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Squadron Commander: Reheat is a set of rules for two or more players depicting fighter actions in deep space. Games can incorporate anywhere from 2 to as many as 20 or more fighters per side and still be playable in an evening.

The initial release of the rules is accompanied by eight 1/300th scale fighter models for four of the nations in the Iron Cow universe - so they have an immediate secondary use as air support for our extensive range of 6mm armoured vehicles. Further releases will follow over the summer.

And you know the best thing about Squadron Commander? The rules will be free to download, as will any updates. Starter packs will come with the rulebook on a CD.


Squadron Commander: Reheat is based of of Squadron Commnader 3600 from Mariner Games which is no longer available.

4/17/2011 - Squadron Commander: Reheat rules are now available on Brigade's Squadron Commander page.


4/16/2011 - From Brigade Models:

The first batch of eight models will be released in April at Salute 2011. Alongside this we'll be making available a PDF version of the rules, a sort of Squadron Commander Lite. These will have the core rules and stats for the first eight models and will be fully playable. What they won't have is all of the peripheral stuff we were hoping to put into the book such as a design system, background and history, scenarios, painting guide etc. But more importantly they will be FREE ! It will be a living document that we can update as we go along and can incorporate feedback from players.

A second batch of models will be released later in the spring of 2011 - and probably more will follow during the year. In the meantime we will continue writing the rest of the stuff that makes up the full rulebook, so that eventually we can release fully featured PDF and print copies of the book with everything in it as we originally intended.


6/30/2007 - A big announcement from Brigade Models:

We have acquired the Squadron Commander 3600 rules from the now-defunct Mariner Games. This deal didn't include the rights to the designs and background, but we figured that we had a decent background to our existing ranges so it didn't require a great leap of imagination to port the game into the Iron Cow / Starmada universe. This of course requires new models and what we have here is your first look at the initial batch.

The models are 1/300th (6mm) scale so they have an intended dual purpose as air support for the Iron Cow range as well. This makes them quite a decent size, 40-50mm in length. So far there are four finished designs that have been cast, all will be recognizable to followers of our Starmada fleets with more on the way.

Eagle class Interceptor (AmRep)

Raptor class Assault fighter (AmRep)

Wusheng class fighter (CDSU)

Zhengsheng class Attack fighter

The designs aren't precise scale-ups of the 'fleet' scale models - in most cases simply multiplying all of the dimensions by a fixed constant produced some very clunky looking results, so I've had to apply some artistic license to tweak the proportions. Some have obviously changed quite a bit (the Eagle's swept wings for example) and we'll be feeding this back into the smaller scale models by redesigning those to match. The missile pods on the Raptor are retractable pods and are cast separately, the model will come complete with open and closed versions.

The painted examples have custom decals by John Lerchey at Decals Express ( and we plan to offer those along with the models.

The SC3600 rulebook is long since out of print, we haven't had any copies for ages, so we'll be printing an all-new edition with amended rules (but not much - they're pretty solid as they are) under the new title of Squadron Commander:Reheat. This, more than the models, is what will take us time as it will be our first self-published set of rules and we want to get it right. The current target is a late autumn release for the new rulebook along with an initial set of 16 fighter models plus accessories (decals, underwing stores etc) but I can't be any more precise than that as to date just yet.

The rulebook will be a good quality, A4 softcover with (hopefully) full colour throughout. We have a friend, Dave Shillito, beavering away doing some very nice CGI artwork for the book. No idea on pricing just yet, I'd hope for somewhere in the 12-15 range but that will probably depend on how many copies we can initially afford to print. We haven't attempted to price the models yet either.

OK, that's it for now (isn't that enough !?). More news and more pictures as and when ...