, and we were deciding what kind of goodies should come with the game.  Then someone had the bright idea to playtest it just one more time...

          That actually turned out to be a fortuitous event, as the game played waaaaay too slow for our liking.  Let's face it, if it's going to be a Flagship Games game, it had better play fast and be a real hoot to boot.  There was no doubt about it, Starship! needed some fine tuning before we released it to the public.

          Brad has been working to revamp the rules and make them play faster, and easier.  Thomas and I ran it through its paces, and we both have to admit that Brad's done a great job.  This game is way better than it was and I think it is going to be something all you spaceship combat fans will really enjoy.  Heck, I didn't even really care for the genre and now I'm out there buying entire fleets for use with the game!

          So, there you have it.  We have set the new release date for June, 2000, and we have every intention of sticking to it.  Better yet, new ship models are in the works, and we plan on including two fleets of ships in the boxed set, as well as six Battlepoles!

          Our apologies for the delay, but we're sure you'll find Starship! worth the wait.