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From WizKids


"Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics puts you in command of Federation and Klingon vessels and is 100% compatible with the HeroClix core rules system.  Tactics is intended as a standalone game system and will exist outside of the Modern and Golden Age tournament environments. What this mean is Tactics operates by the same rules and Powers and Abilities card that your standard HeroClix game is played with, but is meant to be played as its own game.

Tactics features more than 20 pre-painted ships from both the Federation and Klingon affiliations and will be available for sale in both a 4-Ship starter product and single figure boosters."



7/21/2012 - The Romulans are coming to Star Trek: Fleet Captains in October.  The Romulan Empire set will include several new Romulan ships so these ship miniatures may see their way into the Star Trek Heroclix game in the future.


3/4/2012 - Star Trek Heroclix: Tactics was released in February.  The non-random 4-ship starter pack includes the Federation ships U.S.S. Enterprise-A and the Equinox class U.S.S. Rhode Island.  Opposing them are the Klingon Empire warships I.K.S. Rotarran (Bird of Prey class) and I.K.S. Bortas (Vorcha class).  Boosters are random single ships.

The ships are not in scale with each other, they are 'box' scale, basically whatever size fits in the box.  They are from the same molds as the minis in the Star Trek: Fleet Captains game but where those were unpainted, these are painted and the paint can vary if you get different ships of the same class.

28 ships are available in with different rarities, plus the limited edition Warship Voyager only available in the Organized Play kit WizKids made available to stores to help them get players in their doors.