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From Dan Verssen Games


"A fast-paced free-for-all space battle card game for 2 to 6 players. Each player commands a fleet of ships and has the goal of blowing up the ships of the other players.

During your turn, you get to add new ships to your fleet, blast the fleets of your vile enemies and go on to rule the galaxy!

Players also have Transport ships to invaded planets and conduct ground combat against the Troops of other players.

Starforce Terra is easy to learn and fast to play. The game can be played in both "every species for itself" mode, or with team play. An average game can be played in one hour.

The game features the great artwork of Chris Moeller"


Star Force Terra was originally released by 3W (World Wide Wargames) in 1991 that still may be found on some store shelves. 


7/18/2006 - Starforce Terra is available as a purchased pdf file from, or from the DVG website.  Also available for purchase from the DVG website is the Vassel version of SFT (Vassel is software that allows you to play boardgames over the internet in virtual space once you have the game engine).