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From Gary Mitchell


"The 'Space Vixens From Mars' series are not only light-hearted 'girls own' adventure novels but also a fully integrated miniatures gaming system, freely referencing the cliche and metaphor of fifty years of sci-fi."

"With something for boys and girls of all ages the saga begins in Y2K with the abduction from Earth of seven young women by a mysterious race known as 'The Greys'. Waking in the 26th century they are recruited by Mars to protect a humanity reforming in the aftermath of a vast war of aggression against the peaceful Galactic Coalition by the evil United States Of Earth (USE)."

It is a bit hard to tell from the website as space ship combat rules are mentioned in multiple products including Anthology One and Book Two, but the 'SPACE VIXENS FROM MARS - THE ADVENTURE GAME' ('Introductory Space Ship Combat Rules') book seems to include only the space ship gaming rules.

Book Six is primarily a scenario book for both the spaceship and ground combat rules.  Book Seven has several scenarios that interface with space combat.

Listings of all products including the miniatures are on the For Sale page.


5/31/2010 - Added to SCN.  In addition to the rule books, there is an extensive line of miniatures available, some of which are pictured below.

Martian 'N' class and two 'Amazons' confront two pairs of Leylandii 'Nikkas'

A triad of Leylandii heavy ships - left to right an 'Oake', an 'Aarot' and an 'Ency'

A 'Liberty' class, 'Planet' class, 'St. Kylie' class

SVS18, SVS19, SVS19a, SVS20