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STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE is a fast-paced starship action card game. Compare the weapons cards in your hand to the ships in your Battle Force and launch your attack. The enemy responds with jamming, maneuvers, wild weasels, and damage control in a fierce effort to stay alive and counter-attack. The Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Tholians, Kzintis, and Orion Pirates are in your Battle Force and ready for action.

Enhanced game system: some weapons can use more than one type of attack card. Many attack cards can be used for defense. Incremental damage recycles cards faster and gives more precise control over the action. Damage to ships can disable their weapons. Fighters, PF flotillas, Klingon Mutiny, Organian Ceasefire, Legendary Officers, and more.

Includes: 132 full-color cards, dice, damage markers, and multi-level rules. Play a fast game, or use every trick in the book. Each games comes complete; no expensive booster packs are needed.



3/13/2004 - There are plans for some expansions to Star Fleet Battle Force.  The following information is from Steven Cole on the SFB Discussion Board:

We plan to do these this fall. Here's the general concept (thanks largely to Andy Palmer).

We print a big deck of 132 cards.
This is then divided into three (44 each) or four (33 each) expansion decks, each sold separately for under $10. (Too much missing data to assign a price just now.)

One will be STAR FLEET CARRIER FORCE and one will be STAR FLEET STRIKE FORCE and I don't know what the others will be but we have a long list of possible titles. (A title has to use the format STAR FLEET XXXXX FORCE and the first three initials cannot be the same as anything else, so no A, B, or C words.)

Each will use the weapon cards from the original deck, providing mostly ship cards and "special" cards (the really wierd ones like legendary officers, organian ceasefire, klingon mutiny, etc.)

 Carrier force will include a couple of carriers and several escorts for each race.

 Strike force would include something, not sure what.

 One or more of them will bring in the Hydrans, Lyrans, and ISC and we'll see if anybody else needs to show up. These races will (see Captain's Log) use photons, disruptors, and plasma-F/S since if you start adding new weapon cards the game crashes since the odds of drawing a matching pair of weapon and ship cards drops dramatically.

 Theory would be that you can add the specials (or swap them for existing specials) and ships (or swap for existing ships).

 One or two of these might include the BATS and planet cards seen previously.

A name later suggested that was well liked for the 3rd expansion was Star Fleet Invasion Force


2/24/2002 - Moved Star Fleet Battle Force to its own page.

Available on ADB's Website are additional cards for a Battle Station and a Planet


7/6/2001 - Copies of Star Fleet Battle Force, the new non-collectable card game will be available at the Origins gaming convention along with some Klingon B10 Fleet Boxes.  Both will be available though normal means after the convention.


3/19/2001 - ADB announces Star Fleet Battle Force card game as their big Origins release product.  From the SFB Discussion Board:

         STAR FLEET BATTLE FORCE will be ADB Inc's major release for Origins 2001.  This is a stand-alone card game based on the best-selling Star Fleet Battles game.  (Note: this is not a collectible card game, customizable card game, or trading card game.) 

         The game system follows the tradition of several previous "naval combat" card games published by several companies over the last 25 years. (In such systems, a player has some "ship cards" and some "weapon/action cards". If one of his ships is armed with a certain type of weapon, the player may employ cards of that weapon.) The system in Star Fleet Battle Force, however, will be a new step in the evolution of naval card games by incorporating new features:

Damage will be recorded with markers, rather than by leaving the weapons card

laying next to the target. This recycles the cards faster and improves play.

Each point of damage may disable one of the target ship's weapons, something

not possible in the older "card marks damage" sysems.

Most of the weapon cards can be used for offensive or defensive uses.

Many of the weapon cards can be used by more than one weapon. In previous

games of this type, a 32-pound cannon could not fire a 24-pound cannonball, but

in Star Fleet Battle Force a Phaser-1 on a ship can fire Phaser-1, Phaser-2, or

Phaser-3 cards. Plasma-R launchers can fire Plasma-S and Plasma-F.

         This boxed game will include more than 120 cards. (We don't have an exact

number  pending some details we are working out with the printers.) The cards will be top quality, done by one of the printers which does games like Pokemon and 7 Seas. Over the last 22 years, more than 300,000 people have played Star Fleet Battles. Just about every one of them is a potential customer for the simpler, faster, and easier to play Star Fleet Battle Force card game.

         Retail will be $22.95. The stock number is 5911. Includes cards, dice, marker, rules. SFBF will be in a rigid box about 4x6x1 inches; exact size to be determined.